ashvani shukla fieldbus plc dcs powerplant working principle ashvani thermal powerplant boiler pump shukla amonia cement manufacturing process turbine introduction to thermal powerplant etc control system cfbc theory of operation nuclear power plant control loops sigmadelta dual slope successive approximation ramp type dac adc ldr led laser msm schottkey fermi level energy band fet bjt transidtor germanium homojunction hetrojuction photo diode pin diode diode pn junction ldo leak test.boiler fsss lofic porge logic mft logic hfo leak test pulvarired fired boiler temperature measurement pyrometer rtd thermocouple feedpump introduction type of modern couplings 1.diaphragm fans type of coupling type of couplings flexible coupling rigid coupling mechanical coupling equipment fan pressure sensors burden tube diaphragm bellows pressure measuring devices pressure measurement sensors urea manufacturing urea production urea amonia production nh3 sysnthesis concept of electricity basics of electricity eletricity nature of electricity control valve sliding stem control valve process control terminology rotary-shaft control valve terminology sliding-stem control valve terminology what is a control valve paper process kobm process steel mining type of steel process steel manufacturing laddle treatment steel plant steel process clinckering clinker formation quarrying burning drying cement production governing steam powerplant steam turbine rolling warm up critical speed avoidance load / s ehtc turbine governing control plvarised coal boiler startup procedure of boiler and auxiliaries induce spercritical boiler thermal power plant type of reactor nuclear reactor parts of powerplant type of thermal powerplant co-generation powerplant supercritical powerplant subcritical powerplant captive powerplant rankin cycle advantages of the elements turbulent type of flow measurement laminar pitot tubes venturi flow measuring elements two dimensional flow one dimensional flow application of elements introduction to flow nozzles limitations orifices flow type flow calculation flow measurement use of orifice plate type of orifice plate measurement instrument flow measurement through orifice orifice plate create applications using ff specific modules download and verify correct operation map variables from ci860 to control applications exchange ff devices describe the workflow for device calibration transfer configuration to a different device describe the purpose of the device integration cen instantiate a device in the hse subnet describe the workflow to integrate 3rd party devic configure third party ff devices import a device into the ff library identify the use of the different standards basics of fieldbus describe the purpose of cff and dd files identify explain the ff architecture and protocols describe handle different versions and update the ff librar identify which devices are already integrated add new devices out of the abb device library synchronize fieldbus builder ff library and object configure application code in function block appli download the configuration and verify live data use function blocks and signals configure h1 scheduler configure a ci860 configure an opc server ff configure a hse network water chemistry pf boiler emergency shut down cfbc startup procedure afbc decreasing load increasing load operating of boiler upload hse subnet into the control structure check check the ff opc server communication create the l h1 link overview ld800hse fieldbus hardware configuration linking devise communication programming dcs programming communication topology profibus shutdown burner startup triping interlick like id fan sa fan boiler related drives start and stop interlock of pa fan mdc hp dosing and all drive related to boiler. equivalent circuit of transformer construction of transformer winding type of transformer core emf equation of transformer reactor heat exchanger history power plant hydro power history selection of hydro power plant type of hydro power plant open loop control system type of control system closed loop control system basic history of control system split range control auctioneering controll loop override control theory ratio control theory speed control
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