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Stem models of inquiry

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STEAM presentation PowerPoint. Models that can be used to help teachers reflect on their practice. (revised 2/17/15)

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Stem models of inquiry

  1. 1. Models of Inquiry A Comprehensive Collection for STEAM By Angela DeHart
  2. 2. Educators use tools to support student learning through planned lessons, activities, and assessments Google Classroom Technology (iPads) Professional Development Online Books Rubrics Systems Thinking ModelsPedagogy Models
  3. 3. What pedagogical and/or system thinking models can support a teacher incorporating STEM into their curriculum?
  4. 4. Bloom’s Taxomony Original New
  5. 5. Scientific Inquiry Cycle 1. Ask 2. Hypothesize 3. Test 4. Observe 5. Record 6. Present 7. Reflect
  6. 6. Technology: SAMR Model 1. Substitution 2. Augmentation 3. Modification 4. Redefinition Teacher created apps used on classroom’s SMART devices; self- directed students use multi-media tools to demonstrate knowledge Teacher and students use Google to communicate/exchange work Teacher “flips” class using videos as teaching tool. QR codes utilized Teacher transfers class forms onto computer for classroom use REVISED Student and teacher engage in continuously collaborate relationship with regard to student’s learning topics. Ideas flow between parties easily. Student as leader. Teacher as facilitator. Both use 21st Century technology. at school and personally. Out of country school project collaborations. STEM. Teacher and students use Google’s comment and feature; blogs, wikis, other social media to enhance learning about subject matter. Intra- school project collaborations. Some STEM Teacher acquires and transfers class materials onto computer for classroom use. QR codes, videos. Technology is teacher controlled Students use BYOD in class. Teacher is a benevolent, technology friendly leader that teaches students educational/business technology use skills. STEM being introduced.
  7. 7. Engineering Cycle 1. Imagine 2. Plan 3. Create 4. Improve 5. Ask
  8. 8. A: International Baccalaureate (IB) 1. Inquiring and Analyzing 2. Developing Ideas 3. Creating the Solution 4. Evaluating
  9. 9. Art Cycle: Idea 1. Experiences thoughts and feelings 2. Ideas 3. Make art
  10. 10. Art Cycle: Skill 1. Art Low 2. Art High 3. Skilled at Evaluating Art
  11. 11. Math: Problem Solving Model 1. What am I given/What do I have? 2. What do I know? 3. What do I need? 4. What can I find?
  12. 12. FCCLA 1. Identify Concerns 2. Set a Goal 3. Form a Plan 4. Act 5. Follow Up Family, Career & Community Leaders of America
  13. 13. Finding Your Own Voice What model(s) have you adopted and/or customized for your own teaching style?
  14. 14. Finding Your Own Voice How does your answer reveal itself in your classroom?
  15. 15. Finding Your Own Voice Blooms Taxomony
  16. 16. Finding Your Own Voice Blooms Taxomony
  17. 17. Finding Your Own Voice What part of STEAM have you decided to take on as your current class integration challenge?
  18. 18. Technology: SAMR Model 1. Substitution 2. Augmentation 3. Modification 4. Redefinition
  19. 19. Technology: Blooms + SAMR Model
  20. 20. Finding Your Own Voice What plans would you like to realize over the next 5 years?
  21. 21. Problem Based Learning
  22. 22. Textile Engineering 1. Imagine 2. Plan 3. Create 4. Improve 5. Ask
  23. 23. The Science of Cooking 1. Ask 2. Hypothesize 3. Test 4. Observe 5. Record 6. Present 7. Reflect
  24. 24. Resource 1. Why Chemistry matters: http://goo.gl/wMJKKU 2. Kitchen Science: http://goo.gl/TqNbKg 3. Science APPS: http://goo.gl/AMiZRD 1. Snipping Tool: http://goo.gl/av3jZW 2. Digital Safety: http://goo.gl/FBwcVf 3. Email Ettiquette: http://traindc.com/EmailEtt/Course.html 1. Rosie Revere Engineer: http://goo.gl/5o5s0E 2. Goldie Blox: http://goo.gl/hQcEmb 3. TedTalk: Debbie Sterling: http://viewpure.com/FEeTLopLkEo 1. Between the Folds: http://goo.gl/ql2knX 2. Classroom Economy: http://myclassroomeconomy.org/ 3. Coding: http://code.org/ S EM T
  25. 25. Please stay in touch