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Using Social Media to Encourage Internal Stakeholders. Communication .pptx

  1. Case Studies in Strategic Communication: “Using The Social Media To Encourage Internal Stakeholders”
  2. Group Members Aqeel Gull Ahsan Umar Abdullah Syed Tazeen Tanveer Aysha Javeed Iqra Bahadur
  3. TABLE OF CONTENT: 1. Introduction of TFA History, Problem 2. Mission and Research Initiatives: 3. Monday Minute, Weakly Tie-up 4. Live Stream Broadcasting, The Chat 5. TFA Hub, Yammer 6. Conclusion
  4. Introduction of TFA What is TFA Stands For? Based in New York Working in 51 Regions off USA Approximately 11,000 Teachers 2400 Staff Members
  5. History Formed in 1989 by Wendy Kopp Started with 100 students 10 Million Students studied through TFA Four straight years in “FORTUNE-100”
  6. Problems Lack of Communication among staff Monthly Newsletter, pages upon pages Lack of Passion, Connectivity and Enjoyment In 2010, Justin Fong Joined TFA His Initial charge for communication gap
  7. Mission Telling Inspiring stories Uniformly distribution Connect People Provide Opportunities
  8. Research Listening Tour About 100 individuals across the organization to gather input and identify opportunities Precipitated many of the ideas that followed
  9. Monday Minute Kept brief along the lines of twitter 180-character limit Sent each Monday at 9 am Tells that what’s going on in organization
  10. Weekly Tie-up News update, Recap of previous Shared on Fridays Link inside Monday minute, added as subpart Include videos and links
  11. Live Streamed Broadcast Importance Involvement Conversations Expressions Expressed
  12. The Chat Similar to Broadcast Part of their Routine Emotionally charged moments According to Clark:
  13. TFA Hub Internal website Business-to-business website Provides a Platform Charge a transaction fee
  14. Yammers Opened up opportunities for the CEOs Real-time interaction Help to build community Fill communication gaps who are far away from others
  15. Conclusion Use of Social tools to make work easy Solution for the organizations having such problems 2015 Survey of American society of Training and development