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Adelgado5 research powerpointe

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Adelgado5 research powerpointe

  1. 1. Causing both learning and teaching to be more efficient, convenient.As well as enhancing learning, saving money, and lowering costs.
  2. 2.  Quizzes, tests, and assignments are all sent directly to tablets.  New editions of textbooks are updated instantly  Students are able to take and send notes easily
  3. 3.  Books for every class on one tablet  No need for excess supplies  Enhanced features make several different items available easily
  4. 4.  Increased student motivation to learn  Tablets help with the customization of learning  Students are able to stay up with current event, as they are happening
  5. 5.  Lower usage of paper helps save multiple trees  Avoid wasting old textbooks that are outdated  Tablets are more durable and last longer than textbook pages.
  6. 6.  Believe that tablets are more expensive  Although the initial cost is more expensive, they are cheaper in the long run  Tablets are too distracting  A program built into the tablets allows teachers to actually monitor and control what programs the students can and cant access
  7. 7. Tablets should be placed in schools because they benefit everything about student learning as well as the way teachers can teach.