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Data Driven Cities

Planning our Cities Through Humanizing Data – Data Driven Cities from a People-First Perspective in Pune, Maharashtra India the seminar Planning for Sustainable Cities in Maharashtra, organized by the NGO World Resources Institute in cooperation with the government of that State.

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Data Driven Cities

  1. 1. PLANNING OUR CITIES THROUGH HUMANIZING DATA – DATA DRIVEN CITIES FROM A PEOPLE-FIRST PERSPECTIVE John G. Jung, Chairman and Co-Founder Intelligent Community Forum ICF Canada jjung@intelligentcommunity.org www.intelligentcommunity.org www.icf-canada.com April 10, 2018 Pune, India Agustin Argelich, Principal consultant Argelich Networks Barcelona aac@argelich.com www.argelich.com www.agustinargelich.com
  2. 2. Introduction to Digital Era. Data Driven Cities Concept Collaboration: Communications & Interaction Speaker Contact data Content Data Smart Cities / Intelligent Community Technology & Infrastructure Digital Leadership Best practices Real Examples
  3. 3. Introduction to the Digital Era
  4. 4. Let’s consider Gaudi’s thoughts. Introduction to the Digital Era
  5. 5. Let’s take Gaudi’s thoughts Everything comes from the great book of nature.
  6. 6. Networks are the nervous system of any community The nervous system transports different kinds of signs and orders, sounds, images, touch, heat, cold, etc. to our brain An IP telecommunications network transports in a transparent way different kinds of information: voice, data, video, control. We have evolved from separate service-specific networks to a single network. We are moving on to a more efficient and natural solution. Our body make decisions considering as more data as available
  7. 7. The brain is protected by the skull, i.e. a Data Center. Where is your Data Center located?
  8. 8. Human Centered Design
  9. 9. Data Driven City Concept
  10. 10. Data Driven City Collaboration Data Infrastructure Geodata IoT Smart city sensors Open Data Utilities Data www public data Effect from implementation of solutions based on Data Components of DDC concept Data sources Components Inspired in PWC Russia definition DDC concept
  11. 11. Avoiding Errors
  12. 12. Collaboration Communication Interaction Interdependence
  13. 13. Three- dimensional and polyhedral reality Complex and multidisciplinary projects
  14. 14. The creative process comes interlinking seemingly unrelated things.
  15. 15. Be efficient, my friend A person, machine, or organization that is efficient does a job well and successfully, without wasting time or energy. Collins Cobuild Essential English Dictionary
  16. 16. Stephen Covey, The 7 habits of highly effective people If you are interdependent, you are efficient
  17. 17. Multinational and multicultural teams working on network from far away different locations El near future is …. Work on a project basis Work on a network
  18. 18. To get a great and disruptive idea you must be Renaissance
  19. 19. Data
  20. 20. Data Driven City Collaboration Data Infrastructure Geodata IoT Smart city sensors Open Data Utilities Data www public data Effect from implementation of solutions based on Data Components of DDC concept Data sources Components Inspired in PWC Russia definition DDC concept
  21. 21. Smart Cities – IoT and AI - World of Sensors, Beacons and Monitors Measuring Everything
  22. 22. Smart Streetlamps — The Network Backbone of the Smart City
  23. 23. 4 IoT Architecture: 4 - Modules Lucy Tech – Avoiding a new blind every minute +IoT sensors +Medical devices +Smartphone App for citizens +Mobile public networks +Municipality private networks. + Process data received from sensors. + Alarms to managers, citizens, police, fireman, etc . + Biggest database ever build + Research using standard tools + Forensic analysis. Data collection Communica -tions Real - Time monitoring Big Data 01 02 03 04
  24. 24. 5 IoT flowchart Send data to the portal Process data on real-time Big Data Analysis 01 02 03 05 Capturing Real Data with IoT Sensors Paper Research 06 04 Citizens Send alarm to the right endpoint Emergency Task force Decision makers
  25. 25. Open Security System Architecture Multimedia Capture Video, Audio, Data, Signals Digital Recording and Storage REAL TIME Content Analytics REALTIME and OFFLINE Applications REALTIME Alert Investigative Tools Wire and Wireless Network Alarm management The entire process is recorded in order to improve or audit it.
