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  1. 1. BYKen Silver
  2. 2. 10 Secrets To Winning The Lottery Free Report By Ken Silver Silver Lotto System Visit the website here: http://www.silverlotto.com You have 100% Giveaway Rights to this Special Report. You are free to distribute as a gift or pass it on to others providing you keep it in the original PDF format, and do not edit or reprint any portion without the authors permission. See more information here: Lotto Affiliate Center Copyright KEN SILVER All Rights ReservedPage 2 Of 13
  3. 3. #1. 10 Lotto Playing Mistakes You ShouldAvoid At Any CostEvery day I see lottery players making these obvious mistakes, andwondering why they are not getting more wins.So here’s 10 playing errors you MUST avoid - it will make you a betterplayer:1. Don’t play just when you feel like it. Have a timetable and stick toit. Once a week, twice a month... whatever it is, set your play times inconcrete.2. Don’t play on popular days. Many players lock themselves into aSaturday game and have to share their jackpot with dozens of others. Askyour local lotto shop which day is least popular and play on that one.3. Don’t mess with a system that works. Some Silver Lotto Systembuyers put their own numbers in ‘for good luck.’ This will give them worseresults. You cannot beat a proven system.4. Don’t change your numbers. If you have the budget to play 20 linesfrom the Silver Lotto System, then stick to those numbers each game. Don’tthink another different 20 lines for every game will be better - it won’t.5. Don’t miss games. The major winners in any lotto game play EVERYtime until their win comes up.6. Don’t give up too soon. Every breakthrough in life - and lotto - hascome just when things seem to be at their bleakest.7. Don’t think you know it all. Subscribing to the Lotto-Dailynewsletter ( http://www.silverlotto.com/#ezine ) and reading each issuewill give you little known information that could improve your winningstreak.Page 3 Of 13
  4. 4. 8. Don’t think you are losing your entry fee (buying tickets) whenyou don’t get a win. Paying for your tickets is a necessary requirement, andyou need to be in to win.9. Don’t play games with 7 balls if you want frequent winnings. Stickwith low ball games. Play 5 ball games, then 6 ball games only if you haveno other choice. The odds of winning improve with the lower ball games.10. Don’t play the games with the highest numbers - instead, playthe game with the lowest. The lower the number of numbers in your game,the better your odds. If you have a choice of playing two games containing,say, 35 numbers or 60 - go for low!#2. 3 Essential Tips For Your Lottery GameWhatever lotto game you decide to play, first do these important checks:1. The game is state backed. Make sure your government is behind it foradded security.2. Do not play lottery games that use computer generated numbers. Makesure they are real balls - ping pong balls are most common - in a washerbarrel machine.3. Ensure the draw is a continuous one filmed from start to end without abreak. Why? There’s some rumors going round that the computergenerated random numbers (RNG) some games use may not be secure.There is a chance that they could be manipulated, hijacked or have hiddenfeatures that alter the draw. This also applies to online lotto as well. Thechances of getting a win when you can’t physically see the numbers beingdrawn makes these difficult to play without risk.The best way to get entirely random numbers and be sure of your game isto do this:Page 4 Of 13
  5. 5. (a) Monitor the numbers from past draws and ensure they don’t follow astrange or unexplained pattern, and,(b) Play games that have a manual number selection with no humanintervention and plenty of security. No computer-generated numbers!#3. Should You Play 7 Ball Games?I often recommend not playing the big games - the ones with a largenumber of balls and numbers, and especially the 7 ball games (6 main ballsand a jackpot ball).Here’s why you should avoid these big games:1. More people are attracted to these games because of the higher winningamounts. That means your prize could be shared by many others. Suddenlyyour $100 million could become just $2 million, and maybe paid over 20years too.2. You have to spend more. That extra 7 ball hugely increases the amountyou have to spend on tickets.3. The length of time you have to play to get better odds increases a lot.While you might have a big win every year with a smaller game, the sheernumbers of a 7 ball game means you might have to play for 10 years to getlucky.4. The high odds of 7 ball games make your win chances very slim. You’llneed lots of luck to even get a free ticket.Page 5 Of 13
