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Dating a Korean girl may not be as easy as one might think.

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  2. 2. Dating a Korean girl may not be as easy as one might think. With the ever increasing numbers of Asian women being open to marrying western men, for some reason, it does not automatically follow with Koreans. There is some information available online that Korean girls are amazing and that every guy should try dating a Korean girl. But as said earlier, it is no walk in the park. Here is a short guide on how to possibly figure out the enigma Korean girls seem to put men through and with luck, breaking the code should get you to where you would like to be with this Korean girl. Korean girls like eye candy. This sounds a bit shallow but with a society that is semi bent on social rankings and all, any good looking guy would be at an advantage than a regular Joe. These girls are often up to date with fashion and trends and are so caught up with beautifying themselves that they expect to haul a guy whom her friends would envy. Thus, the first thing that you either got going or against you would be the Korean girl’s desire to have an eye-candy type of guy.
  3. 3. Status matters. This can be considered the first point’s twin. Korean girls love status. If you are a high ranking official in a big company rolling around the city in a mustang, then getting a Korean girl to notice you would be a piece of cake. You’d even have them fawning over you without as much as lifting a pinky. But, let’s say you are an average dude travelling through Asia and getting by with English lessons, then chances are, these girls wouldn’t even give you a second look blaming it all in the traditional “I’m not supposed to talk to strangers.” Saving face is a way of life. In Korean society, image and status are very important. This is why the divorce rates are so high because most of the time a couple is forced to marry when the girl gets accidentally knocked up. In the same way, say you were trying to talk to this girl in a bar or a coffee shop, and she seems to like you and things are going along smoothly and she suddenly walks away. You glance behind you and there’s this guy who gave
  4. 4. her and you the evil eye. She walked away because there is someone who is displeased with her action and thus to save face, she walks away. Men marry virgins. The reason why somehow, girls dislike being seen as “easy” by society, is because in their culture, men still opt to marry the pure ones. So if a girl is intent on marrying a good man who will take care of her, she will most probably hold back on having sex until you marry her. This is a bit hard for a western man to take since in the west, sex seems to be an integral part of any relationship. This is another stumbling block for any guy who would like to get a Korean girl. FOR MORE VISIT http://asiandateladies.com/.