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Arkādijs Rapoports - Individual Profile

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Arkādijs Rapoports - Individual Profile

  1. 1. PXT Report designed for Arkādijs Rapoports Eiro Personāls K.Barona iela 5-5 Rīga, Latvija LV-1050 Profiles Office Park • 5205 Lake Shore Dr. • Waco, TX 76710 • www.profilesinternational.com Copyright © 2003-2015 Profiles International, Inc. ProfileXT ® Individual Profile Assessment Taken: 11/02/2015 Printed: 11/11/2015 CONFIDENTIAL
  2. 2. ProfileXT Individual Profile Arkādijs Rapoports © Profiles International, Inc. Page1 Message to Arkādijs Rapoports Behavioral science has proven that the most successful people are those who know themselves, both their strengths and weaknesses. This knowledge is important to them as they develop the strategies necessary to meet the demands and challenges of achieving success. The purpose of this report is to help you to identify and make full use of your strengths, and to help you develop an awareness of any areas that could be limiting your effectiveness. The goal of this report is to help you to achieve greater success for yourself. The report gives you a Profile of the Total Person • Thinking Style - Learning Index, Verbal Skill, Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Ability, and Numeric Reasoning. • Behavioral Traits - Energy Level, Assertiveness, Sociability, Manageability, Attitude, Decisiveness, Accommodating, Independence, and Objective Judgment. • Interests - Enterprising, Financial/Administrative, People Service, Technical, Mechanical, and Creative. The information in your report can be useful in planning a self improvement program for your professional development and personal growth.
  3. 3. ProfileXT Individual Profile Arkādijs Rapoports © Profiles International, Inc. Page2 Thinking Style Learning Index An index of expected learning, reasoning, and problem solving potential. • Upon completing a new training program you are typically capable of picking up new concepts on your own. • Overall, you are usually successful at learning new information from a variety of training situations. • You are able to learn in different ways and readily acquire new skills from a variety of training formats. • You are generally able to learn new information easily, and you will probably be able to learn most requirements of a new job quickly. Verbal Skill A measure of verbal skill through vocabulary. • You likely prefer to read material that is written using moderately complex terminology. • You usually understand most written and verbal language you encounter in your daily communications. • You communicate with others using a somewhat diverse vocabulary. • You probably write with a moderate level of verbal skill and use slightly advanced verbiage to convey your message.
  4. 4. ProfileXT Individual Profile Arkādijs Rapoports © Profiles International, Inc. Page3 Verbal Reasoning Using words as a basis in reasoning and problem solving. • Understanding detailed oral or written directions may present a challenge for you at times. • You may appreciate additional time to process and interpret what others are saying, especially during complicated discussions. • You may benefit from additional training to improve your verbal reasoning skills in some situations, particularly in analyzing advanced verbal concepts. • You may not always express complex thoughts and ideas as effectively as you would like. Numerical Ability A measure of numeric calculation ability. • You have a sound understanding of mathematical processes and are able to calculate numeric figures without computational aids. • You are often competent and accurate when using formulas and equations to calculate the solution to complex numerical problems. • You are probably comfortable working with numerical data, even if computations require many steps to complete. • You can build on a strong foundation of numerical skill as the particular calculations required in performing the job become familiar.
  5. 5. ProfileXT Individual Profile Arkādijs Rapoports © Profiles International, Inc. Page4 Numeric Reasoning Using numbers as a basis in reasoning and problem solving. • You will probably be able to learn the numerical concepts presented during job-related training with little difficulty. • Your ability to understand and analyze numerical information is sufficient for most work- related applications. • You may require help from others to interpret the implications of the most complex and detailed numerical information at times. • You have a good foundation of applying numerical information to solve problems. You can improve your ability to do so for specific applications as you gain experience on the job.
