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10 Working Tips for Blood Test

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Several people get anxious before blood test while some other even doesn't think of it seriously. Whatever it is, whoever is going for a blood test privately in Waco, Texas should know some basic tips to make the test easier and get the result more convincing.

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10 Working Tips for Blood Test

  1. 1. Some blood tests including cholesterol tests require fasting before blood test to get more exact results. This means you need to fast for 8-12 hours before the test. You also have to avoid even chewing gum and breathe mints within the 8-12 hours period before blood test.
  2. 2. To keep your body hydrated, drinking lots of water before going to bed and before having the blood test is a good idea. Not only before, even after blood drawn have one glass or two glass of water again to replace the fluids.
  3. 3. Try to visit your nearest Any Lab Test Waco early in the morning, mainly for a fasting blood test. If you are going for a fasting test you can carry some fruit juice and light healthy snacks for having it after blood is taken and you may feel a little weak.
  4. 4. 1st of all carry the prescription of a doctor, then the invoice (in case you already have ordered and paid for the test) and other important paperwork,
  5. 5. Phlebotomist - the lab technician is exactly trained to draw blood. In the 1st step of drawing blood you will be asked for your preference for an arm for the venipuncture process (blood drawing). Then a tourniquet will be applied to your arm, and the Phlebotomist will find out the vein to draw blood. But sometimes it is difficult to find out a vein.
  6. 6. Once your phlebotomist found a vein, will insert a needle and take required amount of blood. If there is any specific need then you need to follow the instructions of the phlebotomist.  If your phlebotomist asks any question related to the test or illness answers them properly.
  7. 7. It may be difficult for few to stay relaxed during blood drawing, but try not to pull away or move around. Keep your muscles relaxed. Concentrate on breathing in keeping it regular. 
  8. 8. Many times for several tests at a time, phlebotomist may draw more blood to fill more than one tube of blood. But don't worry, actually a single tube hold only about a teaspoon each.
  9. 9. After removing the needle a bandage will be done to your arm. Again, you should follow the phlebotomist’s instructions when to remove the bandage. Removing the bandage too soon may result in blemish and irritation.
  10. 10. The whole big process actually takes only a few minutes. But not forget to have a healthy breakfast and lunch after blood test. It gives you energy, and keep your day healthy.
  11. 11. Any Lab Test Waco Website : www.anylabtestwaco.com Address : 5174 W. Waco Drive Waco, TX, 76710 Contact : 254-300-4183 Email : mark.white@anylabtestnow.com