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My Resume

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My Resume

  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE _______________________________________________________________________ Atta Hussain Address: - Alvi Manzil, Near Madina Masjid, Mohallah Mohib Ali Shah, Kamalia. Distt: Toba Tek Singh E-mail: attahussain72@yahoo.com Mobile # 0331-6786456, 0314-6703446 CNIC # 33302-5465465-3 Domicile: Toba Tek Singh _______________________________________________________________________ PERSONAL INFORMATIONS : S/o Riaz Hussain Alvi (0334-9637610) Date of Birth: 04th April 1991 Sex: Male Nationality: Pakistani Marital Status: Single Religion Islam Career Objective: I would like to be a part of growing company for my career oriented personal growth where I can make optimum use of my capabilities to stay in touch with new technologies and programming practices to make a significant contribution to employer organization. Academic Records: Certificates : Education Year Board/University Percentage/Grade Industrial Fitter (3 Month) 2009 NAVTEC TEVETA Special Program A+ Diploma in Office Management (6 Month) 2009 Modren Computer College Kamalia A Grade Spoken English (3 Month) 2015 PBTE Lahore A+ Professional Experience: 1 | P a g e Education Year Board/University Percentage/Grade B. Tech(pass) Mechanical 2013 University of BZU Multan 60.50% D.A.E Mechanical 2010 PBTE Lahore 76.35% S.S.C 2007 BISE Faisalabad 74.50%
  2. 2. Kamal Hosiery Mill’s (14 July 2011 – November 2011) (4 Months) Position : Trainee Mechanic Ittefaq Sugar Mill (10September 2012 - 10 january2013) (4 month) Position : Seasonal Boiler Operator Pakistan Oil Refinery (Ltd) Karachi, (14 January 2013 - 14 January 2015) Position : Apprenticeship Training Mechanical (For Two Years) Duaring Apprenticeship Training in Stationary Department :  Valve Maintenance • In valve maintenance. I have learn about All Types of Mechanical valve use in Refinery  Boiler Maintenance • In Water tube boiler of Babcock & Wilcox co, which I have learned about internal steam drum and mud drum fittings and overhauling & hydro test etc.  Heat Exchanger • In shell & tube type heat exchanger I have learn about all cleaning procedure & installation and hydro test preparation.  Fitting Work • I have all types of pipe fitting work.  Fabrication Work • I have learned about piping fabrication work.  Turn around / Shutdown work • I have also learned 40 days turn around/ shutdown condition all internal and external work in plant of Pakistan Refinery ltd, which held in November 2014 PAEC- CHASHMA NUCLEAR POWER PLANT -1 Kundian Disrtict.Mianwali : (RFO -10) (From 25 August 2015 to 25 December 2015) Position: Senior Technician Mechanical Duaring in Refueling Outage Period(RFO) I have Maintenance Work in HVACR dept. PRIME MINISTER YOUTH INTREN SHIP PROGRAMME SCHEME: (Continue) In This Internship Program I have been Working as a Vice Instructor (Auto Mechanical) since 1st April 2016 in Govt. Technical Training Institute Kamalia 2 | P a g e