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18 Cool Features on Arcadier Marketplaces

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Arcadier has everything you need to build an online marketplace. Build yours in minutes — no coding required.
Engaging and interactive customisable homepage designs, custom fields for listings, external links, custom domain, CSS & JavaScript, Private marketplace, payments, multilingual, full merchant control, social media, and more.

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18 Cool Features on Arcadier Marketplaces

  2. 2. SUMMARY OF NEW FEATURES AND UPDATES DO YOU KNOW? #1 ADD IMAGE SLIDER ON YOUR MAIN IMAGE Admin’s Portal Landing Page This is how the time-automated slider looks on the Landing Page! Users can also click on the arrows to move from one image to another manually. If you would like to allow third-party advertising on your site, you can upload the still image under the slider section of the Admin Portal. It will then be blown up on your Landing Page!
  3. 3. SUMMARY OF NEW FEATURES AND UPDATES #2 ADD UNLIMITED HOMEPAGE PANELS* The two types of Customisable Panels available now are: Value Proposition Call-to-Action *Free till 16th July 2017 for Freemium users Before After Value Proposition Call-to-Action Under ‘Content Mgmt.’ on the Admin Panel, select ‘Layout’, followed by ‘Homepage’. Scroll to the bottom ‘Add New Panel’, and select either ‘Value Proposition’ or ‘Call-to-Action’. You can always come back to add another one! You can add as many panels as you like onto your Landing Page!
  4. 4. #3 CHANGE YOUR BUTTON COLOUR Admin’s Portal Landing Page Under ‘Content Mgmt.’ on the Admin Panel, click on ‘Layout’, then select ‘Homepage’. Click the box under ‘Call-to-action Colour’. Then, click on the palette and drag to the colour of your choice. Don’t forget to scroll down and click ‘Save’! This means you don’t need to specially use Custom CSS just to change the colour of the fonts or buttons on your marketplace! Click here for more help in getting started with Customising your Landing Page!
  5. 5. #4 ADD MORE CUSTOM FIELDS Landing Page Under ‘Content Mgmt.’ on the Admin Panel, select ‘Custom Fields’. Click on ‘Add Field’, enter the name and type of your field, then click ’Save’. Admin’s Portal Custom Listing is a feature where marketplace admins can customise the type of item fields for sellers to fill in during the item uploading process. It allows sellers in the marketplace to show certain important information about the items that they are selling. Click here for more help in with Creating Custom Fields!
  6. 6. SUMMARY OF NEW FEATURES AND UPDATES #5 ADD WEBSITE (URL) LINKS Admin’s Portal Landing Page Simply go to ’Content Mgmt.’ on the Admin Panel, then select ‘External Links’. Insert the title and URL of the pages you want to link your marketplace to, and click ‘Save’! While it is not possible to merge two different types of marketplaces together as some users have requested, you can now link them using our External Link function! You can also link your blog, Wordpress or your partners’ sites to your marketplace!
  7. 7. SUMMARY OF NEW FEATURES AND UPDATES #6 ADD YOUR OWN DOMAIN (URL) Under ‘Advanced’ on the Admin Panel, select ‘Custom Domain’. Follow the steps laid out in our step-by-step guides to connect your own custom domain to your marketplace. Click here for more help with Using Custom Domain!
  8. 8. #7 EDIT CSS TO CHANGE LAYOUT (LOOK & FEEL) DO YOU KNOW? With the CSS Editor on your admin dashboard, you can modify your marketplace colours, layout, fonts and even images! The different themes that Arcadier offers are done purely by CSS and JavaScript. With this feature, you can create your own customised theme too! Due to the HTML knowledge required to use the CSS Editor, we recommend that you only use it if you have adequate technical expertise. For more help on Custom CSS, you may view our guide on How to Use the CSS Editor.
  9. 9. SUMMARY OF NEW FEATURES AND UPDATES #8 ADD JAVASCRIPT CODES Due to the HTML knowledge required to use the CSS Editor, we recommend that you only use it if you have adequate technical expertise. With Custom Javascript, you can plug in 3rd party ready-made Javascripts or your own custom functions into your marketplace. These include a foreign currency convertor or a freight shipping cost calculator. DO YOU KNOW? For more help with using Custom JavaScript, you may look at our guide or watch this video!
