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Quiz Meet Ankan Bansal 3/6/2012

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Quiz Meet Ankan Bansal 3/6/2012

  1. 1. Quiz Meet 3/6/2012 Ankan
  2. 2. Q1.This is a Swahili phrase that can be translated literallyas “There are no worries”. In 1980, the Kenyan bandThem Mushrooms released the Swahili song “JamboBwana” (“Hello Mister”), which repeats the phrase inits refrain. A few years later the German group BoneyM. covered the song.The Play Station 3 game Afrika was renamed to thisin its Asian release. The phrase was made popular bya Walt Disney animated movie.
  3. 3. The answer is….
  4. 4. Hakuna Matata
  5. 5. Q2.The Ride of the Valkyries is the popular term for thebeginning of Act III of Die Walküre (1870), thesecond of the four operas by X.Id X.
  6. 6. The answer is….
  7. 7. Richard Wagner
  8. 8. Q3.In an interview X said-"The flush toilet may have been the most civilizedinvention ever devised, but the Y is the next mostimportant"Identify X & YX was inventor of Y
  9. 9. The answer is….
  10. 10. X – Eugene PolleyY – TV Remote Control
  11. 11. Q4.Id.
  12. 12. The answer is….
  13. 13. Tiffany Brissette
  14. 14. Q5.Whose logo?
  15. 15. The answer is….
  16. 16. Students‟ Gymkhana, IIT Kanpur
  17. 17. Q6.What Is common to the following:Dal Lake(Kashmir)Gaube Lake (French Pyrenees)Lake Chad (Chad)Lake Nyassa (Malawi/Mozambique)Lake Tahoe (Nevada/California)Lake Hayq (Ethiopia)
  18. 18. The answer is….
  19. 19. Tautological names - all ofthem essentially mean “lake” (or rather “lake lake”).
  20. 20. Q7.There are two primary contexts from which this 9letter word may have arisen. One is that of thecourtier, and the other is that of the soldier. Eitherway, the word may have come from the term for smallinstruction-cards. Such things were given at differenttimes to people being presented at royal courts. Theywere also given to soldiers billeted with ordinarycitizens in various parts of Europe. What word is this?
  21. 21. The answer is….
  22. 22. Etiquette
  23. 23. Q8.Sleepy John is a Czech folk legend which tells the story of a uselessfellow who can do nothing but sleep. He happens to land in the kingscourt due to magic, where the court is discussing the strangedisappearance of the Queen every night.The Queen wears out a dozen pairs of shoes every night, yet no onehas ever been able to follow her. Sleepy John announces that hellfollow her and find her secret. He uses his magic to track her down,and discovers that she sneaks out of the palace every night to attenda feast in Hell and ends up dancing with the devil till her dozen pairsof shoes are worn out. John is rewarded with half the kingdom by theKing for tracking her exploits, and the Queen is swallowed by theearth.Where did most of us come across this story, in a slightly differentform?
  24. 24. The answer is….
  25. 25. „Hawa Hawa‟ song from Rockstar
  26. 26. Q9.A recent $45 million deal has caused a great furore.This deal is for product placement in an upcomingmovie. Fans say that this is proof that corporatecommerce has left nothing sacred and the franchiseshouldn’t tamper with a thing so closely associatedwith it.Explain.
  27. 27. The answer is….
  28. 28. The next Bond movie „Skyfall‟ will have Bond drinking Heinekin instead of the trademark martini.
  29. 29. Q10.X is a well-known idiom in theatre which means “goodluck”. It is typically said to actors and musicians beforethey go on stage to perform.The expression reflects a theatrical superstition inwhich wishing a person “good luck” is considered badluck.Among professional dancers, the traditional saying isnot X, but “merde”, the French word for “shit”. Operasingers use “Toi Toi Toi”, an idiom used to ward off aspell or hex, often accompanied by knocking on wood,and onomatopoeic, spitting.
  30. 30. The answer is….
  31. 31. “Break a leg.”
  32. 32. Q11. This term was first used in speech in 1873. It was firstused in print in 1876, in Putnams Magazine.One of the earliest books to use the word was TheHome and Farm Manual, written by Jonathan Periam in1883. In that work, Periam used the term several timesto denote an ill-bred and ignorant, but ostentatious,man from the city.The term is generally used to denote an individual,typically male, particularly somebody well dressed orwho has never lived outside a big city.
  33. 33. The answer is….
  34. 34. Dude
  35. 35. Q12. Robert Cade, Dana Shires, Harry James Free, and Alejandro deQuesada were the medical researchers at the University ofFlorida who created the original _____ in 1965. The Florida ******football coach, Ray Graves, was frustrated with the performance ofhis players during the hot summer football practices, and asked theteam doctor, one of Cade‟s associates, for his insight.Cade and his research team came across the unique mix ofwater, sodium, sugar, potassium, phosphate and lemon juice that isnow known as _____ in honor of the football team, the ******The football team credited _____ with their first Orange Bowl winover the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets in 1967, and the drink becamean instant phenomenon. The Yellow Jackets coach Bud Carson,when asked why they lost, replied: "We didn‟t have _____. Thatmade the difference.”What is the blank?
  36. 36. The answer is….
  37. 37. Gatorade
  38. 38. Q13.Homo floriensis is a possiblespecies of extinct human found onthe island of Flores in Indonesia.The first set of remains to befound, LB1, has an estimatedheight of 1.06m, and a brainvolume of 23 cu in.What was the nickname given toHomo floriensis.
  39. 39. The answer is….
  40. 40. Hobbit
  41. 41. Q14.The X are annual awards created by Wendy Northcutt who holds adegree in biology from Berkley.The nominees for this award must meet five criteria:1. Candidate must be dead or rendered sterile.2. Candidate must have exhibited astoundingly stupid judgment.3. Candidate must be the cause of one’s own demise.4. Candidate must be capable of sound judgment.5. The event must be verifiable.Past winners include a man who jumped out of a plane to filmskydivers without a parachute on, a woman who crashed througha window and fell to her death trying to demonstrate that thewindow was unbreakable and a man who tried to fake his owndeath to claim the insurance and actually ended up killing himself.
  42. 42. The answer is….
  43. 43. Darwin AwardsNamed in honour of Charles Darwin, these commemorate“those who improve our gene pool by removing themselvesfrom it.”
  44. 44. Q15.Fictional Tweets.Following are some fictional tweets which famoushistorical figures may have tweeted had Twitter beenpresent in their time or had they been alive today.Identify whose words these may have been.
  45. 45. a.
  46. 46. The answer is….
  47. 47. b.
  48. 48. The answer is….
  49. 49. c.
  50. 50. The answer is….
  51. 51. d.
  52. 52. The answer is….
  53. 53. e.
  54. 54. The answer is….
  55. 55. f.
  56. 56. The answer is….
  57. 57. g.
  58. 58. The answer is….