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UI5con - Controlling ui5 app and flp via speech

  1. Aparna Narayanaswamy, SAP June 30, 2017 Controlling UI5 Apps and FLP via Speech
  2. 2 Technology is fast pacing By 2030 Speech recognition is expected to be 100% accurate Run Simple Motivation
  3. 3 What is it all about?
  4. 4 Demo (
  5. 5 Challenges • Data privacy issue • Quality of Voice recognition • Underlying Grammar/Vocabulary Inferences • Invest money • Do Machine Learning General perspective
  6. 6 Challenges • In FLP we can open app in new window • FLP also supports non SAPUI5 technology apps • App title is too long • Multi-language support Opportunity • Voice enabling basic functionality in Home screen (Me Area, Search) Fiori LaunchPad (FLP) perspective
  7. 7 Challenges • Fiori design principle - Responsive • Context within App (Master / Detail) Opportunity • Voice enabling basic action triggers UI5 App perspective
  8. Thank you. Contact information: Aparna Narayanaswamy You are welcome to give feedback for this session in the UI5con Event App