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                2)	  Your	  safety	  is	  our	                 priority!	                                                 ...
21    	             GoGreen	  Taxi:	  The	  Company	      	             GoGreen	  Taxi	  is	  a	  company	  that	  has	  b...
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GoGreen Taxi Brochure

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GoGreen Taxi Brochure

  1. 1.   2)  Your  safety  is  our   priority!   GoGreen Taxi   All  our  taxis  are  equipped  with  tracking   devices,  first-­‐aid  kits,  toolboxes,  fire   Responsible  transportation  with  your   extinguishers,  emergency  phones  ,   choices  in  action.   airbags,  seatbelts  and  many  more!     3)  You  barely  have  to  wait!   • Response  from  us  in  2  minutes   Avoid  the  long  lines  and  the  long   maximum   waiting  hours  in  the  taxi  stands!   • A  taxi  at  your  doorstep  in  10   Avail  of  GoGreen  Taxi’s  services  and   minutes  maximum   get  to  your  destination  while  saving   the  environment  in  the  process!   • 15  stations  all  over  London   We  know  the  city  from  the  inside  out!     • Roaming  taxis  everywhere   A  taxi  ride  experience  the  way  you   4)  We  go  green  for  you  and   deserve  it—with  the  music,  smell,   type  all  according  to  your  needs!   for  the  environment!   • Most  GoGreen  taxis  have  been   converted  from  the  usual  taxi   cabs  to  the  more  advanced   hybrid  cars  from  Japan!     Formerly  known  as  Taxi  Verde   London,  England   GoGreen  Taxi   South  Kensington,  London,  England   SMS:  60160,  C all  center:  0  800  00  60160   www.gogreentaxi.co.uk  
  2. 2. 21   GoGreen  Taxi:  The  Company     GoGreen  Taxi  is  a  company  that  has  been  in  the  transportation  industry  for  50  stable  years.  Mr.   Edgar  Verde  established  it  in  1961  in  London,  England  initially  as  a  family  business.  The  company   has  recently  rebranded  itself  as  a  response  to  the  increasing  environmental  concerns  of  the  public,   thus  giving  birth  to  GoGreen  Taxi.  From  just  1  taxi  in  1961,  the  company  now  has  125  taxis  in   operation,  250  drivers  in  circulation,  50  call  center  agents  and  15  stations  all  in  the  city  of  London.   Why  GoGreen?   Special  services  for  our  special  guests!   We   provide   a   wide   number   of   Other  special  services  include:   customization   options   in   our   transportation   • Rentals  (hour,  day…)   services   that   will   surely   make   your   travel   a   pleasant   experience   the   moment   you   contact   • Shopping  services   us!   • Delivery  services   These  include:   Still  not  convinced?  Here  are  a  few  others!   • Child-­‐friendly  seats  for  family  journeys   1) You  can  reach  us  through   • Bigger  spaces  for  our  disabled  guests   (wheelchair-­‐friendly  taxis  can  be   multiple  ways!   requested  as  well)   • Go  to  one  of  our  15  stations   • Bilingual  drivers  and  call  center  agents   • iPhone  app  (see  store.apple.com/uk)   for  tourists   • send  an  online  request  at  gogreentaxi.co.uk   • Late  night  taxis  for  party-­‐goers   • Send  an  SMS  to  60160   • Smoking  and  non-­‐smoking  cars   • Call  0  800  00  60160!