  26. 26. DATASF
  27. 27. Utilities’ Data Mobile Telecom Carrier Eric Fischer cartographies Tourist Mobile data at Barcelona. Artistic representation Tourism and Big Data analysis. Example of cooperation with a telecom carrier. Telefonica I+D in 2014 developed an analysis of how tourist move around Barcelona using the data from the mobile phones connection. They know when a non-Spanish device connects to the network and how many time is connected. The study revealed how tourists moved around the city. Significant differences were detected according to nationality. Surprising conclusions were reached, such as that 50% of cruise passengers did not get off the ship when they made a stopover in the city. This kind of studies, according European regulations, to protect privacy can only work with general data, never can affect a too small group of persons or a concrete person. Mobile carriers have huge amount of data to be processed.
  28. 28. Scan and import a terrain from Google Earth https://youtu.be/0yaFdazzg8E
  29. 29. Infrastructure & Technology
  30. 30. Infrastructure & Technology Network Infrastructure
  31. 31. IP converging network architecture UC2 applications manage all type of communications.
  32. 32. Standard hardware + software There is no finish line New applications Virtuous circle of innovation Software Servers Ethernet switches
  33. 33. Mobility is the “fall of the wall” in communications No more borders, no more geographical limits in your network Voice, data, video and control signals. Wireless high capacity data networks No more walls in any organization/ community High capacity network ports are available everywhere
  34. 34. Symmetric high-capacity WAN and LAN Ethernet links you with all the World Share information and resources. The New Digital Telecom Era .
  35. 35. Mass Storage Applications Servers Control Accesos Hilo Musical VideoVigilancia Detectores sondas VideoConferencia IP TV Sonorización Voz Megafonía Tracking Biometric Internet LAN – WAN IP Network Management VPN Remote Workers IP converging network architecture
  36. 36. High capacity symmetric network ports are available everywhere 3G – 4G – 5G – Wi-Fi Capillary Networks Wireless Backbone networks FTTA: Fiber to the Antenna FTTH: Fiber to the Home FTTD: Fiber to the Desk
  37. 37. Urban development plan. Telecom infrastructure. Key points Telecom infrastructures plan for Can Gambus – Sabadell Barcelona. Design the civil infrastructures to support the networks of a new urban area in the surroundings of Barcelona to build 3.084 family homes ( 343.443 m2) and industrial area of 132.274 m2 • At least 3 pipes: 1)Municipality. 2)Public carriers. 3)Empty • Deploy only Fiber optic. Do not consider copper cables for telecom • Who must build the physical infrastructure. Who must deploy the network? • Public entity and rent it to carriers/operators. • Private initiative. Telecom networks are necessary for citizens and enterprises and for the municipality to manage the city (Smart city)
  38. 38. Infrastructure & Technology Unified Communications & Collaboration
  39. 39. What is Unified Communications? “Communications integrated to optimize business processes” Communications Technology used to facilitate personal interaction via speech, watch, and text integrated Communications linked to or built into a business process to optimize To make our business processes work more efficiently and effectively business processes A sequence of related tasks performed to achieve a business outcome Marty Parker With mobility it doesn’t matter where you are, where the data are, you can optimize your process everywhere.