  6. 6. #4. Do You Make These 5 Common Game &Ticket Mistakes?Many lottery players make these 5 common mistakes when they play:1. They play on the wrong day.Every Lotto game in the world has a popular day. It may be that the prizeshave jackpotted to become the biggest on that day. Or it could be a day thatmost people have free to buy a ticket... for example a Saturday. Here’s theproblem. When everybody plays at the same time, the number of tickets incirculation for the game are huge. The solution is to play on a less popularday. You find that out by asking your friendly Lotto shop store. They’ll soontell you which days are least frequented by players.2. They don’t play enough lines.Some players expect to get a good result on playing simply 1-3 lines of theSilver Lotto System. While it is true you will get a better result by playingthese small number of lines - one or two lines are not enough at any time.Instead of playing a small number of lines every week, you should savethem up until you can afford to play a number of lines in one hit. Take acouple of lines in between these times just to keep your enthusiasm going.3. They fill out the tickets incorrectly.For some reason, some Silver Lotto System buyers want to change theorder of numbers each time they play. This is not the way the system isdesigned to work. Use the same numbers each time.4. They play too many games.A lot of players are conditioned to play once or twice a week. The problemis that it becomes very expensive if they play games that don’t have amatching number selection at that time. I’ve managed to get around thatwith the Lotto-80 system: http://www.lotto-80.com . It selects the gameswhich have the best match with the Silver Lotto System.Page 6 Of 13
  7. 7. 5. They are too impatient.A lot of people write and tell me they are only winning a few hundreddollars a month. They asked me what the problem is. The answer... there isno problem. The Silver Lotto System is working. They can easily tell thatbecause it’s a simple fact that many people don’t win this amount even oncein several years.These small wins show the system works and it only remains to stay in thewinning pattern and wait until the numbers get the Big One!#5. Should You Buy From A Lucky Shop?Are you a lucky lotto shop ticket buyer? Do you search out the shops whichhave had the largest number of winners to buy your tickets?Actually luck doesn’t help you one tiny bit in where you buy your tickets. Infact, the shop that advertises a large number of lotto division winners maynot be lucky at all - but busy!These ‘lucky’ shops do nothing more than get a larger percentage of lottoticket buyers than their competitors. Theres no such place as a lucky store!#6. What Secret Number Should You AlwaysInclude?Britain’s National Lottery Commission released a report that stated sincethe number 38 popped up so many times, lotto games seemed not to berandom.The two academics who completed the report said that number 38 wasPage 7 Of 13
  8. 8. drawn so many times that they wondered whether there was a fault in thedraw system.Just to reassure you - the Silver Lotto System does give you 38 in yourProfiles.The paper covered 637 draws from 1994 to 2002 and said:- Some number combinations popped up with unusually high frequency.- Other numbers showed a major departure from randomness.- The number 38 was drawn so many times that they wondered whether aball inspection was required.- The bonus ball would usually be a high number - 40 or above.- Thunderball draws that were 4 weeks apart seemed to ‘talk’ to each other.If one game favored a high set of numbers, then there would be acorrespondingly low set 4 draws later.My advice - disregard these theories. Numbers are basically random, andwinning should be based on more advanced practices that the Silver LottoSystem has already calculated for you.#7. How To Make Your lottery Tickets SecureIf you don’t want to lose your winnings before you get them, here’s 5essential things you should do first so you don’t get caught out with a loss ofa lifetime:1. Photocopy your tickets. Store them in a safe place.2. Write your name on every winning ticket. Include the words"ticker owner" if you wish, but generally you’ll be able to prove your namewith your ID or driver’s licence etc.3. If you give lotto tickets as a gift, make sure the recipient can claimthem. If the game requires players over the age of 18, it will be a few longPage 8 Of 13
