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The Scoop on Content

What's the most critical thing to know in creating content that drives business for your brand? There's one thing to always keep top of mind, and that one thing differs for B2B and for B2C. (This is half of a co-presentation I did for New Media Expo with a co-presenter.)

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The Scoop on Content

  1. The Scoop on Content Ann Handley - @marketingprofs
  2. 30 minutes…READY?
  3. If your customer signed yourpaycheck, what would yourmarketing look like?
  4. Psst!Free research report (B2B & B2C):Slideshare.net/MProfs
  5. It’s awesome. (Mostly.)
  6. “The best marketing doesn’t feel likemarketing.” -- Tom Fishburne Marketoonist.com
  7. The best content is contentworth sharing.
  8. Connecting people with great experiences
  9. “We want to love our fans more than they love us. We show it by putting them at the center of our story.” -- Mike Hayes Ben & Jerry’s
  10. In B2B, the best content isContent as a Service.
  11. Will your customersTHANK YOUfor your content?
  12. Two-minutecase study:Kinvey
  13. Ultimate in“Content asa Service”:Servingaudience is#1.
  14. “Your top-of-funnel content should be intellectually divorcedfrom your product, butemotionally wed to it.” – Joe Chernov, Kinvey
  15. Ideas you can steal: •Tell a story bigger than your brand: Will a reader THANK YOU? •Content worth sharing (B2C) or Content as a service (B2B) •Find your foothold. •Think content ecosystem, not content campaign. •To gate or not to gate: Weigh the factors.
  16. This is Joe.What happened?25% of all leads inQ4 2012Which meant…
  17. Let’s talk, #NMX!@marketingprofs @marketingprofs @michaelterpin