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Retail book v2

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Retail book v2

  1. 1. A career in retail – Achieve your aspirations Hands-on retail education to take you from pre-employment training right through to Masters level qualifications while you earn.
  2. 2. 3 Operating in an extremely competitive environment with rapidly changing consumer habits, the sector needs staff with the skills and aspirations to drive success, whether in world-class international companies, innovative independents or online stores. Retail also underpins our local economies and plays a vital role in delivering public policy (and providing social value) in areas such as employment and skills, environmental sustainability and community cohesion. As a dynamic, vibrant and inclusive young Business School we aim to engage with national and local businesses in new and innovative ways. We want to play our part in stimulating and driving the economy and helping retail businesses grow, through partnering with colleges to provide a retail education that spans pre-employment training to Masters level qualifications. Our retail courses have been specifically designed for learning while earning.They offer employers and employees an exciting new and flexible route for progressing their learning in line with their own needs and those of the retail sector. The UK retail sector is big, complex and diverse.
  3. 3. 4 From Foundation level to Masters degree, we already work with many industry sectors, from shipping to health and social care, delivering tailor-made services to meet the changing needs of business. Our academics understand the local business landscape.We work hard to anticipate and meet the needs of companies and entrepreneurs in the region. We see marketing and retail as two key sectors where demand for skilled staff is expected to experience the highest growth in the south of England. Southampton Solent University and our College partners are working with the National Skills Academy for Retail (People 1st), who are part of the largest network of retail skills shops in the country.This means that the training we offer is consistent and quality-marked whilst still meeting the needs of retailers and the local community. Our aim is to encourage progression for retail employees undertaking Levels 2 and 3 work- based qualifications in Retail and Customer Service (NVQ and Apprenticeships) so they can progress to a Foundation Degree and further if they are able. What can Solent offer you?
  4. 4. 5 What is different about this route is that students can progress by taking small stand-alone professional development units that can build to a full Foundation Degree. Being a work-based course, the units are strongly based on the student’s work place and work experience and present opportunities for students to investigate issues within their own working environment. The course is innovative and delivered online, with the content having been developed by a consortium of Universities in association with employers such as Tesco, helping to ensure that it is up-to-date and relevant to employers’ needs. Strongly underpinned by workforce development needs, this offers a flexible, higher- education, university-awarded qualification for the retail industry. It provides the sector with knowledge and transferable skills and with the option of combining units to create a personalised, University-accredited award Employees and employers have a choice of many options and employers’ own training schemes can be integrated and accredited. Our retail qualifications offer Work-based • Online • Flexible
  5. 5. 7 You can start by taking a number of units of your own choice or units that your employer specifies. Usually you will attend a half-day induction session at the University to familiarise yourself with the course and study materials and meet your fellow students. • Online methods of learning • Non-standard entry - come and speak to us about your experience • Tutor support • Ability to progress at your own pace – you can collect professional development units (PDUs) at your own pace. • Work-based learning • Industry experience • Variable start dates Exciting units: • Retail Environment • Retail Operations • Managing Information • Consumer Behaviour • In-store Customer Marketing • Personal and Professional Development • Manage Retail Customer Service • Manage and Develop People in Retail • Personal and Professional Development 2 • Retail Law • Leadership in Retail (Option) • Supply Chain management (Option) To find out more about this exciting course: Email: retail.sbs@solent.ac.uk Joining the course: