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  1. 1. 1 * Cambodia International Cooperation Institute College of Arts, Humanities & Languages Presented By: Group 03, Room B 303 ( evening Class) 1. Mr. Hoeng Chay 2. Mr. Loch Phearun 3. Miss. Hoy Sokleng Submitted to Lecturer: Mr. Seng Sophal 4. Mr. Lim Lav 5. Bun Raksmey Batch 06, Group 02, Semester 01, Year 03 Academic Year: 2014-2015
  2. 2. Renewal Habit 7 – Sharpen the Saw It’s “Me Time”
  3. 3. Renewal Habit 7-Sharpen the Saw. • Habit 7 is all about keeping your personal self-sharp so that you can better deal with life. It means regularly renewing and strengthening the four key dimension of your life-your body, your brain, your heart, and your soul.
  4. 4. •Body: Physical dimension is exercises, eat healthy, sleep well, and relax. •Brain: Mental dimension is reading, educate, write, and learn new skills. •Heart: Emotional dimension is build relationship (RBA, PBA), give service, laughs.
  5. 5. •Soul: Spiritual dimension is meditate, keep a journal, pray, take in quality media. The effective of dimension to you is balance like ancient Greek’s famous say” Nothing overmuch”. It is importance in touch with all four dimension of life.
  6. 6. Caring for your body During teenage years, your voice will change your, your hormones will run rampant, and curves and muscles will begin springing up over. Welcome to your new body. Body is a tool, and if you take good care of it, it will serve you.
  7. 7. Here is list of ten ways teens keep their physical selves sharp: 1-Eat good food 2-Relax in the bathtub 3-Bike 4-Lift weights 5-Get enough sleep 6-Practis yoga 7-Play sports 8-Take walks 9-Stretch out 10-Do an aerobics workout
  8. 8. • The four keys ingredients to a healthy body are good sleeping habits, physical relaxation, good nutrition, and proper exercises. • You are what you eat There are two rules: First rule of thumb is listening to your body by pay careful attention of eating food. Second rule of thumb is being moderate and avoids extremes. Remember, food affects mood. So eat with care. Here is USDA food pyramid.
  9. 9. • Use it or Lose it • It’s all about your feel, Not how you look • Real life or Art • I can quit whenever I want • The refusal skill
  10. 10. • Here is The Refusal Skill that might want to consider the next time you feel pressured to drink, smoke, or do drugs, and don’t really want to. 1-Ask question: make you think what you’re doing. 2-Name the trouble ”Try to put a face on what you’re doing. ”Smoking will ruin my breath”.
  11. 11. 3-State the consequences: Think through the consequences of your action. 4-Suggest an alternative: Have your own list of fun alternatives ready to go whenever you’re being lured in. 5-Take off: If you get caught in a situation that just doesn’t look good, don’t worries about everyone might think of you, just get away.........fast.
  12. 12. Caring for Your Brain The mental dimension of Habit 7, Sharpen the Saw, means developing brain power through your schooling, extracurricular activities, hobbies, jobs, and other mind-enlarging experience.
  13. 13. SHARPEN YOUR MIND There are numerous ways to expand your mind. However, the best approach may simply be to read. As the saying goes, reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. Reading is foundational to everything else and doesn’t cost that much, unlike other methods, such as traveling. The following are twenty possible ways to sharpen your mind. I’m sure you can come up with another fifty if you try.
