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Rural Tour Armenia Karabakh

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If you are truly looking for some hidden piece of land to travel, chose Armenia, once being one of the most powerful empires in Asia wielding control from the Caspian to the Mediterranean seas and Nagorno Karabakh, a newly born small country immersed in a green paradise. Be the first among your friends to discover these historic lands. Travel through the mountains passing by old churches, extinct volcanoes, deep canyons and the wine growing region of Areni enroute to the spectacular Mount Ararat. Visit Nagorno Karabakh once being one of the centers of civilization not only in Caucasus, but also beyond its borders. In 19th c., Shoushi, the ex-capital of Karabakh takes on special significance in the common Caucasian life. It turns into one of the centers of the Armenian cultural- educational life. Karabakh voyagers say traveling Armenia without a visit to Nagorno Karabakh is an incomplete trip.

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Rural Tour Armenia Karabakh

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