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App Store Optimization For Extreme Newbies (Do not read if you're on a diet!)

Ever wondered what App Store Optimization is exactly?
Find out with this fun and easy presentation!

In this presentation, I (Laurie Galazzo, content strategist at AppTweak) actually tried to explain you, in the easiest way possible, how App Store Optimization works and why it is important to implement it in any App Marketing strategy.

Warning: contains explicit visual content that may offend people on a diet.

Share it with your friends if you liked it (or if you like cheeseburgers) and help everyone understand the importance of ASO!

Oh and also, if you have an app, discover its ASO report on www.apptweak.com. It has already been done! Don't believe me? See for yourself! www.apptweak.com

Thank you!


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App Store Optimization For Extreme Newbies (Do not read if you're on a diet!)

  1. 1. APP STORE OPTIMIZATION FOR EXTREME NEWBIES   Warning: contains explicit visual content that may offend people on a diet.  
  2. 2. Today’s challenge is to explain you what App Store Optimization is. In the easiest way possible.
  3. 3. Guess what? Challenge Accepted!
  4. 4. Let’s start! Ready?
  5. 5. Classic definition (Wikipedia) “App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of improving the visibility of a mobile app (such as an iPhone, iPad, Android, or Windows Phone app) in an app store (such as iTunes for iOS or Google Play for Android). Just like search engine optimization (SEO) is for websites, App Store Optimization (ASO) is for mobile apps.” Got it now? ...Okay, let’s make this easier.
  6. 6. Let’s start by taking something that everyone knows. FOOD!
  7. 7. Cheeseburgers, to be more precise. Wait. Are you on a diet?
  8. 8. Sorry then, this will not help you struggling against your hunger. Where were we?
  9. 9. Uh yes. Cheeseburgers! Okay. Now you might be wondering what could be the relation between a burger and App Store Optimization. Well...
  10. 10. This is your app.  
  11. 11. Surprised? Let me show you why!
  12. 12. ...can be compared to the elements of your app! All the ingredients making a classic cheeseburger...
  13. 13. ...When submitting an app on the Apple App Store, app developers can include a certain amount of keywords (100 characters) in what’s called the “keywords field”. These keywords will help the App Store (based on an algorithm) to rank an app in the search results according to what users type during their searches. There is no such field for Google Play apps so keywords from the app description are used instead by the algorithm. Let’s first recap all the elements composing an app: -  The product: the app itself. -  App Name: the title of the app. -  App Icon: the icon of the app. -  App Screenshots: the screenshots of the app. -  App Description: the description of the app. -  Reviews & Ratings: what users think of your app. -  App Keywords: the keywords from the “keywords field” (Apple App Store) or from the app description (Google Play Store)...
  14. 14. It’s time to demonstrate! (...Finally!)
  15. 15. And finish at the bottom. Let’s start from the top.
  16. 16. 1. Sesame seeds = App Icon à Your app icon is the 1st thing people see when browsing the app store. •  Sesame  seeds  are  at  the  top  of  a   cheeseburger.   •  It’s  the  1st  thing  we  see  when  bending   over  our  cheeseburger  leaning  on  our   plate.   •  Sesame  seeds  make  the  burger  look   good  and  appe<zing.   •  They  should  not  overload  the  bun  but   there  s<ll  must  be  enough  of  them.   à If well-crafted, your app icon will make your app look good and appealing. à Your icon should not be overloaded with too many things, this would confuse users.
  17. 17. 2. Top Bun = App Screenshots à Right after seeing your icon, people see your first 2 screenshots when browsing the app store. à Just like for food, visual is extremely important. Screenshots are a powerful way to drive downloads. à Bad quality screenshots won’t make people want to download your app: your screenshots must be high-quality and thoughtfully crafted. •  Sesame  seeds  are  just  an  eye-­‐teaser…   The  big  bun  right  under  them  is  far  more   impressive.   •  This  top  bun  represents  an  important   visual  element  of  the  burger.  Who   would  eat  a  burger  looking  bad?   •  It  also  plays  a  big  role  in  the  taste  of  the   burger:  if  the  bread  is  bad  quality,  the   burger  will  not  be  as  good  as  it  can  be.      
  18. 18. 3. Sauce = Keywords à Keywords from the iOS keywords field, or from the description on Google Play, are extremely important. à They need to be carefully and thoughtfully chosen to perfectly fit the app and its potential downloaders. à Just like sauce, keywords can change everything. If well-optimized, they can increase the visibility of an app in the store. •  What  would  a  burger  be  with  no  sauce?   Dry.  Not  tasty.  Incomplete.     •  Sauce  adds  flavors.  It  is  absolutely   essen<al  in  any  burger.     •  Changing  the  sauce  of  a  burger  can   en<rely  change  its  taste.     •  Mul<ple  ingredients  are  required  to   create  the  greatest  sauces.  
