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Business like gojek

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Start your business in the way of success like Gojek app. Build a profitable multiservice with customizable and white-labelled Gojek clone app. for more info visit: https://www.gojekclone.com/

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Business like gojek

  1. 1. Business like Gojek www.gojekclone.com
  2. 2. How to Work Gojek like App? ❖ The on-demand service industry is a flourishing as well as a promising industry especially due to the presence of its on-demand service applications. ❖ All that the users have to do is add their location and select the service that they require and get connected to the nearest service provider, make the payment and book the service provider, track the service provider and get notified upon their arrival and receive the services
  3. 3. ❖ The all easy services of the Gojek, entrepreneurs who are setting up their on- demand service industry are incorporating this solution to take their business towards the next-gen level and serve their customers more efficiently as well as effectively. ❖ With the help of Gojek, users do not have to download multiple apps for the availing of different services. Users can avail of multiple services through a single application just through a few taps on their smartphone or iPhone device.
  4. 4. Latest Features of Our Gojek Clone App ❖ With the help of push notifications, you as a business owner can market new features, new services and provide discounts to your users. ❖ Multiple Payment ❖ With the help of multiple payments, your users can choose from different payment modes to book the services in a smooth and convenient manner. ❖ Push Notifications
  5. 5. ❖ Service Options ❖ With the aid of the service options, your users can choose from services in a very smooth and easy manner. ❖ Statistics ❖ With the assistance of this feature, your service providers can keep track of all the earnings made by them on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis in a statistical or graphical format.
  6. 6. Thanks.. Contact US.. https://www.gojekclone.com/ sales@gojekclone.com +1 (858) 427-0668(Worldwide)