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Case Study: Setting new mobile growth strategy based on data

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Growth audit case study created by Peter Fodor and presented by Martin Jelinek with Guilia Pacioni (Babbel) for App Promotion Summit Berlin 2019.

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Case Study: Setting new mobile growth strategy based on data

  1. 1. Giulia Pacioni (Babbel) Martin Jelinek (AppAgent) CASE STUDY SETTING A NEW GROWTH STRATEGY BASED ON DATA
  2. 2. PERFORMANCE MARKETING Growth Brand PR ASO Analytics and BI TV/Radio Outdoor
  3. 3. Giulia Pacioni Senior SEO/ASO Manager Martin Jelinek Head of Marketing
  4. 4. 😱 Downloads Time Graph for illustration only
  7. 7. CONTEXT & SETUP 1
  8. 8. 😀 👉 🤨 👉 😱
  9. 9. INTERNAL ● Analysis only on a channel level ● Need for a holistic view ● Need for an app architect with an excellent understanding of an app stores ecosystem AGENCY ● agency not focusing only on ASO - broader scope ● someone who could embrace the challenge and spot the new growth levers
  10. 10. Why AppAgent and what we expected to get
  11. 11. Giulia Pacioni Senior SEO/ASO Manager Project lead and stakeholders management Belen Caeiro Director of Product Marketing Functional lead of the entire task force/virtual team Agata Jajszczyk ASO Manager ASO specialist and analyst
  12. 12. accepted the challenge Why AppAgent
  13. 13. Peter Fodor Founder & CEO Market Analysis, portfolio consolidation Martin Jelinek Head of Marketing Traffic analysis, synthesis Jiri Chochlik ASO Manager Keywords and conversion rate Thomas Petit UA Expert Traffic analysis, Apple Search Ads Vit Volsicka Data Analyst Correlation analysis, custom reports
  14. 14. WEEK 1 WEEK 2 WEEK 3 May 24th Project Kick-off at Babbel's HQ Internal Kick-off Roles and tasks distribution Data collection and clarification Status #1 Weekly report with Babbel Timeline of correlations Market Analysis Paid UA/ASA analysis Reviews & ratings App size analysis Status #2 Weekly report with Babbel WEEK 4 Traffic analysis Similar Rank Analysis Keywords and rankings review A/B tests review Store redesign proposal Synthesis Recommendations Slide preps Presentation preps June 18th Full-day workshop at Babbel's HQ June 20th Short presentation for C-level execs
  15. 15. GROWTH AUDIT A / Market analysis B / Keywords optimization C / Conversion optimization D / Apple Search Ads 2
  16. 16. Source: AppAnnie
  17. 17. Babbel Free provider Source: AppAnnie
  18. 18. 1. A free provider in the category heavily invests into paid UA 2. Babbel has very strong monetization compared to the competition 3. Babbel can outbid the market leader on paid ad networks UA is a business model competition
  19. 19. GROWTH AUDIT A / Market analysis B / Keywords optimization C / Conversion optimization D / Apple Search Ads 2
  20. 20. ASO meta framework
  21. 21. KEYWORDS RANKING FACTORS AS REPORTED: 1.Amount of downloads on a given keyword 2.Velocity of downloads on a given keyword 3.Conversion rate of the app 4.In-App metrics (retention) 5.Amount of ratings and reviews 6.Average rating of the app 7.Keywords in reviews 8.Competitors rankings 9.Updates 10.App size 11.Uninstall rate (?) Crash rate (?) Package name (?) In- app purchase names (?) Impression Impression ASO meta framework
  22. 22. iOS 100% Organic 60% Paid 40% Search 85% Explore 15% Web 50% App 50% 60% of total 10% of total 15% of total 15% of total Android 100% Paid 65% Organic 35% Google Ads 51% 3rd party 32% UTM 17% Search 48% Explore 52% 14% of total 15% of total 40% of total 20% of total 11% of total Values and ratios were changed for illustration purposes ASO meta framework
  23. 23. 1.Users come from brand keywords, not much from generic. 2.Babbel ranks competitively on high- traffic keywords but not in the top position. A free provider gets better exposure due to the massive traffic. 3.Cannibalization: users who search for brand naturally select the OLA 4.The potential to increase rank by consolidating the portfolio
  24. 24. GROWTH AUDIT A / Market analysis B / Keywords optimization C / Conversion optimization D / Apple Search Ads 2
  25. 25. ASO meta framework
  26. 26. CONVERSION FACTORS: 1.Title, subtitle 2.Rankings and reviews 3.Icon and screenshots i>p CVR CVR i>p CVR i>p CVR ASO meta framework
  27. 27. 1.More A/B testing will lead to an increase of conversion 2.Portfolio consolidation will help focus 3.Clear brand positioning necessary 4.Proper A/B testing methodology needed Follow-up CRO workshop and mentoring sessions, designing new assets together.
  28. 28. GROWTH AUDIT A / Market analysis B / Keywords optimization C / Conversion optimization D / Apple Search Ads 2
  29. 29. ASA is an important traffic driver for Babbel, top funnel metrics are strong but the delivery very concentrated. 1. More keywords, discovery campaigns, more countries 2. Stress-testing to understand the ASA impact 3. Using ASA for unique insights at a keyword level
  30. 30. Unique insights at a keyword level: 1.On store data (volume, TTR, CVR): uncovered organic keywords, which language to push in which country... 2.Post-install data (which keyword brings the most revenue) 3.Assign extra “value” to keywords not ranking well organically
  32. 32. The agency analysis validated ASO team assumptions and led to an alignment on concrete actions needed to be taken to counteract the declining installs trend
  33. 33. A virtual task force was established (multiple channels and functions)
  34. 34. Closer synergies between organic and paid user acquisition teams
  35. 35. Modifications in the paid UA strategy led to increased conversions and an 18% improvement in CPAs
  36. 36. There has been a strong shift to a performance-driven mindset when it comes to Design and Copywriting teams
  37. 37. Established the CRO loop
  38. 38. iOS Portfolio consolidation
  39. 39. Complete revamp of the store - up to a 15% increase in installs
  40. 40. BEFORE AFTER
  41. 41. KEY TAKEAWAYS 4
  42. 42. 1. ASO is bigger than you think 2. Connect teams and experts 3. Analyze the market & trends 4. Focus on paid and organic synergies 5. External POV can be THE impulse