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BikesBooking.com pitch deck

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BikesBooking.com - booking service for bike and scooter rentals. Find and book a bike on any corner of the world!

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BikesBooking.com pitch deck

  1. 1. BikesBooking.com "Rent a bicycle, motorcycle, scooter or quad bike in any part of the world at the best prices" www.bikesbooking.com
  2. 2. We are online booking service, which allows to rent: in any part of the world with the Best price guarantee. 20/02/2016 2 Users can ⃝Compare prices and ratings of rental companies; ⃝Read reviews of previous customers; ↓ ⃝Book the best variants; ⃝Pay for rental on our website. BikesBooking.com ⃝Bicycles ⃝Scooters ⃝Quad bikes ⃝Motorcycles
  3. 3. Problem ⃝ The booming number of travelers is searching for new activities during their trips; ⃝ Travelers can't find good bike rentals represented online to book a bike in advance and for the best price; ⃝ There is no united web service for online booking of bikes in any part of the world with price comparison. 20/02/2016 3 BikesBooking.com
  4. 4. Team ⃝ ⃝ ⃝ Founder & CEO– Anton Shreider (fields: business development, customer development, product development, analytics); Founder & CMO– Tatiana Skorniakova (fields: marketing strategy, contextual advertising, PR, smm, targeting advertising); CTO – Alexandr Levaev and external team of developers with 2 members (Python, Java, php, iOS, Android, Ruby on rails). 20/02/2016 4 BikesBooking.com
  5. 5. 20/02/2016 5 BikesBooking.comProduct and Market Product Our users • Rental companies; • Insurance companies; • City bike stations (in future). Our customers (who pay) • Independent travelers, who often rent cars and book hotels online; • Travelers via package tours on popular resorts; • Citizens, who just want to have fun during their weekend; • Partner program with other travel services.
  6. 6. 20/02/2016 6 BikesBooking.comMarket ⃝TAM - 4,6 billion euros of bike renting worldwide in 2014; ⃝SAM - 70 million euros of commissions of online services (10% entry of online and average commission is 15%); ⃝SOM - 7 million euros per year (10%, because of low competition on the market of online booking of bikes); ⃝ Annual growth is 5% 0 2000 4000 6000 8000 10000 12000 14000 16000 NUMBER OF RENTAL COMPANIES (MARKET SIZE) Market size Europe South and North America Asia + rest of the world
  7. 7. 20/02/2016 7 BikesBooking.com Business-model We are booking system and as in all other OTA's, vendors of bikes give us commission from every booking made via our website. Now we charge 15% commission from every booking, but the rental company can pay more to obtain recommended status in search results on our website.
  8. 8. 20/02/2016 8 BikesBooking.com Competition • Websites of rental companies; • Agregator for scooters in Europe only – cooltra.com; • Agregator for bicycles – bimbimbikes.com; • Agregator for motorbikes – rentalmotorbike.com
  9. 9. 20/02/2016 9 BikesBooking.com Traction ⃝We launched public version of our service in November 2015; ⃝We contacted 4000 rental companies from all over the world during 3 month and 400 of them already signed up on our platfrom; ⃝First customers and 2000+ monthly users; ⃝50 cities in 17 countries already available, new 74 locations will be available soon.
  10. 10. BikesBooking.com Thank you for your attention! Contacts: www.BikesBooking.com 8-983-1686460 info@bikesbooking.com Anton – CEO & Founder - anton@bikesbooking.com Tatiana – CMO & Founder – tatiana@bikesbooking.com