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Kiddom Professional Development Kit

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Kiddom is a data-informed instructional platform for teachers to curate personalized learning experiences for students. This presentation is tailored for professional development experts and instructional coaches to learn how Kiddom can support teachers and learners in K-12 education.

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Kiddom Professional Development Kit

  2. 2. Table of Contents 01 Grounded in the Classroom 02 Grades Should Have Meaning 03 Content Integrations 04 Valuing Teachers’ Time 05 Getting Started
  3. 3. grounded in the classroomGrounded in the Classroom
  4. 4. Kiddom was founded to support teachers. Today, teachers are planning lessons, executing lessons, grading assessments, calling home, supporting students’ social emotional growth, and more. Clearly, teachers operate as superheroes. Kiddom is grounded in classrooms. We understand the importance of this work and the toll it takes. Many Kiddom team members share a common experience: being a public educator. We pride ourselves on being an experience created by educators, for educators. Kiddom enables teachers and learners to unlock their full potential.
  5. 5. Kiddom Offers... A teacher support team available during “teacher hours” (e.g. Sunday). 1 A revolutionary standards-based platform with third-party content integration. Beautiful, actionable achievement reports. More time to create rich, authentic learning experiences. 2 3 4 Kiddom makes setting up personalized learning experiences easy to manage. Our goal is to support teachers as conductors of education, facilitating engaging, student-centered activities and discussions in the classroom. Teachers support their students. We’re here to support teachers.
  6. 6. Grades Should Have Meaning
  7. 7. Standards-based grading brings a new depth of understanding performance. It shifts importance from how much work students do, to how much students learn. Students are more than letters and numbers. Track class and individual mastery over time. Your standard is the golden standard. Write rubrics around any learning standard, including your own standards. Students as individuals. Differentiate instruction by tracking each student’s mastery level on any subject or standard. Students as a class. Compare and contrast student mastery levels to class mastery levels. 1 2 3 4
  8. 8. State Standards National Standards Custom Standards Pick a Standard, Any Standard Kiddom’s gradebook is pre-populated with national and state standards to simplify tracking student achievement. Kiddom also offers customizable standards because we believe that at the end of the day, teachers know best which standards to use, modify, or rewrite altogether. You have the power to create custom standards to enhance a set of national/state standards, or if you feel your content area lacks national/state standards. The possibilities are endless. Add behavioral traits to track socio-emotional growth in tandem with academic achievement.
  9. 9. Timely Intervention Easily keep track of class mastery and student mastery. Actionable reports help pinpoint students who may require remediation, as well as students who might need enrichment. Easy-to-read? You betcha!
  10. 10. Integrations
  11. 11. Sharing Has Never Been So Caring Assign 3rd-party exercises and assessments from Kiddom, and grades for these assignments will automatically update in your Kiddom gradebook. Our integrations with widely-used platforms such as CK-12 and Khan Academy mean you can keep student achievement data in one place. What else does this mean? It means you will have access to, and the ability to implement, the best and newest tools. It means no more copy/pasting and no more multiple databases, because everything will be on one platform for you. Easy-to-use? You betcha.
  12. 12. Valuing Teachers’ Time
  13. 13. Easy class setup. Set up classes by copying and pasting rosters. Easy content integration. Use your content, our content, all of the content. Easy grading. Grade using your own custom rubrics. Easy sign-up It’ll only take a minute, pinky promise. Have we mentioned easy? Teachers are busy… there’s a Kiddom for that. 1 2 3 4 5
  14. 14. Teacher support during the time they need it most. Average response time: less than 5 minutes. 1-on-1 training if you’d like guidance on our product. Teacher-centered design, student-centered learning. Flexibility to leverage Kiddom according to your own teaching style. Clear insights and suggested actions from your data. A product we’re proud of, as former teachers. Teachers support students everyday. We support teachers with care everyday. Here’s how.
  15. 15. Getting Started
  16. 16. It’s easy peasy, lemon squeezy to set up Kiddom. Sign up here with an email. Yes. Just an email. No random ‘create a whole new account’. Your email alone is just dandy, we promise. Demos? Onboarding? Of course! Book a free, 1-on-1 demo with a team member here. That’s it. We said it was easy. 1 2 3
  17. 17. “The future of the world is in your classroom today.” Ivan Fitzwater