  40. 40. Business Process Improvement • Any process can be improved. • Details are important. • Innovation also is about small changes ✓ Shorter processes cycle of life. ✓ Avoid human errors
  41. 41. Tackles Business Process Automation by using your telecommunications system to automate major business workflows. Communications Based Process Automation Enable organizations to create not only call flows, e-mail flows, text chat flows…. but WORK FLOWS Bring proven Contact Center technologies to any WORK CENTER Bring process automation out of the realm of expensive programming tools right to the communication system
  42. 42. UC2 Unified Communications and Collaboration 1. An engineer needs a second opinion about a design. 2. Checks in the UC tool the availability of colleagues. 3. Starts a conference by sharing the graphic information. If you are interdependent, you are efficient. (Stephen Covey)
  43. 43. UC2 – Presence
  44. 44. 1. Collect the information where and when it occurs. 2. Apply the rules and procedures. Support decision tools. 3. Processed information is delivered to the key person wherever s/he is. 3 Steps Universal connectivity to data sources Rules - Flowchart Delivery to right endpoint Unified Communications Services 4th Step Big Data or forenistic Analysis
  45. 45. Smart Cities Intelligent Communities
  46. 46. Think Tank Global Network – ICFF Member Association Institutes ICF Nations Introduction to the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF)
  47. 47. SMART VS INTELLIGENT • Smart City Technologies make cities work better. • Smart Cities leverage technologies to improve services • Smart Cities use of Data to make informed decisions
  48. 48. SMART VS INTELLIGENT • Like Smart Cities, Intelligent Communities leverage technology to improve services and use data to inform decisions, • But- Intelligent Communities do not focus on technology; its not the driver of solutions; rather people in the community drive solutions through innovation and creativity. • Holistic Intelligent Communities Strategies create better cities where citizens and employers thrive and prosper in the broadband economy.
  49. 49. 63 Intelligent Community Criteria
  51. 51. Communities everywhere probably have similar challenges. Can we work together toward solving the solutions?
  52. 52. Communities and their citizens and companies today not only want access to data, both open and big data sets, but also to solutions to common problems which planners and decision makers can evaluate through case studies and best practices. They want to identify measurable, scalable and relevant best practices which can be analyzed for its ability to be replicated or the lessons learned to create unique and innovative solutions most relevant to their situation.
  53. 53. Best practices in Digital Leadership
  54. 54. Why is so difficult to implement any change? “Humans only change when we really admit the consequences of not doing it” It’s more comfortable to do nothing
  55. 55. Our mind is tremendously powerful Discouragement can lead to a collapse. Positive thoughts create a physical state much better than negative ones. Dr. Alonso announced: “Neurons regenerate”
  56. 56. How do you feel? Aligned or alienated Leadership is to help others understand why it is clever to be aligned with project objectives
  57. 57. You not only can, you must, choose your attitude Aptitudes and Attitudes Leadership is helps others to choose the right attitude Teach them how to choose the right aptitude
  58. 58. Disciplined Collaboration Undisciplined Collaboration Disciplined Collaboration Centralized Autonomy (silos) Performance from decentralized work Performance from collaboration Low Low High High
  59. 59. Digital Leadership Examples
  60. 60. The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do
  61. 61. Columbus was looking for a different route to India. He was successful because he was open-minded. He was trying to optimize an established procedure. He thought globally. “Communications integrated to optimize business processes” Be open-minded, my friend
  62. 62. As Gaudi imagined Barcelona’s new cathedral, … … imagine your own future. … imagine your community. The power of imagination
  63. 63. We choose to go to the moon. (John F. Kennedy) We are not saying “if we can”, of course we do. We are now talking about: “if we want to”. Are you still thinking technology is a “commodity”, or do you believe in a better future thanks to the right use of technology? Are you still thinking that IT is only a technical issue? Willingness to innovate July 16, 1969, at 10:30 a.m. Apollo XI launch
  64. 64. Always go forward and never turn back …. Fr. Junipero Serra , Catalan Franciscan monk, founder of California Photo: US Capitol
  65. 65. Excellent organizations don’t believe in excellence – only in constant improvement and constant change" Tom Peters
  66. 66. Preferred skills to face the digital era ✓ Communications skills, oral and writing. Social skills. ✓ Right aptitude. Aligned with business/community objectives. ✓ Open –mined. The power of imagination. ✓ Nimble. Flexible. ✓ Fundamental concepts well acquired. ✓ ESL: English second language. ✓ Constant improvement. ✓ Tenacity. ✓ Efficient. Proactive – Interdependent.
