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Digital Marketing Wandering Wellness Presentation

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Digital Marketing Wandering Wellness Presentation

  1. 1. 2016 outline + strategic marketing plan 1 Wandering Wellness Wandering Wellness
  2. 2. why we’re here • our mission – is to help our clients discover their unique recipe for nourishing the mind, body, + spirit so that they can live a balanced, joyful, and abundant life • vision, values, + offerings – help individual clients live happier + healthier lives inside from both local markets as well as from across the country – provide local meditation (yoga nidra) classes in the DC-Northern VA areas – hold unique one-off events that focus on healthy eating and mindfulness – workplace wellness for companies to offer employees • current audience – Over 2,400 Instagram followers, 200+ Facebook followers, just under 100 Twitter followers, 250+ newsletter subscribers, + 2 Pinterest followers 2Wandering Wellness
  3. 3. Wandering Wellness customer journey • awareness stage content: – blog posts on the benefits of meditation – earned media – through partnering with DC-based Influencers on in-area events – advertisements through Georgetown Yoga and Capitol Hill Yoga and also during yoga nidra classes Joanna teaches – Segment, engage, and grow newsletter followers • consideration stage content: – Facebook advertising + targeting – testimonials frompastclients • purchasestage content: – SoundCloud recordings on http://www.wanderingwellness.com/yoga-nidra/ – gratis 30-minuteconsultwith Joanna • retention stage content: – weekly newsletter featuring blog posts and new recipes – daily Instagrampostsfeaturing mindfulness quotes, photos, +new recipes • advocacy: – the ultimate goal! 3Wandering Wellness
  4. 4. our target audience – Ashley the busy-with-few-responsibilities Millennial • employed full time and working to climb the corporate ladder • engaged + overwhelmed from being in the midst of planning her wedding • no kids, but keeps very busy socially and is involved in several extracurricular activities, leaving little time for herself • struggling to stay stress-freeand healthy through work, social + life functions, and wedding planning 4Wandering Wellness
  5. 5. Ashley – opportunities + challenges • focus on wedding wellness – healthy eating – stress management • challenges – often very independent and thinks she can do it all herself • how and where to first engage – Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest – word-of-mouth – website optimizationfor wedding health coaching + stress relief – in-person events such as community yogaclasses + one-off unique workshops 5Wandering Wellness
  6. 6. our target audience – Julia working, traveling, + very engaged mother • employed full time and travels 1-2 days per week for work • 1-2 kids in elementary/middle school and strives to be active in the school communitywhere possible • constantlyjuggling work, kids, travel, and focuses on how and when to find time for herself 6Wandering Wellness
  7. 7. Julia – opportunities + challenges • focus on staying healthy while traveling – healthy eating on the road, tips on where and how to eat – staying calm and mindful through travel – stress management • challenges – busy bee and doesn’t think has the time for anything additional – skeptical of a wellness coach • how and where to first engage – Pinterest, mom-blogs, Facebook – organic search for meditation and stress management – word-of-mouth – in-person events such as community yogaclasses + one-off unique workshops (Wild Woman Moon Circle) 7Wandering Wellness
  8. 8. our target audience – Susan Baby Boomer booming in retirement • recently retired in the DC area • volunteers heavily with the local communitynonprofits • increasingly involved in community programs, farmers markets, and workshopsthat focus on sustainable agriculture + healthy eating 8Wandering Wellness
  9. 9. Susan – opportunities + challenges • focus on sustainable agriculture + healthy, local eating – healthy eating on the road, tips on where and how to eat – staying calm and mindful through travel – stress management • challenges – busy bee and doesn’t think has the time for anything additional – skeptical of a wellness coach • how and where to first engage – word-of-mouth – in-person events such as local yoga classes + one-off unique community workshops (free Healthy Eating Workshop) 9Wandering Wellness