  10. 10. SUMMARY OF NEW FEATURES AND UPDATES #9 MAKE YOUR MARKETPLACE PRIVATE Admin’s Portal Landing Page Under ‘Advanced’ on the Admin Panel, select ‘Private Settings’. Toggle the On/Off button to make your marketplace private or public. If you have made it private, select whether only merchants require permission to access the marketplace or both buyers and merchants require permission. Last but not least, don’t forget to scroll down to the bottom to click ‘Save’! Following privatisation, there are 2 ways a user can be acquired: 1) The administrator may send an email invitation to buyers and sellers 2) Buyers and sellers can request for access via the Landing Page
  11. 11. #10 BRING YOUR OWN PAYMENT GATEWAY While all Arcadier’s marketplaces are integrated with the default payment processors of Stripe and/or PayPal, you can still add your own generic payment processor if you want! For example, you can opt to integrate both Qiwi Wallet and Yandex Money as generic payment processors in a Russian marketplace! Do seek assistance from a tech developer with relevant payment integration knowledge. Under ‘Payments & Transactions’ on the Admin Panel, select ‘Configure Payments’. Then, click on ’Add a custom payment method’. After that, you will have to specify the payment method you are adding, and upload a logo and description for it. Finally, you have to connect and verify the payment method. This step requires technical expertise, so do engage someone with the relevant knowledge or experience to help you! For more details on Custom Payment, click here for a guide on Generic Payment Processors!
  12. 12. #11 MAKE YOUR MARKETPLACE MULTILINGUAL DO YOU KNOW? The default languages on the Consumer and Merchant Portal can be two different languages! Simply go to ’Language’ on the Admin Panel, then select ‘Language Settings’. Select a new language under the Drop- down Box, then click ‘Add New Language’. To make any of the languages the default language on the Consumer or Merchant Portal, click on the ’Default’ button and click ‘Save’. Click here for more help on Language features!
  13. 13. #12 CONTEXTUALISING YOUR MARKETPLACE DO YOU KNOW? If you would like to improve the accuracy of translated phrases, you can make use of this same function to make manual edits to the translated phrases. Simply change the language first, and carry out the same steps! Simply go to ’Language’ on the Admin Panel, then select ‘Edit Text’. Choose the page which you would like to make manual amendments to. Identify the relevant section and phrasing, before inserting your preferred phrasing in the box to replace the default one. Don’t forget to click ‘Save’! BEFORE AFTER
  14. 14. #13 LOGIN WITH YOUR OWN USERNAME & PASSWORD If you are a new user, you now have 3 different options to get started! If you would like to log in with your own username and password, simply click ‘Create Account’, fill in your details and click ‘Create Account’ again. DO YOU KNOW? If you are an existing user who is logged in using Google or Facebook, but wish to change to using your own username and password, you can first register as a buyer on your marketplace. Following which, you can email hello@arcadier.com, stating your request along with the following information: • New login username/email address • Existing admin login email address (Facebook/Google) • Marketplace URL
  16. 16. #15 LOGIN TO EVERY MERCHANT ACCOUNT As admin of your marketplace, you can now log into your marketplace merchant’s portal and manage the merchant portal such as editing the item listings and description. Go to ‘User Mgmt.’ > ‘Sellers’ and click ‘Login’ to access the selected merchant’s portal.
  17. 17. #16 ADD YOUR OWN SOCIAL MEDIA HANDLES You can add in your own social media handles on your marketplace under ’External Links’ > ‘Footer Social Links’. Simply add in your username to complete the link and it will be shown at the footer of marketplace home page.
  18. 18. #17 ADD AN SSL CERTIFICATE OR Arcadier offer 2 types of RapidSSL certificates where we will upload it to your Marketplace on our end for you 1 You can install your own SSL Certificate for your domain through your admin portal under Custom Domain tab 2 Click here for a video tutorial to add a custom domain DO YOU KNOW? Adding an SSL certificate to your marketplace makes sure that the content of your marketplace website is encrypted and secure. Simply upload your SSL Certificate in .pfx format and enter the password for this file and click Add Certificate.
  19. 19. SUMMARY OF NEW FEATURES AND UPDATES #18 CASH ON DELIVERY Admins can make cash delivery a payment option on the site. This allows your buyers and sellers to settle their payments offline DO YOU KNOW? You can: (i) Add this as a new option for your sellers & buyers (ii) Make cash on delivery mandatory to broaden the payment options for buyers (iii) Make cash on delivery the ONLY option so all transactions are settled offline Only available on Retail and Goods Templates