  6. 6. ProfileXT Individual Profile Arkādijs Rapoports © Profiles International, Inc. Page5 Behavioral Traits Energy Level Tendency to display endurance and capacity for a fast pace. • You generally prefer to work at a slightly hurried pace. • You typically complete assignments in a timely manner. • You can act with a sense of urgency, even under pressure. • Your work pace allows you to be consistently productive. Assertiveness Tendency to take charge of people and situations. Leads more than follows. • You typically do not need to steer the course of what is happening or the direction of events. • You are likely to keep your input to yourself unless you feel it is absolutely necessary to share it with others, particularly to avoid potential interpersonal conflict. • You will defer to others and their opinions on most matters and yield the floor to others in most all discussions. • You tend to be a quiet, consistent producer who works hard for a leader and a cause.
  7. 7. ProfileXT Individual Profile Arkādijs Rapoports © Profiles International, Inc. Page6 Sociability Tendency to be outgoing, people-oriented, and participate with others. • You prefer to focus on the task at hand most of the time, rather than socializing and engaging others with casual conversation. • You sometimes enjoy meeting new people and making connections with them and will likely establish a network of contacts for business-related purposes only. • You generally prefer assignments that do not require frequent conversation and consultation with others. • You usually prefer work that doesn't require a great deal of social interaction. Manageability Tendency to follow policies, accept external controls and supervision, and work within the rules. • You generally accept the advice and criticism of those in authority and take their guidance as suggestions intended to improve your job performance. • You tend to respect and cooperate with those in positions of authority, even if you disagree with them at times. • You are willing to follow directions as laid out by managers and supervisors most of the time and typically work well within the bounds of managerial constraints and restrictions. • You are typically cooperative and agreeable, almost always willing to accept supervision, and work well under the authority of management.
  8. 8. ProfileXT Individual Profile Arkādijs Rapoports © Profiles International, Inc. Page7 Attitude Tendency to have a positive attitude regarding people and outcomes. • You prefer to avoid situations that could present unexpected challenges and involve risk of a negative outcome. You generally do not welcome change. • You can be highly critical of yourself and others and typically have a guarded outlook on how well things are likely to turn out. • You may question changes in policies and guidelines and usually prefer to know why they were enacted. • You may be inclined to become skeptical or suspicious of others' motives at times. Decisiveness Uses available information to make decisions quickly. • You are generally able to make decisions quickly, even when there is not extensive information available. • You are typically decisive and effective in positions that require quick decisions. • You are not inclined to delay making important decisions. • You are capable of responding to emergencies and solving problems in a timely manner. Accommodating Tendency to be friendly, cooperative, agreeable. To be a team person. • Your opinions tend to be moderate, and you are not generally inclined to take an extreme position on most issues. • You are generally pleasant, friendly, and patient. You are not inclined to show temper or frustration most of the time. • You typically recognize the need for working with others and are usually willing to share resources and information. • You tend to have a cooperative outlook and are generally prepared to help others.
  9. 9. ProfileXT Individual Profile Arkādijs Rapoports © Profiles International, Inc. Page8 Independence Tendency to be self-reliant, self-directed, to take independent action, and make own decisions. • You can be comfortable working independently with little instruction on how to complete projects or tasks on occasion but usually appreciate guidance and direction. • You generally prefer to follow established procedures. • You mostly work best with a methodical and planned approach to performing the job but can work without plans if necessary. • You recognize the need for guidance most of the time but will occasionally prefer to do things your own way. Objective Judgment The ability to think clearly and be objective in decision-making. • Your judgment usually reflects a balance of common sense and practical experience. • You prefer to rely on proven facts when making a decision. However, at times you will also consider your more subjective opinions. • You most often make judgment calls from a factual standpoint but will listen to your instincts on some matters. • You typically consider the important aspects of a situation with logical reasoning but will think about things in light of your own experience at times.
  10. 10. ProfileXT Individual Profile Arkādijs Rapoports © Profiles International, Inc. Page9 Interests You may be attracted to positions that allow you to work with details, systems and methods for standard business practices, especially in the industrial/technical arena. Your interest focus lies among the Technical, Financial and Mechanical themes on the ProfileXT. This is a common pattern for people who enjoy operations responsibilities and who enjoy the detailed, technical aspects of solving problems, setting up systems and establishing methods in the technical/industrial world.