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An overview of Ukrainian it market.

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An overview of Ukrainian it market.

  1. 1. An Overview ofUkrainian IT Market
  2. 2. Ukraine is: About 70% of adult population have secondary or higher education; Nearly 60% of Ukrainian universities have graduates with majors in physics, mathematics and programming; With only 1% of all world’s population, Ukraine has 6% of the world’s physicists, mathematicians, computer programmers, and other highly educated professionals; More than 16,000 IT specialists with bachelor degree and about 14,000 IT specialists with master degree graduate from universities each year; Ukraine is among the TOP 10 countries with the most certified IT professionals; Ukraine Internet penetration is growing fast – it is now estimated that 33.9% of Ukraine’s population, or 15.3 million people are on the Internet according to the International Telecommunications Union (a U.N. agency) as of March 2011; this places Ukraine as the 9th largest user of the Internet in Europe.
  3. 3. Achievements According to the 2012 Bench Games Leader Board, Ukraineranks 3d globally (out of 50 countries) in the “Most CertifiedCitizens” category, following the United States and India. In the “Most Master-Level Certified Nation” category Ukraineranks 2d globally, following the United States. However, it hasoutrun the USA by the number of IT certifications. Ukraine has gained 91 Master-Level IT Certificates out of 96granted.
  4. 4. Ukrainian Internal IT Market Accordingly to IDC report the internalUkraine’s IT market grown on 10% in the yearof 2011 and its volume reached $3,3b. The market for IT services (value addedresellers, integrator businesses) has grown on5% and reached $200m.
  5. 5. Tendencies of Ukrainian IT Market Attention of the world’s biggest companies UniCredit-owned Ukrainian Ukrsotsbank has signed a 10-year, $200 million IT systems and processes outsourcing contract with IBM. Government support :  Prime Minister of Ukraine N. Azarov has signed a decree of the Cabinet of Ministers aimed at improving the quality of IT professionals and bringing education to the needs of industry and labor market. In 2011, Parliament adopted at first reading a bill on an experiment in information technology, which is co-authored by Viktor Yanukovych Jr. According to this bill, domestic IT companies will be granted a "tax holiday" for 5 years.
  6. 6. The Main Problems of Ukrainian IT Market are: Piracy Political instability
  7. 7. Ukraine on Global IT marketIT sector is definitely very important for the country. Ukraine has all thefactors to succeed here. And it does succeed. outsourcing Achievements World class standarts Sartups and established businesses
  8. 8. OutsourcingSome fact about the outsourcing segment of Ukraine’s IT market: outsourcing accounts for roughly 70% of the Ukrainian IT market, that makes near twobillion dollars; since 2007 Ukraine is included in Gartner’s TOP 30 outsourcing locations list; since 2007 Kiev is listed in Tholon’s TOP 100 Emerging Outsourcing Destination Cities List; Ukraine is the #1 in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) in regards to: IT outsourcing market value (~$2b) Number of IT outsourcing companies (~850) Number of employees involved in IT outsourcing industry (~14K)
  9. 9. Western standards in work and education KM Soft, the software division of Kvazar-Micro Corp., has been successfully appraised atCMMI(R) Maturity Level 4. Infopulse employee became the first professional in Ukraine to pass the BusinessContinuity Management (BCM) test and obtain the international certificate of the CertifiedBusiness Continuity Implementer with merit. There are more than 10 MBA schools in Kiev
  10. 10. Our BusinessStarWind Software provides storage virtualization solutions for the virtualenvironments. According to Gartner by 2012 50% of all businesses already virtualizedtheir infrastructures and in the next 5 years this ratio will be close to 100%. From year2010 to year 2015 the total base of virtual machines will grow 5 times! More than $20bto be spent on virtualization projects during this time.Our software turns any windows driven industry standard server into highly availablefault tolerant shared storage for hypervisors. StarWind Software is focused onproviding affordable, high availability, technology which was previously only available inhigh-end storage products.With only one round of VC investment to date our company successfully compete withknown storage market leaders like EMC, EqualLogic, DataCore.
  11. 11. Conclusion Ukraine is definitely IT country. Ukraine has proven track of achievements in this area and it hasgreat potential for more achievements. IT sector is the one where Ukraine poses itself as a competitivecountry and even world leader in some segments of this market.
  12. 12. Thank You for Your Attention!