  67. 67. Preferred skills to lead innovation ✓ Renaissance-type. ✓ Good communicator. ✓ Good negotiator. ✓ Innovative and imaginative. ✓ Able to delegate. ✓ Good at listening. ✓ Able to link differently in knowledge, technologies, and insights. ✓ A little bad-tempered and moderately rude.
  68. 68. Top Ten Best Practices to Lead Innovation 1. Involving representatives of the entire organization, starting with the most influential people, from the very beginning of the process. 2. Selling the process. Dedicating resources to market the project. 3. Listening, asking, taking time with those most directly affected by the change, accompanying them while they develop their daily work. Detecting where they have difficulties, where it hurts them. 4. The analysis and design stages are critical. Designs must not only be accurate and correct, but, above all, simple. 5. Knowing how to manage meetings. Watch out for large meetings, problems must be solved in advance. Agreements are reached before starting the meetings. 6. Prioritizing one-by-one contacts. Be careful with email. It is more convenient to use the phone or, even better, still make video calls. Always improve your own communication skills. Having a beer, a coffee, or a glass of wine at the right moment helps. 7. Be very strict about testing systems in the laboratory and in an actual situation. Quality control is very important. Perform load and stress tests. 8. Training should not be left for the very last moment, because it helps to sell an innovation. Education, selling, setting up an innovative system should run parallel to the project development and must be refreshed later. 9. Adjust the solution. Excellence can be found in the details: you have to fine-tune adjustments. 10.Celebrate the project completion, take a short break, and start again.
  69. 69. Data Driven Cities Examples
  70. 70. Columbus (ICF 2015) • $40 Million USD – DOT Smart City • Transportation Challenge • $140 Million USD overall matching The Columbus DOT win gained momentum through being recognized by ICF as the Intelligent Community of the Year in 2015 because of its foundational work on broadband infrastructure, focus on neighborhoods, and a strong public-private partnership eco system.” Moez Chaabouni, Columbus Deputy CIO EXAMPLE
  71. 71. Example of Excellence in “Govtech”
  72. 72. 800 businesses in 90 hectares One of the most important international distribution centers for fresh products Without a doubt, the success of Mercabarna is also due to its continuous investment in telecommunications, making it a state- of-the-art industrial estate with regard to technology. Home of the fruit and vegetable, fish and flower wholesale markets as well as the abattoir. Supplies over 10 million people directly. Mercabarna Telecom Network is a reference worldwide. MB telecom network is not only a state-of-the-art, IP converged network (voice, data, video, and control) in a large private campus with multi-business users, it is also significant for its financial and ongoing management models. 24 years of permanent improvement and evolution, always open to cooperate with all the players. Mercabarna Telecom Network is an example of best practices in collaboration between public entities and private companies A 25-year successful project Mercabarna IP Campus Network
  73. 73. In fact, is very easy to successfully organize Olympic Games 5 key points 1) Alignment 2) Enough budget 3) Balance between: Organization and Intuition (capacity to face the unexpected) 4) A finish date 5) Leadership
  74. 74. Jaipur • Safety first • Simplifying Tourist Experience • Digital Empowerment for Citizens. The Challenge: Improve traveler safety & the tourist experience and the quality of life for residents.
  75. 75. The best technology The best communication between human A great knowledge of each other Better than ever The World is imperfect but we have a lot of tools to improve it
  76. 76. Let’s know your opinion, comment or suggestion Questions Welcome
  77. 77. The circle of life
  78. 78. The cycle of life ✓ Question ✓ Think ✓ Look for ✓ Design ✓ Compare ✓ Made a Decision ✓Act ✓ Analyze results ✓ Adjust ✓ Begin again.
  79. 79. Continuous improvement Circle of Shewhart/Deming
  80. 80. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need further information Contact Data (+34) 610595053 aac@argelich.com www.agustinargelich.com Rambla de Catalunya, 112 08008 Barcelona (Spain) Social Networks https://www.facebook.com/agustin.argelichcasals @aargelich https://www.linkedin.com/in/agustinargelich/ https://www.instagram.com/agustinargelich Agustin Argelich www.argelich.com Digital Technologies International Consultant Leadership & Innovation professor Author & Speaker