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  1. coiners 00 With , we are offering a cutting-edge solution that is perfect for businesses looking to enhance their community engagement and token distribution within their ecosystem. Coiners
  2. 01 Coiners, the game-changing platform revolutionizing the way communities are managed and tokens are distributed through chat platforms. Our cutting-edge solution is perfect for businesses looking to enhance their community engagement and token distribution within their ecosystem. Revolutionizing Community Management and Token Distribution coiners
  3. 02 Community management and token distribution can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive for businesses and there is no tool on the market that covers all these problems. Coiners offers a unique solution to these challenges. Our platform rewards users for their messages through our thumbs up and thumbs down reaction system, where token are earned or lost based on reactions to their posts. Furthermore, our referral system incentivizes users to invite others to join the chat. Chat owners can also benefit from increased activity, quality content, and the ability to earn by selling items on our marketplace. Our system allows for easy management of the chat, so the community can grow on its own. coiners The Challenge and Our Solution 12:28 Alfred bot Cencel Welcome! Jack Points available 9 8 4 4 Status Specialist Progress 77 % 120 7 Chat We_Talk
  4. 03 Demand for solutions for community management and distribution of tokens is growing, which will affect the demand for our service. Coiners service will start working with Telegram Every crypto project uses Telegram to communicate with its users coiners The Market Opportunity Number of crypto projects 6,000 8,000 10,000 12,000 2023 2022 2021 2020 2019 2023 2022 2021 2020 2019 200M 0M 400M 600M 800M Telegram users
  5. 04 coiners What users get More activity in chat Increase the amount of quality content Your community grows by itself Earn by selling staff on coiners marketplace Get the system that manage your chat You have the opportunity to be rewarded for your messages Be active and get reward every 24 hours Invite people and be rewarded Buy several items on coiners marketplace using your rewarded points. A high-status member has more products available to buy on the marketplace. Chat User Chat Owner
  6. 05 coiners Marketplace @Wefundcapitalwin Sold: 12 430 COI Ticket for our privet meeting @Wacandacryptonews Sold: 48 128 COI merch Hudie Coiners marketplace, a one-stop shop for chat owners to sell a wide range of items, including merchandise, wallets, tickets, and more. This unique feature offers chat owners the opportunity to monetize their community and generate additional revenue streams.
  7. 06 coiners Advertising Platform: Select the chat where you would like to show ads Chat name Subscribers Segment Select @example1 10, 232 Crypto News @example3 4,778 Crypto influencer @example5 84,322 Cars overview @example2 1,436 Crypto Project @example4 27,934 Electronics overview @example6 8,433 Handmade soap Ads manager Congratulations You have reached 1000 subscribers and now you have the opportunity to turn on the monetization Terms and conditions
  8. 07 coiners Native Token and Crypto Integration Wallet Connect provides you with the opportunity to fully leverage the functionality of Coiners, allowing you to not only benefit from its features but also seamlessly exchange tokens with other participants within the chat.

 For chat owners who do not have their own token, Coiners offers our native token for use within their chat community. Additionally, crypto companies can seamlessly integrate and distribute their coin within the chat, providing a new channel for distribution. 12:28 Alfred bot Cencel C O I My coiners wallet number 323045049 Send Transaction history Wallet Connect
  9. 08 Types of rewenue Monthly subscription to our service Price of subscription depend on chat users quantity We take a 1% from the advertising customer, as the remaining 99% is received by the channel owners. We take a 1% from every purchase Advertisement Store coiners Our Business Model Subscribe
  10. 09 coiners Our Team Arnold Gzirov Idea developer with 5 years experience in bussness Senior Back-end Developer with 4 years experience. Senior Back-end Developer with 4 years experience Blockchain Analyst / Solidity Developer with 5 year experience Senior frontend React Developer with 4 years experience Senior PHP Developer with 6 years experience Nikolai Sviridov Vladislav Makeev Maxim Makeev Levan Gongadze Denis Baturin
  11. 10 coiners Join us to create a revolution in community management and token distribution ag1991g