  14. 14. • Read a newspaper every day • Subscribe to National Geographic • Travel • Plant a garden • Observe wildlife • Attend a lecture on an interesting topic • Watch the Discovery Channel • Visit a library • Listen to the news • Research your ancestors • Write a story, poem, or song • Play challenging board games • Debate • Play a game of chess • Visit a museum • Comment in class • Attend a ballet, opera, or play • Learn to play a musical instrument • Have stimulating conversations with friends • Solve crossword puzzle
  15. 15. Caring for Your Heart The best way to Sharpen the saw and Nourish your heart is to focus on Building relationships, or in other word To make regular deposits into your Relationship bank accounts and into Your own personal bank accounts. Let’s review what those deposit are
  16. 16. RBA (RelationshipBank AccountDeposits) • Keep Promises • Do small acts of kindness • Be loyal • Listen • Say you’re sorry • Set clear expectation
  17. 17. PBA (Personal Bank Account) Deposits • Keep promises to yourself • Do small acts of kindness • Be gentle with yourself • Be honest • Renew yourself • Tap into your talent
  18. 18. Sex and Relationship • You’re not ready to have sex if… 1.You think sex equals love. 2. You’re afraid to say no. 3. You’re don’t think a woman can get pregnant the first time. (she can.) 4. You feel embarrassed or ashamed. 5. You can’t support yourself 6. You can’t support your child 7.You don’t know how to protect yourself from HIV-the virus that causes AIDs.
  19. 19. You’re gonna make it It’s totally normal to feel depressed at times. But there is a big difference between a case blues and sustained depression. If life has become a real pain for a long period of time and you can’t seem to shake off that feeling of hope lessens, thing are serious. Either from medication or from talking with someone who is trained to deal with these issues
  20. 20. Laugh or you’ll cry • After all is said and done, there is one last key to keeping your heart healthy and strong. Just laugh
  21. 21. Laughter • Loosens up the mental gears and helps us think more creatively • Help us cope with the difficulties of life • Reduces stress levels • Relaxes us as it lowers our heart rate and blood pressure • Connects us with others and counteracts feelings of alienation, a major factor in depression and suicide • Releases endorphins, the brain’s natural painkillers
  22. 22. Caring for your soul + How to feed your soul As a teenager, I got strength from writing in my journal, listening to good music, and spending time alone in the mountains. “ Men and women who turn their lives over to God will find out that he can make a lot more out of their lives then they can
  23. 23. Naturally,therearemanydifferentwaystofeedit. Hereareafewideas sharedbyteens: • Meditating • Serving others • Writing in my journal • Going for a walk • Reading inspiring books • Drawing • Praying • Writing poetry or music • Listening to uplifting music • Playing a musical instrument • Practicing a religion • Talking to friends I can be myself with • Reflecting on my goals or mission statement
  24. 24. • Here are a couple of soul nourishing techniques to especially consider. + Getting back to nature + A teen’s best friend
  25. 25. Fried Frogs • Addictions of all kinds-whether it’s to drugs, gossiping, shopping, overeating, or gambling- have common Characteristics. •Addiction: • Creates short-term pleasure • Become the primary focus of your life • Temporarily eliminates pain • Give an artificial sense of self-worth, power, control, security, and intimacy
  26. 26. Body 1. Eat breakfast. 2. Start an exercise program today and do it faithfully for 30 days. Walk, run, swim, bike, rollerblade, lift weights, etc. Choose something you really enjoy. 3. Give up a bed habit in a week. Go without alcohol, soda, pop, fried food, donuts, chocolate, or whatever else may be hurting your body. A week later, See how you feel.
  27. 27. Mind 4. Subscribe to a magazine that has some educational value, such as Popular Machanics or National Geographic. 5.Read a newspaper every day. Pay special attention to the headline stories and the opinions page 6.The next time you go to date, visit a museum or eat at an ethnic restaurant you’ve never been to before. Expand your horizons
  28. 28. 7.Go on a one-on-one outing with a family member like your mom or your brother. Catch a ball game; see a movie, go shopping, or get an ice cream. 8. Begin to build your humor collection. Cut out your favorite cartoons, hilarious movie, or start your own collection of great jokes. In no time, you’ll have something to go to when you’re feeling stressed
  29. 29. Soul 9.Watch the sunset tonight or get up early to watch the sunrise. 10.If you haven’t already done it, start keeping a journal to day 11.Take time each day to meditate, reflect upon your life, or pray. Do what works for you.
  30. 30. Thank You!!!