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xAPI Camp-Four Lines of Code

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In this presentation, from xAPI Camp at DevLearn 2017, I discuss how easy it can be to use xAPI in your online products. It's so easy, it really only requires four lines of code!

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xAPI Camp-Four Lines of Code

  1. 1. xAPI: Four Lines of Code! Buckle up, folks… We’re looking at CODE!
  2. 2. Tracking Events • What are the events you want to track? – Video: Play, Pause, Complete – Security System: ID Card Scan – Beacons: Beacon found, Beacon Lost • What data does each event make available? • How do you detect each event? • How will the event fire off the statement?
  3. 3. This Pretty, Formatted statement… { "actor": { "mbox": "mailto:Tom@example.com", "name": "Tom Tompson", "objectType": "Agent” }, "verb": { "id": "http://adlnet.gov/expapi/verbs/answered", "display": {"en-US": "answered” } }, "object": { "id": "http://adlnet.gov/expapi/activities/example", "definition": {"name": {"en-US": "Example Activity” }, "description": {"en-US": "Example activity description”}}, "objectType": "Activity”} }
  4. 4. …is the same as: {"actor":{"mbox":"mailto:Tom@example.com", "name": "Tom Tompson","objectType":"Agent”},"verb":{"id":"http: //adlnet.gov/expapi/verbs/answered","display":{"e n- US":"answered”}},"object":{"id":"http://adlnet.gov/ expapi/activities/example","definition":{"name":{"e n-US":"ExampleActivity”},"description":{"en- US":"Exampleactivitydescription”}},"objectType":"A ctivity"}}
  5. 5. Four lines of Code 1. Define the learning record store (LRS) and authoritative credentials to a variable 2. Tell the browser to use that LRS/variable 3. Define the xAPI statement 4. Send the statement 5. Profit! (Optional)
  6. 6. Four lines of Code 1. Define the learning record store (LRS) and the username and password to authenticate var conf = { "endpoint" : "https://lrs.adlnet.gov/xapi/", "auth" : "Basic " + toBase64("xapi-tools:xapi-tools") };
  7. 7. Four lines of Code 2. Tell the browser to use that LRS ADL.XAPIWrapper.changeConfig(conf);
  8. 8. Four lines of Code 3. Define the xAPI statement statement = {"actor": { "mbox": "mailto:Tom@example.com", "name": "Tom Tompson", "objectType": "Agent” }, "verb": { "id": "http://adlnet.gov/expapi/verbs/attended", "display": {"en-US": ”attended"} }, "object": { "id": "https://DevLearn2018.com", "objectType": "Activity", "definition": { "name": {"en-US": ”DevLearn 2018"}, "description": {"en-US": ”DevLearn 2018 – the premier eLearning conference!"} }}}};
  9. 9. Four lines of Code 4. Send the statement var result = ADL.XAPIWrapper.sendStatement(statement);
  10. 10. Four lines of Code 5. Profit!* *Optional
  11. 11. Tracking Video Events with HTML5 • HTML5 has a great set of APIs: – Play – onPlay – Pause –onPause – Ended– Say it with me now… onEnded! • When the user creates the event, the matching API is fired, and you can send your statement! • What data do you want to know about the user’s interactions?
  12. 12. Building a Statement from an I.o.T. Security Device
  13. 13. https://www.learningsolutionsmag.com/aut hors/625/anthony-altieri My series of articles on xAPI
  14. 14. Example Code • NFC Card Reader – https://github.com/aa-altieri/MiFare-xAPI • Correlating Video – https://github.com/aa- altieri/correlating_xapi_events • Tracking iBeacon – https://github.com/aa-altieri/LRS_Beacon
  15. 15. Anthony Altieri - IDIoT in Chief Omnes Solutions LLC altierian@gmail.com @aa_altieri