mefgi rajkot prepared by prof. ashish h. makwana gujarat civil engineering india ready mixed concrete semester-4 spss software prepared by prof. ashish makwana advanced construction technology building and town planning topsis (semester-6) book risk management renewable energy resources region wise price variation analytic hierarchy process spss cement mortar clay bricks fly-ash bricks autoclaved aerated concrete blocks analytic hierarchy process (ahp) construction industry semester-6 rajkot mefgi analytical hierarchy process (ahp) thin shell structures aac aac blcok ppt presentation structural clay products (conventional & fly ash b poster poster presentation: an integrated approach for en economical concrete - using stone chips aggregate bacterial concrete-new invention in construction risk in ppp projects eco-friendly mortar risk management: high rise construction infrastructure engineering & management utilization of industrial waste in pervious concre approach large volumetric components modular units modular construction techniques material expansion joints building safety measures rescue phase demolition work consortium treatment types termites life cycle technologies modern civil engineer intelligent buildings human needs imp.i. rii ahp management approach bricks selection comparison bricks human resource management construction field anova test building construction rii and imp.i. method source identification clay bricks and fly ash bricks comparative analysis sustainable ecofriendly industrial wastes risk category surat city construction projects carbon black powder analytic heirarchy process ppp projects risk categories high rise construction projects statistical aerated autoclaved concrete industrial waste vikor method criterias clay automation ingenious study construction companies infrastructure frequency analysis 3d graph techniques construction contract management_infrastructure engineering and project management process_infrastructure engineer scope management_infrastructure engineering and ma tunnel boring machines_advanced construction techn machineries and equipments used for large concrete equipments and machineries used for bituminous roa equipments used for aggregate production_advanced drilling equipments_advanced construction technolo vibrators_advanced construction technology (semest concrete pumps_advanced construction technology (s pile driving equipments_advanced construction tech construction safety management_construction manage construction quality management_construction manag construction material management_construction mana construction planning_construction management (218 project organization_construction management (2180 introduction construction management_construction compacting equipments_advanced construction techno pumping equipments_advanced construction technolog hoisting equipments_advanced construction technolo belt conveyor system_advanced construction technol excavating equipments_advanced construction techno ripper_advanced construction technology (semester- scraper bulldozer tractor engineering fundamentals_advanced construction tec mechanization in construction_advanced constructio form work_advanced construction technology (semest control of ground water in excavations_advanced co diaphragm wall construction_advanced construction caissons_advanced construction technology (semeste area and volume_surveying global positioning system_surveying plane table survey_surveying elevation measurement_surveying compass surveying_surveying chain survey_surveying surveying and scale_surveying introduction of surveying_surveying construction account management_construction manag factors for success of a construction project_cons construction project cost and value management_con construction economics_construction management (21 construction management (2180611) (semester-8) resources allocation and resources scheduling_cons construction management (2180611) (semester-8) advanced construction technology (semester-6) module-5_sketch module 3 sketch-caissons module 2 sketch-coffer dams_advanced construction module-1 sketch-pile foundation cofferdams_advanced construction technology perspective building and town planning pile foundations perspctive drawing building and town planning (lab) history of town planning slums elements of neighbourhood elements of city planning civic survey smart city
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