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Info edge design lab

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Info edge design lab

  1. 1. Helping Users Find Important Things in life
  2. 2. What we believe “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” — R. BUCKMINSTER FULLER
  3. 3. Ideas comes from everywhere We Believe in an Open Culture, and ideas can come from anywhere.
  4. 4. Collaborative DesignWe follow Business CentredDesign process where the keyaspect is to increaseconversions & monetizationthrough better User Experience.
  5. 5. Research & InnovationWe continuously conduct userresearch, usability testing and userfeedback on our products.
  6. 6. What we do?
  7. 7. Creating new InterfacesWireframe of a Search Result Page Final user interface
  8. 8. Revamp of an existing designCurrent Home Page design of Shiksha.com An option the design team is working on…
  9. 9. Mobile Sites– HTML 5
  10. 10. Mobile Apps – iphone Android
  11. 11. Hiring For• Interaction designer• Usability Analyst• Visual DesignerLocation• Noida
  12. 12. Info Edge India Ltd Thanks ! rinchan.gupta@naukri.com