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How Marketers Can Win With Podcasting

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Presentation on podcasting as a content marketing tactic given to the Hampton Roads American Marketing Association on January 14, 2016 at the Hampton Yacht Club by Douglas Burdett

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How Marketers Can Win With Podcasting

  1. 1. @ArtilleryMarket
  2. 2. How do you do?
  3. 3. I host a podcast   Weekly interviews with authors of marketing and sales books   Launched January 2015   #2 Business Podcast (“New and Noteworthy”)   “10 Podcasts that Will Make You a Better Marketer in 2016”   200+ 5-Star Reviews on iTunes   Spread the love! Love.MarketingBookPodcast.com (pre-formatted Tweet) @ArtilleryMarket
  4. 4. Steady Listener Growth! @ArtilleryMarket
  5. 5. Before we talk about podcasting as a marketing tactic…
  6. 6. Let’s step back and look at the marketing universe @ArtilleryMarket
  7. 7. The challenge of marketing has gone from space to attention @ArtilleryMarket
  8. 8. Marketing – traditionally space constrained •  You could buy attention (advertising) •  You could beg for attention from the media (PR) •  You could bug people one at a time to get attention (sales) @ArtilleryMarket
  9. 9. But two things have broken our marketing megaphone
  10. 10. Marketing Interruption Avoidance Technology   TV remote controls   Do not call lists   Caller ID   CAN-SPAM Act (2003)   Ad Blocking Software   RSS readers   MP3 players   DVRs   Satellite Radio   Streaming music   Streaming video   Podcasts @ArtilleryMarket
  11. 11. The Internet  Every company is a media company  You can build your own audience  Buyers can do their own research and delay contacting the seller @ArtilleryMarket
  12. 12. Your prospects are in a castle with a drawbridge up. They’re not going to let you in unless they are interested.
  13. 13. This has lead to the resurgence of content marketing @ArtilleryMarket
  14. 14. @ArtilleryMarket
  15. 15. @ArtilleryMarket “Content Marketing is the only marketing left” –Seth Godin
  16. 16. “Content marketing is the marketing and business process for creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.” -CMI @ArtilleryMarket
  17. 17. Content Marketing Tactics Include…   Articles   Blog posts   Case studies   Cheat sheets   Checklists Ebooks   Email Infographics   Podcasts   Reference guides SlideShare Decks   Surveys   Templates   Videos   Visual content   Webinars   Whitepapers   Workbooks @ArtilleryMarket
  18. 18. So what exactly is a podcast? @ArtilleryMarket
  19. 19. Podcast 1.  An audio file 2.  Published online 3.  Part of a series 4.  Listeners can subscribe @ArtilleryMarket
  20. 20. “Podcasts are to audio what TiVo is to TV: a way to watch the shows we want, when we want to.” –Tom Webster, Edison Research @ArtilleryMarket
  21. 21. The Podcast Listener   17% of the population (2x since 2008)   Smartphone owners   Age skews younger   Male/Female = 50/50   Higher incomes   Highly educated   Listens to 6 podcasts a week   Active on social media @ArtilleryMarket
  22. 22. What are the benefits of podcasting?
  23. 23. Podcasting Benefits  Establish expertise and authority  Build industry connections  Grow your audience  Intimacy with the listener  Less crowded arena @ArtilleryMarket
  24. 24. What should you podcast about?
  25. 25. Focus on the listener!  Your #1 most important consideration  Think about who you want to attract  What will be most interesting to them? @ArtilleryMarket
  26. 26. Your podcast should be “an overlap of passions and skill sets we call our ‘zone of genius’.” -John Lee Dumas, EOFire.com @ArtilleryMarket
  27. 27. How often should you podcast? @ArtilleryMarket
  28. 28. Podcast Frequency  Minimum: Weekly  Don’t publish more frequently unless you can make the commitment  You can always increase frequency later  Consistency trumps frequency @ArtilleryMarket
  29. 29. How long should each episode be?
  30. 30. Episode Length  Size doesn’t matter (much)  Depends on your content  Depends on your listener  Popular lengths   < 5 minutes (great for tips, inspiration)   8-15 minutes (e.g. covering one topic in depth)   25-40 minutes (good for commutes, workouts) @ArtilleryMarket
  31. 31. What’s the best podcast format?
  32. 32. Interviews Pros   Guest brings the content   Less preparation (maybe)   Relationship building   Guests bring audience Cons   Finding guests   Scheduling   Technical difficulties risk   Some guests might stink @ArtilleryMarket
  33. 33. Topic Based Pros   Control (agenda, pace, topic, schedule, etc.)   Don’t have to find guests   More quickly builds your authority and credibility Cons   You create all content   Audience growth = 100% your responsibility   Limited to your own knowledge, perspectives @ArtilleryMarket
  34. 34. Other Considerations   Podcast Name   Consider your listener   Clear trumps clever   Memorable   SEO friendly   Domain name available?   Website   Use company website   Can redirect podcast URL to company domain   Podcast artwork   Make it simple   Make it pop   Use bold colors   Avoid showing a face unless it’s famous   Use “sugar cube test” – artwork will be that small on smartphone @ArtilleryMarket
  35. 35. What else is really, really, really, ridiculously important for podcasting success? @ArtilleryMarket
  36. 36. Marketing Your Podcast  Publishing is just the beginning!  Leverage podcast directories  Leverage audience of your guests  Leverage existing communities  Build/use email marketing list  Use social media  Pitch relevant media @ArtilleryMarket
  37. 37. Why do podcasts fail? @ArtilleryMarket
  38. 38. Most podcast don’t make it past episode #7  Lack of focus  Lack of niching  Unrealistic expectations  Unwillingness to invest (especially time) @ArtilleryMarket
  39. 39. My Equipment & Costs   Skype: Free eCamm recorder to record calls: $30   Editing software: Free (Audacity)   Audio post production: Free (Auphonic)   ATR-2100 USB microphone: $55 Sennheiser HD201 headphones: $20   ID3 Tag Editor: $15 Libsyn Podcast Hosting/ Distribution: $15/month   Website Hosting/Email: Existing website (I use HubSpot)   Books: approx. $10 an episode @ArtilleryMarket
  40. 40. I’m interested in learning more about podcasting. What should I do next? @ArtilleryMarket
  41. 41. Free Podcast Course   Sign up for John Lee Dumas’ Free Podcast Course   23 videos   20 podcast episodes http://bit.ly/PODCASTCOURSE @ArtilleryMarket