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London city branding

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London City Branding // Athens Choice

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London city branding

  2. 2. In the next decade, London's population is expected to grow rapidly. That equals new needs. London's Mayor with the help of the English Government has develop the Smart London Board. That is a plan that as a goal has the development of the traffic and communication network as well as the improvement of the life in every way In that way London is going to be one of the future Mega-Cities and the city itself it is going to receive tons of new visitors and publicity.
  3. 3.  What is a “ smart city” ? The term “smart city” means different things to different people. Smart London is about how the capital as a whole functions as a result of the complex interplay between its “systems”
  4. 4.  The Smart London Venn diagram below depicts the starting approach that puts Londoners at the heart - driven by the principles of transparency, collaboration and innovation. Adopting new approaches, through bringing people, technology and data together, will enable more integrated solutions to addressing London challenges
  5. 5. 1. Games and the introduction of Wi-Fi on the London Underground showcased the huge impact that technology can have on our daily lives when executed correctly 2. London has already made great progress so far, with one of the „smartest‟ transport systems in Europe(through Mayor's ''Smart London Board '' ) 3. London is already a leader in the provision of open data.(London Data store ) that can even help with the traffic (transportation apps)
  6. 6. London in order to reach sustainability is trying hard and is taking four steps toward the sustainability city. 1. City Limits report (consumption of materials/production of waste). 2. Walking, cycling and public transportation. 3. ''Merton Rule'' (locally renewable energy)
  7. 7. London‟s events are a big part of the reputation of this city. Every year there are many events that take place in London. The most important of them are: •Sonisphere Festival •Glastonbury Festival •Carnival de Cuba •Wimbledon‟s Championship •Hampton Court Flower Show