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"How to increase customer support efficiency" by PicsArt

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A part of webinar with Zednesk and PicsArt

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"How to increase customer support efficiency" by PicsArt

  1. 1. | PICSART 2020 "How to increase customer support efficiency" webinar with AppFollow and Zendesk
  2. 2. | PICSART 2020 Key Points 1 2 3 4 Your Users Your Team Your Assets Your Plan
  3. 3. | PICSART 2020 PicsArt is the world’s #1 creative platform and social editing app leading the visual storytelling revolution. With more than 150 million monthly active creators, the PicsArt community creates, remixes and shares nearly 1 billion images every month. The company has amassed one of the largest open-source collections of content in the world, including free-to-edit photos, stickers and more. PicsArt is available in 30 languages for free and as a subscription on iOS, Android and Windows devices. Headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Yerevan, Armenia; Moscow; Beijing; Tokyo; and Los Angeles, PicsArt is backed by Sequoia Capital, DCM Ventures, Insight Venture Partners, and Siguler Guff and Company. You can also edit with PicsArt right now in your browser: https://picsart.com/editing-tools
  4. 4. | PICSART 2020 Millions of Users Thousands of customer support requests daily For multiple platforms In any language Through 10+ communication channels May 2020 CSAT - 82% Satisfaction
  5. 5. | PICSART 2020 What we achieved due to early software upgrade in 2019 The incoming requests in 2020: Q1 - 100 000 tickets Q2 - 170 000 tickets +70% workload QoQ? We covered it - Without more team members - Added up quality: more languages and more customized automatic replies and follow up messages - Along with improved, much more detailed data collection More insights ahead!
  6. 6. | PICSART 2020 Understanding The customer User - Own your product. Think as a user. - Foresee the frustrations and act proactively. - Go beyond the user’s feedback. Escalate the core issue. Fill up the dev teams’ improvements backlog. - Advocate. - Advocate.. - Advocate...
  7. 7. | PICSART 2020 You can call the rest “Support”, and we will talk about it, but the User Success at PicsArt is ensured by a Team of 17 people with diffusive obligations and focusing at end-to-end resolutions. We will see how this “ Suicide squad” handles hundreds of tickets in the last slides. The Team There is no real customer service beyond human-to-human interaction
  8. 8. | PICSART 2020 No help center or chatbots will stop some users from contacting support And it should not be your goal, when you want to listen to your Users!
  9. 9. | PICSART 2020 How do you scale up CS?
  10. 10. | PICSART 2020 1.Scale The Quality Ask the right questions It’s not about how many users you can support It’s about how many users you can support better, faster, in their native language. For instance: dynamic canned responses in the language of the requester.
  11. 11. | PICSART 2020 2.Decrease frustration Some things need to change Identify the most common request reasons and act within the company. Advocate change! A minor bug affecting 10s of thousands of users - is critical !..
  12. 12. | PICSART 2020 3.Track the trends Good CS is data driven There are insights that can’t be identified by single team members. Review and revise the overall picture often. There might be an issue which always repeats on the first Tuesday of every month and goes unnoticed.
  13. 13. | PICSART 2020 4.Mind your OPS CS Operations is undervalued - Allocate specific people for operational goals only. - The software must be administered, and someone has to learn doing it, you can’t do it on the go. - Try with 1 operations person, see the results, and guaranteed, you won’t stop hiring.
  14. 14. | PICSART 2020 5. Correct Workflows First do this, then do this... - Irrespective of the team size, shift to Tiers as soon as possible. Establish Seniority and growth logic. - Establish an Agile spirit and deliver CS improvement projects incrementally - Split into focus squads (general requests, tech, sales, etc)
  15. 15. | PICSART 2020 6. Work-Life Balance CS is stressful. Remember it. Especially at times of Covid lockdown, the CS teams are even more vulnerable to stress and exhaustion. Don’t let the team burnout. More work is not better work.
  16. 16. | PICSART 2020 7. Technical scope Handover whatever you can Downtimes, service degradations can be tracked by system administrators too. Focus on the troubleshooting scope which is human identified only (UI, feature quality, etc)
  17. 17. | PICSART 2020 8. Software Assets Which is key to scaling Finally reaching the purpose of the webinar.
  18. 18. | PICSART 2020 Key CS Optimization strategies via SaaS solutions ● Help Center (obviously...) ● Bots (obviously...) ● Developer hires (more people is not scaling...) ● AI-based integrations, widgets (!) ● Correct routing logic based on identified request patterns, keywords (!) ● Cross-software data structure consistency(!) ● Expert Administration to use the assets at their full(!) ● Golden Rule: an automation should not detach you from the User, but rather increase the CS quality
  19. 19. | PICSART 2020 Insights from PicsArt User Success Team
  20. 20. ~2000 incoming requests per day Incoming ~1100 requests A Phishing System & Zendesk own spam detection A special tag for priority tickets VIP Community and Safety & Trust tickets are assigned. ~1600 left ~1800 tickets reached Zendesk Dummy emails are handled with auto-reply ~1000 left Filled-in Web Form tickets are assigned ~900 left New subscription related tickets are handled with an auto reply User Success Team Other Dedicated Teams Returning Subscription related tickets are assigned ~180 New Store Reviews ~350 AND & ~80 iOS ~100 Unknown Leftover Tickets DONE ~50-80 most valuable tech tickets ~750 tickets Minor Issues Handled
  21. 21. | PICSART 2020 Plan your CS This is a never ending journey There is no exact guideline or set of instructions for best quality customer support You can not learn it at a university. You can not copycat a practice. You can not finish improving at some point. - Have a Roadmap, a backlog, cherish it and let it grow. - Align the company goals with the Team goals, but most importantly with the individual growth aspirations of the team members. - Follow the market. Experiment and change priorities quickly.
  22. 22. | PICSART 2020 Thank you. Delivered by Vahe Khumaryan User Success Team Lead at PicsArt, August 2020 vahe.khumaryan@picsart.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/contactvahe
  23. 23. | PICSART 2020 Team Growth and Management - Differentiate the Career Path levels (Junior > Mid > Senior > Associate > Lead > etc) from the focus roles (Tier 2 Tech Specialist, Dedicated Tier 3 Web Subscriptions Specialist, etc.). The second gradation should be flexible with changes often to train a skillful team of universal specialists. - Differentiate the workload, make it interesting and entertaining for the team, allow inter-role changes upon individual commitment and performance. - Plan educational path ahead. There is a lot to learn in CS. include:
  24. 24. DONE Spammers, advertisement, out of support scope, etc... Ticket is created Passes through all Zendesk automations First Agent touch ~15h max First Agent touch within ~30 minutes Usually, the key lifecycle step First Agent touch ~max 1 day No Assignment Assigned to Agent Possible Reassign Possible Reassign Standard Flows, Conversations and Escalation Min ~1 hour Avg ~ 2-3 days Max ~ ∞ Assigned to Group Closed New Open Pending On-Hold Solved Closed Ticket Status Awaiting user response The ticket is solved, but allowing user to feedback on the same ticket so far 24 hours reminder Awaiting user response 48 hours reminder Awaiting user response Survey! ??????? Solved Solved On-Hold OR Open Open PendingPendingPendingPending Open Open Open Open New New Trusted Info ... but ideally a solution! Archived Forever Solved > Closed Pending OR Solved