  10. 10. goals + KPIs • 2016 goals – increase earned media  focus on influencer marketing – improve takeaways for in-person class participants – create consistency in blog posts and newsletter frequency – re-focus + engage more effectively through Facebook + Pinterest – grow eNewsletter subscribers – optimize the website – Facebook advertising • but why? – there’s a surprising a lot of noise in this industry, but it’s still budding in DC…so much opportunity! • KPIs + metrics – acquire 3 new clients by June 2016 through website reoptimization – increase website traffic through social media marketing (paid + unpaid) • increase engagement through doublingthe number of newsletter subscribers • decrease bounce rate forvisitors • increase conversion rate ofvisitors to signingup for Gratis Consult 10Wandering Wellness
  11. 11. getting tactical – optimize the newsletter • currently: – average open rate: 60% (industry average: 19.8%) – average CTR: 18% (industry average: 2.7%) – not segmenting and creating campaigns • why? – Wandering Wellness followers are engaged and want more • where? – create frequency to create a better following (currently no set schedule for when and what is sent) • how? – implement CTAs that drive the business and not just blog visits – feature newsletter sign-up in Instagram – offer something in return for signing up – create sign-up pop-up on website for new visitors – start segmenting and create email campaigns + fully utilize MailChimp 11Wandering Wellness
  12. 12. getting tactical – optimize the website! • Currently not so hot – non-existent or inaccurate meta descriptions – Google search displays outdated + non-existent titles (see bottom right) – every page on www.wanderingwellness.com requires full scroll down to view content as one image + tagline takes up full screen – need for simplifying the navigation bar as well as decrease amount of text across website  calls-to-action are not prominently displayed and tough to find – unable to track through Google Analytics campaigns success of signing up for gratis consult – newsletter sign-up not prominent 12Wandering Wellness
  13. 13. 13 lengthy “work with me” offerings excess of navigation baroptions + need to scroll on every page misuse of photos+ wordy descriptions Wandering Wellness the old
  14. 14. 14 newslettersign-up pop-up prompt simplified homepage and navigation menu more direct calls-to- action Wandering Wellness meets new + finds rejuvenation *accurate title tags *meta tags *keyword optimization
  15. 15. getting tactical – social media marketing • utilize >2,000 Instagram following more effectively – promote events and workshops – promote website, newsletter, and consultingservices • put a focus on Pinterest and aim to grow followers (and increase pins) • post on Facebook more frequently and optimize it for Facebook rather than what came through Instagram 15Wandering Wellness
  16. 16. getting tactical – influencer marketing • increase focus on influencer marketing and partnering with area “wellness celebrities” • Alex Elle – had one workshop with Alex Elle, who has >239,000 Instagram followers and a strong DC base, in early January – Alex Elle posted about event featuring Joanna • Gained over 500 new Instagram followers after her post • Saw an 375% spike in web traffic to www.wanderingwellness.com within 2 days of her post • Sustained a 5% increase on average in daily web traffic since Alex Elle’s post and gained 18% new visitors • determine additional influencers near and far to partner with for events (and do more with Alex Elle) 16Wandering Wellness
  17. 17. getting tactical – paid social media • Facebook advertising! – better bang-for-our-buck for targeting audience – created an inexpensive 3-week ad starting February 12 • Target Audience: – women who live in Washington, DC, Alexandria, VA, or Arlington, VA – ages 28-40 – language: English (All) – people who match: • Interests: Dieting, Gyms, Nutrition, Physical exercise, Meditation, Physical fitness, Running, Yoga, Baking, Recipes, Veganism, Vegetarianism or Organic food • Education Level: College grad, In grad school, Master's degree, Professional degree or Doctorate degree • Income: $100,000 - $125,000, $125,000 - $150,000, $150,000 - $250,000 or $250,000 - $350,000 • Generation: Generation X or Millennials 17Wandering Wellness
  18. 18. Facebok ads – some success so far 18Wandering Wellness Month-over-monthcomparisons toprior period(January 11-February 11 vs February 12-March1): • Visitors through Facebook increased from29 to 230 (174=new users compared to 17 previously) • 75% new sessions vs 58% in previous period
  19. 19. measuring success + next steps • measuring success – unfortunately (and fortunately)…it’s only really the beginning • next steps – site renovation, keyword and website optimization – improved social media marketing incorporating direct CTAs – establish new partnerships with influencers – overall – need a dedicated focus on marketing – the future…Instagram advertising(?) 19Wandering Wellness
  20. 20. thank you! *enjoy your journey* Joanna Andreae | Wandering Wellness www.wanderingwellness.com 20Wandering Wellness