  19. 19. •  Did  you  ever  wonder  why  there  are  pickles   in  cheeseburgers?  So  do  I.     •  Did  you  know  that  82%  of  eaters  remove   the  pickles  from  the  cheeseburger  they  are   about  to  eat?  (okay,  I  may  have  made  this  figure  up   but  I’m  sure  it’s  not  far  from  reality)   •  They  are  so  annoying.  But  s<ll…  there  they   are!  Maybe  because  some  people  (the  18%   le?)  would  start  a  war  if  they  were  removed.         4. Pickles = App Description à  App descriptions are just like pickles. Annoying. And most of the time, unread (or uneaten). à  App descriptions are however essential for the people who actually read the app. In other words, it won’t harm people who won’t read it, but would annoy those seeking to read more about the app if it was missing. Just like pickles! à  App descriptions should be clear and easy-to-read. à  It’s still important to remember that keywords in Google Play apps play a role in the App Store algorithm and that iOS app’s descriptions are important in terms of SEO since the iTunes app page is ranked in search engines (like Google).
  20. 20. 5. Cheese = App Name à  How would you designate an app if it had no name? Be creative and unique. à  However, just like cheeseburger got his name out of its most important ingredient, your app name should also contain its most important elements! à  That’s why it is important to use relevant keywords in your app title. But be careful: don’t put too many keywords (4-5), use the right dose and combine them together so that they become a strong and meaningful phrase. Like keywords would all melt together. (see what I did there?) •  A  cheeseburger  without  cheese  would  not   be  called  a  cheeseburger,  right?     •  Who  would  like  to  eat  a  cheeseburger  with   a  cold  slice  of  cheese?  It  needs  to  be   perfectly  melted,  at  the  right  dose.   •  There  are  tons  of  different  kinds  of  cheeses   and  therefore  tons  of  various   cheeseburgers  possibili<es.   •  Finding  the  right  cheese  can  be  challenging.    
  21. 21. 6. Patty = The app itself à The most important element of your whole business is... The app itself! Like a patty, your app must be cooked perfectly! à You can work as hard as you want on the other factors: if your app is bad, you won’t succeed. à Find a niche. Analyze what’s missing, what people actually need. Be the solution to an existing problem. Be an engaging game. Make people’s lives easier. Be creative. Be funny... Be anything you want. But be good. à Don’t be afraid to come up with something unusual: veggie burgers rock! •  Okay,  although  cheese  was  a  highly   important  ingredient,  what  on  earth  would   be  a  cheeseburger  with  no  meat?   •  To  all  vegetarians,  I  see  you  coming…  meat   OR  tofu-­‐plant-­‐corn-­‐vegetables-­‐made  paWy   of  course!     •  You  can  have  all  the  other  ingredients   perfect,  if  the  paWy  is  not  good,  the   cheeseburger  won’t  be  good  either!    
  22. 22. 7. Below Bun = Reviews & Ratings à Reviews & ratings are extremely important. The app is resting above them just like a burger would on its bun. à They influence drastically users to download or not to download the app. à They attest the authenticity and the quality of the app. à Users trust other users. à The more positive reviews and ratings = the higher the ranking in the store = the biggest chances of being downloaded. à Encourage users to leave a positive feedback. Use push notifications wisely. •  Last  but  not  least.  The  below  bun  is  the   base  of  the  burger.  It’s  on  it  that  the  whole   product  leans.     •  Without  any  bun  at  the  boWom,  it  would  be   harder  for  the  eater  to  appreciate  his   burger.     •  Just  like  the  top  bun,  the  bun  at  the  boWom   should  be  high  quality.  Bad  buns  won’t   please  eaters  and  won’t  help  its  reputa<on.    
  23. 23. Your app is like a cheeseburger. See? I told you!
  24. 24. Now, you got work to do! Now what?
  25. 25. The point is to maximize your chances of being discovered! You need to optimize each of these factors.
  26. 26. Because this is all about pulling users towards your app. And therefore increase your organic downloads.
  27. 27. This is called App Store Optimization. These users will therefore be high-quality users.
  28. 28. Just like a perfect cheeseburger. The process of improving all the factors of your app to make a perfect “whole”.
  29. 29. It won’t sell itself on its own. There’s just too much competition. Crafting a great app is not enough anymore.
  30. 30. It’s a common mistake. Don’t publish your app on the Store without optimizing it.
  31. 31. There are plenty of tools and services that can help you out. Convinced? Start App Store Optimization right away!
  32. 32. Share this presentation with your friends if you want to help them with their ASO (not their diet...) So... What are you waiting for to become the next ASO Chef?
  33. 33. Who am I? Laurie Galazzo, Content Strategist at AppTweak (and I LOVE ) Email me if you want to talk about ASO (or food?)   Guess what? The ASO report of your app is already done. Discover it on                                              laurie@apptweak.com                                                                                                                                            @AppTweak                                                                                                                              facebook.com/AppTweak   www.apptweak.com How’s your burger doing? Is there anything missing? Cheese, sauce... pickles maybe? --- - - Let us help you cook the perfect burger!