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  1. ENABLING LEADERSHIP - PLAY Football for Leadership Program Battambang, Cambodia
  2. What's not working for government school children in Cambodia? Analytical & creative problem solving Reflection and introspection Working in groups and taking responsibility Communication and presentation skills Socio-emotional intelligence Being aware of the larger world beyond their communities 1.65 government school children in Cambodia do not have the opportunity to learn life skills and leadership skills like: These skills are critical to youth finding employment, being responsible citizens and thriving in an uncertain future
  3. Our core offerings for Sustained Impact Life skills & Leadership skills through football 6-year curriculum blending football skills with life skills for sustained impact 48 sessions per year (twice a week), Beginning of year and End of year assessments, Regional League matches Outcome-based lesson plans designed for all 6 years (48*6=288 lesson plans) accessed via EL- Navigator (our tech app) Asynchronous home assignments to reinforce learnings from sessions Student Projects Real-time monitoring data dashboards to help coaches customise sessions Parent and School engagement for greater impact Coach training and round the year mentoring
  4. Why Team Sports? Better in academis: One study indicates that participation in school sports increases test scores in reading, math, and science by 24–36% Improved mental health: One study indicates that adolescents who played a team sport had 10% lower anxiety, 17% lower social problems, 12% lower attention problems scores and 20% lower rule-breaking behavior Better physical health, less likely to fall prety to dangerous and unhealthy habits Better team players with greater empathy and sportsmanship
  5. OUR PROGRAM GEOGRAPHY & BENEFICIARIES Profile of Battambang (rural) a) 40% population lives on less than $1 per day b) Majority of families depend mainly on seasonal day labour on farms c) High risk of human and child trafficking into Thailand d) 43% of the population is under 18 years Project Beneficiaries a) 1000 Early adolescents (9-14 years) b) Equal number of girls and boys in the program c) Grade 4 to 9 students studying in 14 under-resourced government schools in Battambang district (rural), Cambodia d) 15+ committed local youth hired and professionally trained as coaches
  6. STUDENT JOURNEY THROUGH EL-PLAY PROGRAM Jan Students onboarded in partner schools. Feb March Students receive 48 customised EL-Play sessions twice a week Students take up projects Feb - Nov Oct Students participate in EL-Play League Student batches formed EL-Play sessions begin Students receive football kits & journals Beginning of Year Student assessments (leadership skills & football skills) End of Year Student assessments Feedback collection from schools and parents Reporting Dec
  7. Opening Circle (5 mins) Warm Up + Fun Activity (20 mins) Skill Practice (20 mins) Small side game (for Skill Application) (20 mins) Cooldown (5 mins) Reflection & Team Talk (15 mins) Journaling (5 mins) Each session: A leadership skill outcome + A football skill outcome EL-Play Session Structure & Approach
  8. HIGH IMPACT (% STUDENTS DISPLAYING LEADERSHIP SKILLS AT BASELINE & ENDLINE) F o l l o w s r u l e s F o l l o w s h e a l t h y h a b i t s D i s p l a y s g r i t I s w e l l p r e p a r e d I s I n t r o s p e c t i v e T a k e s a c t i o n t o i m p r o v e H e l p s o t h e r s T h i n k s o u t o f t h e b o x 75 50 25 0 Baseline Endline
  9. WHAT OUR STAKEHOLDERS ARE SAYING I have observed that my kids are taking the lead now. They are not afraid to talk and express themselves with confidence. They even talk about what they did not feel went right and acknowledge their improvement areas. Coach, Praek Norin Higher Primary School Director, Kdang Ngea Primary School I see that my students are more self reliant in their study and other tasks. They have better communication with others and are more brave. Since joining the football program, my daughter looks happy and enthusiastic to go to school. She has also started doing some fitness at home. Parent, Praek Norin Higher Primary School I learned about the importance of trusting others. For example, if I pass the ball to my team mate, I trust that he too will pass it back. This helped me overcome my fear on the ground, and to communicate effectively. I struggled to talk with my team but now I am much better Student, Somonors Higher Primary School
  10. OUR TEAM Rishi Nandwani Southeast Asia Head B.Tech, Teach for India Fellow, Formerly EL-Play (India) Program Lead Phann Sophea Program Manager, EL-Play, Cambodia 8+ years experience in grassroots program management Committed team of 15+ coaches - young local men and women sports enthusiasts
  11. Cost Head Amount (USD) Football equipment & other material 18,934 Meetings & Orientations (Coach, parents, schools) 1,000.00 Coach Fees, Training & Content translation 23,960.00 Project staff (salaries) 21,480.00 Overheads + Miscellaneous allowance 6,510.00 League costs 12,000 M&E + Communication expenses 1,000.00 TOTAL BUDGET (for 1 year) 84,884.00 BUDGET TO IMPACT 750 STUDENTS (YEAR 1)
  12. Cost Head Amount (USD) Football equipment & other material 25,183.00 Meetings & Orientations (Coach, parents, schools) 1,330.00 Coach Fees, Training & Content translation 31,870.00 Project staff (salaries) 28,570.00 Overheads + Miscellaneous allowance 8,660.00 League costs 15,960 M&E + Communication expenses 1330.00 TOTAL BUDGET (for 1 year) 112,903.00 BUDGET TO IMPACT 1000 STUDENTS (YEAR 2)
  13. Cost Head Amount (USD) Year 1 Budget 84,884.00 Year 2 Budget 119,903.00 Inflation adjustment in Year 2 (10%) 25,000 TOTAL BUDGET (for 1 year) 229,787.00 TOTAL BUDGET TO IMPACT 1000 STUDENTS (IN 2 YEARS)