  9. 9. years before your 12 year-old niece or nephew gets to spend their $50million from the ticket you gave them for their birthday.4. Playing in a syndicate? At the very least you should have a documentsigned by everyone who takes part, with a brief description of the gamesyou are playing, the amount you put in and what share you will get onwinning. It keeps everyone honest.#8. Revealed - How the Silver Lotto SystemWorksMy Silver Lotto System is the only one that removes "bad" numbers. Theseare the millions of numbers and number sequences that will never appearin any winning lotto game.Through years of research Ive identified most of these, and so Ivemanaged to increase the percentage of successful numbers that will appearin a winning ticket.Sometimes win rates with my system can be as high as 99%. Many times,with enough lines, Ive won a prize in every game Ive entered for monthson end.While this gives excellent results, its a fact that the last 1% of randomwinning numbers not covered in the Silver Lotto System can only be wonwith pure luck.Page 9 Of 13
  10. 10. #9. Patterns Youll Never See WinNumbers do behave in a pattern that is not quite random, but not orderlyeither. And the best example is a pattern I have never seen in my years ofresearch.I call it the 1-2-3-4-5-6 bad-boy pattern.It can also be 2-4-6-8-10-12.Or 42-41-40-39-38-37.You are unlikely to get those numbers all meeting together at one time inone game. The chances are very remote indeed. And most players know it.Thats why you never see this kind of pattern picked on a board or coupon...or even as a drawing from the computer pick.Because everyone knows they are hugely unlikely to occur.But luckily there are many patterns that are more easily identified. Thereare millions of other patterns arranged in different ways. Remove those badpatterns, and you have left a sm all percentage of random numbers thathave a much greater chance of winning.Thats what the Silver Lotto System , and the Silver Lotto PRO System,and the Lotto-80 System is based on.They squeeze as many as 99% of the bad patterns out and leave only thegood ones.#10. How to Predict Winning Lottery Games in30 SecondsRegardless of what lottery you play, every game gets some strange,unexplained number sequences at times. This mismatch is quite common,Page 10 Of 13
  11. 11. and its why you need a system that predicts skewed patterns and adjustsfor them to give you better winning odds.Thats why the Silver Lotto System works so well when its combined withthe Lotto-80 System..Heres how you can get better odds without using Lotto-80 by just viewingwinning numbers from your Silver Lotto System.Heres the steps:1. Check out the results of the last game in your area. You can find theresults by entering "YourGame winning numbers" or "YourGame results"in any large search engine. Go back to the winning numbers on the last dayof play, whether a mid-week game or a Saturday one.Make sure you view the LAST set of winning numbers available.2. See if your game shows unusual number combinations, as in theseexamples:- Three consecutive numbers together like 3, 4, 5, or 25, 26, 27, or even 41,42, 43.- Numbers concentrated together at one end of the play range, like 33, 35,36, 38 or 2, 4, 5, 7, 8 (not those numbers you understand - just a patternlike that).- Unusual patterns of close numbers of 3 or more that may be in or out ofsequence. A pattern like 2, 4, 6, 8 in two areas of the winning numbers isanother example.3. If your game shows any of these patterns in the last game, then makesure you play the very NEXT game using your Silver Lotto Systemnumbers.Your winning chances will improve because its unlikely these unusualnumber pattern sets will appear again in the very NEXT game. Researchhas shown that the likelihood of certain patterns repeating consistently isvery rare in the following game.Page 11 Of 13
  12. 12. What To Do NextI hope you’ve enjoyed these tips and secrets. If you haven’t visited my SilverLotto System website yet, that should be your first step: http://www.silverlotto.com .Most players buy the Lotto-80 System next, as this gives the best resultout of the Silver Lotto System.Also feel free to look round at my other sites below - there’s plenty of usefulinformation to help you!Happy winning!Ken SilverHelping People Profit Since 1991---Instant Help: http://www.askKenSilver.com---Some Of My Websites & Books:---Banned Food Diet: http://www.bannedfooddiet.com---Silver Lotto System: http://www.silverlotto.com---Lotto Affiliate Center: http://www.lottoaffiliatecenter.com---My Powerball System: http://www.silverlotto.com/powerball.htm--My Lotto Syndicate: http://www.silverlotto.com/winnerscircle.htm--Page 12 Of 13
  13. 13. My Lotto-80 Predictive Play System: http://www.lotto-80.com--My Silver Lotto PRO System: http://www.silverlottopro.com--My Lotto Blog:--The Lotto Life: http://silverlottoblog.com---Lotto-Daily Newsletter http://www.silverlotto.com/#ezinePage 13 Of 13