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Key Skills Outline Scheme Of Work

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Key Skills Outline Scheme Of Work

  1. 1. Year 9 Art and Design Key Skills course: Concepts, Techniques and Processes and Materials ‘Art into Industry’ – Bauhaus September - June Weeks Concepts Techniques and processes Materials Artists 1 DRAWING 11 LESSONS Outline of course Your Four Natural Gifts How to hold a pencil? L1 1. Horizontal and Vertical comparison, 2. Size comparison, 3. Arranging Objects and 4. Light and Dark comparison Teeth, Like a dagger, Traditional method, finger tips, toes – do samples CHE/JMS Outline Hand out Skills PP and handout Simple shaped still life objects Paper/pencil Eric Stegmann Paul Klee – take a line for a walk HW 1– Illustrate/find images to demonstrate each of the four natural skills. Present next to text given. 2 WEEK H.WORK 2-6 Drawing (Shape, Form, Value) Purpose of drawing L2 Types of drawing: JMS 1. First thoughts, 2. Research and info gathering, 3. Diagrammatic, 4. Theoretical, 5. Copies, 6. Drawing from nature, 7. Presentation, 8. Calligraphic and 9. Drawings in their own right. L3 Hatching, cross-hatching, stippling L 4 Ibrahim El-Salahi PP 9 Images/ cut up phrases on each table – match the image to phrase. Pine cone and shape sheets Still life Ibrahim El-Salahi (African – Tate Modern Summer 2013) HW 1 – Illustrate/find images to demonstrate each of the four natural skills. Present next to text given.
  2. 2. What pencil to use for drawing? Grid method (African – Tate Modern Summer 2013) JMS L5 broad strokes, chisel point, fine lines lesson – need sharpeners in your classrooms. CHE powerpoint is called 4C L6 shading and sfumato, types of pencils – what they do CHE - pencil measuring techniques, L7 outline drawing, negative and positive space CHE L8- scaling up an image (enlarging and reducing) JMS objects Rulers Sharpeners Starter pack of pencils (H to B) Items from pencil case/still life objects. HW2 – Artist research on Ibrahim El-Salahi & A drawing of his work. HWK3- Draw a selection of natural objects. HWK4- Artist research- Leonardo Da Vinci & a drawing of the artist’s work. HWK5- Do a diagrammatic drawing. Week 7-15 COLOUR MIXING - 5 LESSONS PLUS 1 W.SHOP Mix paint correctly and load brush for correct positioning and high degree of control Colour theory – Colour workshop JKopiel – find out what to buy CHE Tint and Tone – colour swatches OME Aboriginal colours (earthy colours) JMS Cold/Warm giving depth OME Colour meaning (OME) Receding Colour wheel Aboriginal pp Aboriginal images/signs and symbols/Enfi eld OS map HWK 6- Artist research and write up of workshop artist J Kopiel. HWK7- Create a 2 page mood board that represents how you relate to colour. Painting techniques – Advantages and disadvantages (traditional and experimental) Glazing, scumbling (layering), wet-in- wet, wax-resist (watercolour) JMS Impasto, masking tape. Stencil brush - stippling (acrylic) Ink effects - straw, string, min- marbling,splattering OME HWK8- Research Issac Newton and how colour affects you. HWK- Research Aboriginal art and discuss your piece in terms of earth colours. Week 16 - Week 22-25 Textiles 10 LESSONS Stitching CHE Applique CHE Batik JMS Optional Weaving OME HWK16-Create a 2 page mood board of stitches, add annotation and research into
  3. 3. textiles. HWK1- Take photos and collect images of appliquéd textiles. HWK12- Artist research on the Batik artist and process, annotate. HWK13 & 14 (2 weeks) Create a woven page using different papers, include at least 3 materials. Week 21 – Optional Advertising (Graphics) 6 LESSONS - Words and images - How to read an image - Create a billboard advert Optional Typography- CHE- to continue through whole graphic lessons Mix-media Composition/scale Photomontage OME Outline layout (how to trace) Letraset and acetate - purchase All-Photography JMS (2 lessons- JMS & OME to continue to Printing San Serif type faces/Fonts Magazines Scalpels Cutting boards Landscape computer backgrounds Tracing paper HWK15-Collect examples of a range of different type faces and draw different fonts and texts. HWK16-Create a photomontage to create your own advert. HWK17-Research 3 of the top ten bill board adverts and discuss composition, outline layout and draw the outline layout. Week 21 – 26 Printing 16 LESSONS Monoprint OME Image Transfer – image maker (5 lessons) OME Silk-screen CHE- Previous Artist workshop Lino Print (5 lessons) JMS HWK18-Write up the step by step process for mono-printing, annotating materials, techniques and process. HWK19- Take portrait photos
  4. 4. for use in your silkscreen lesson, consider Pop art (app. On phone). HWK20- Evaluation of Mono-printing, annotate with successes and weaknesses linked to Assess Obj’s. HWK21- Step by annotation of silkscreen printing. HWK22-23(2 weeks) Research Andy Warhol’s silkscreens, create an image in a similar style. HWK24- Evaluation of screen printing, annotate with successes and weaknesses linked to Assess Obj’s. HWK25- Evaluation of Lino printing, annotate with successes and weaknesses linked to Assess Obj’s. Week 27 – 29 Construction Drawing - Perspective (Architecture) 6 LESSONS Perspective/Proportion – Interior and exterior wall Ellipse Imaginary interior Freehand perspective/composition One, two, three –point perspective CHE/JMS Ruler HWK26- Draw a perspective drawing of your room at home. HWK27-28 (2 weeks) Artist research on M.C Escher, create your own
  5. 5. drawing in a similar style. Week 30 – 32 (Sculpture) 6 LESSONS Clay vessel – Hand built coil - add handle (ask JMS) Hand built slab pot (use tile cutter) add detachable lid Relief Tile goes onto slab pot All clay – scoring, slurry, texture and surface OME everything else Clay Tools Start Portrait and Identity Project (which continues into Year 10) Grid Self-portrait Summer Holiday Work – Bp Portrait Award 2014