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Design thinking for Startups: An introduction


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Design thinking for Startups: An introduction

  1. 1. An Introduction: Design thinking for startups #design #startup #brand Archana Devdas Design Strategist
  2. 2. #design
  3. 3. #product
  4. 4. #system
  5. 5. #policy
  6. 6. Good design is driven by #purpose.
  7. 7. Good design is good business. — Thomas J. Watson Jr.
  8. 8. #startups
  9. 9. Start ups not to be defined just by a bunch of energetic driven people working out of a coffee shop, who have a ideas and a dream to become successful.
  10. 10. ..being defined by ideas. Start ups that are more intuitive customer centric businesses seeing better success.
  11. 11. Uber the world’s largest taxi company that owns no vehicles. 2009.
  12. 12. Airbnb, the largest accommodation provider that owns no real estate. 2008.
  13. 13. Facebook, the most popular media provider that creates no content. 2004.
  14. 14. Instagram, the most valuable photo company that neither hires photographers nor equipment 2010.
  15. 15. Alibaba, the most valuable retailer that has no inventory. 1999.
  16. 16. Lyriclabs, a world leader in translation services.1998.
  17. 17. We understand the nature of business is #changing the way products are created, businesses function and the way these products are consumed.
  18. 18. This is a great time for start ups.
  19. 19. are great ideas enough?
  20. 20. In 2013, Forbes reported that a startling 80% of young companies fail within 18 months. Why? There’s no shortage of information online to advise on growing market, data and so forth. Nor is there a lack of able agencies and specialists to consult with #approach
  21. 21. design is serious business
  22. 22. What defines a start up is that we don’t know yet what is going to work and therefore go through a process of #discovery.
  23. 23. business ecosystem #connected #dynamic #uncertain
  24. 24. Assumptions that don’t get tested till 5 years later #businessplan. Are we still running on #oldmodels?
  25. 25. #designthinking
  26. 26. products and services are driving towards solutions that are more usable, aesthetic and human #usercentric
  27. 27. #Fail to understand the need user observation > insights #process #designthinking
  28. 28. Henry Ford introduced the first mass produced car. He said “If I had asked people wanted they would have said faster horses”
  29. 29. #business #value #ecosystem Stakeholders are across consumers, employees, vendors, competitors, media, govt, investors,etc.
  30. 30. designthinking offers a holistic approach to how I drive my business, build my product but also influences how I sell the idea of my product/service #branding
  31. 31. #brand
  32. 32. In this purpose economy, were we as people are trying to find more meaning through everything they do #value #associations
  33. 33. In an image driven world, it is becoming , more and more critical, how you look, what you stand for.
  34. 34. Brand is more than your name. A great brand name can serve as the anchor to your cause, a symbol to your story, a point of difference in your marketplace,
  35. 35. A brand is more than just your identity. No-one's going to love you just for your logo.
 It is how you act and what you say and much more.

  36. 36. A brand isn’t just your product
  37. 37. Brand is an idea. Brands are an inspiration. Brands drive culture. Building brand identities that matter.
  38. 38. #idea that drives the organization, what it is about, what it stands for, what it believes in.
  39. 39. + Products – what you make or sell
 + Environment- how you make or sell it
 + Communication – how do you communicate or promote + Behaviour- how do you conduct yourself
  40. 40. Enormous changes have taken place in the world of branding with the development of technology, branding moving from the periphery to the centre of a corporate concerns. Branding moving into countries, regions, cities, also into charities, the arts and academia.
  41. 41. Branding makes the strategy of the organization visible and palpable for all audiences to see.
  42. 42. It is not enough to have a great idea, #insight #relevance. We need to be better equipped to drive ideas forward in today’s dynamic ecosystem
  43. 43. Thank You! linkedin.com/in/archanadevdas twitter.com/@adevdas medium.com/@archanadevdas