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Digital Transformation in Banking - Asseco SEE's Survey Report

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Digital transformation of business implies an integrated use of modern technologies in all business operations. Banking is one of the industries that is very receptive to new technology, e.g. through the use of Internet and Mobile Banking. In order to gain a better insight in the implementation of digital transformation by the banks in the SEE region in selected countries, Asseco SEE carried out the „Digital Transformation Survey in Banking - 2016“. Questionnaires were used to collect information about the digital transformation processes among 140 bankers across Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Croatia, Kosovo, Slovenia, Serbia and other European countries. The results of this survey can be used by banks in the evaluation of their own digital transformation. The report presents the answers to the following five aspects of digital transformation: strategy & challenges, channels, customer experience & engagement as well as banks’ competitors in digital transformation. For an in-depth report, visit digitalbanking.asseco.com

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