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AppAgent TikTok overview

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If you want to acquire new users or players for your mobile game or app, especially from generation Z or Millennials, you definitely need to go for TikTok. For that reason we've put together information about the demographics of TikTok, its gaming and global audiences, TikTok’s performance or special requirements (specially tailored creatives).

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AppAgent TikTok overview

  1. 1. What marketers should know TIKTOK by Clara Popescu
  2. 2. WHAT IS TIKTOK? ● Social platform for 15-60s videos ● Global downloads: 1,65 Billion ● Content types: funny videos, lip sync, dance challenges
  4. 4. TIKTOK OPPORTUNITY Global audiences overall: 1,65B Global MAU, 40M MAU in US, 50M MAU in Europe Gaming audience distribution by marketDemographics of TikTok Source: TikTok internal data
  5. 5. TIKTOK GAMING AUDIENCES Source: TikTok internal data
  6. 6. TIKTOK PERFORMANCE 1. 118% Post Reach Rate* (vs 5% on FB) 2. 8% Avg Engagement Rate (vs 0.09% on FB) 3. 1.13 - 1.70% Avg CTR (vs 1% on FB) 4. $0.05 - $8 CPMs depending on targeting & creatives *Post Reach Rate = Unique views/Followers
  7. 7. TIKTOK PERFORMANCE Appsflyer Performance Index, edition X. Android platform
  8. 8. TIKTOK CREATIVES 1. Brand take over: whenever a user opens TikTok your ad is shown for 3-5s 2. Top view*: brand take over for 60s 3. In feed videos: on the “For You” page, up to 60s, autoplay 4. Hashtag challenge: create a challenge that users can copy 5. Branded effect*: TikTok makes 2D/3D creative effects for your app which users can interact with and create their own content TikTok requires specially tailored creatives Must haves for TikTok ads: catchy music, short videos and be native to the platform *Available on Premium accounts only which is gained through high media spend
  9. 9. BUREAUCRACY 101 1. Sign a contract (3 days) 2. Set up the account (1 week) 3. Top up minimum $10 000 (2 days) 4. Targeting & creative strategy (1 week) 5. Create tailored creatives (2-3 weeks) 6. Set up the campaigns (1 day) 7. Optimize the campaigns (1 months) 8. Fail or Profit OR Let AppAgent take care of this