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  1. Branding
  2. Branding  Branding is a process by which a marketer tries to build a long term relationship with a customer by learning their needs and wants.  It can be used as differentiation strategy when the product can not be easily distinguished.  Branding create trust.  Brand building is a conscious customer satisfaction orientation process.
  3. What is Brand?  Branding is a combined effort of the company which is projected to the consumer.
  4. The Role of Brands  Identify the maker  Simplify product handling  Organize accounting  Signify quality  Create barriers to entry  Serve as a competitive advantage  Secure price premium
  5. Advantages of Strong Brand  Improved perceptions of product  Greater loyalty  Less vulnerability to competitive marketing actions  Less vulnerability to crises  Larger margins  More inelastic  Greater trade cooperation  Increase marketing communications effectiveness  Possible licensing opportunities
  6. What is a Brand Promise?  A brand promise is the marketer’s vision of what the brand must be and do for consumers  A brand is a promise. A promise to achieve certain results, deliver a certain experience, or act in a certain way. A promise that is conveyed by everything people see, hear, touch, taste or smell about your business.
  7. Key Brand Elements  Brand Name: Name , Tagline , Logo.  Brand Promise: The single most important thing your organization promise to deliver every time.  Brand personality : what you want your brand to be known for.(Fun , serious , magical ,forceful etc.)  Brand association : color , Tagline , images , fonts , uniforms , equipments , etc.)
  8.  Brand Recognition / Equity : awareness, loyalty, quality, emotion  Brand Preference / Loyalty : the degree to which customers are committed to further purchases . Ex: I will always buy Reebok (Brand Insistence)  Brand Awareness :Your product is the first that comes to mind in a certain product category Ex : Snapple ice tea, jeans-Levi’s, walkman - SONY  Brand Association : The link to favorable images, celebrities, geographic regions Ex: Red Strip - Jamaica, VW - Germany, Screech - NFLD Bailey’s - Eire