#DataUnlimited - Google Big Data Unlimited

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A talk on Google Coud Platform and its big data solution by Sebastien Agnan, Google Cloud Platform Engineer, at the meetup Data Unlimited.

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#DataUnlimited - Google Big Data Unlimited

  1. 1. Google Cloud Platform Big Data Unlimited Sebastien Agnan, Solution Engineer sagnan@google.com
  2. 2. Building what’s next 3 Time to Understanding Typical Big Data Processing Programming Resource provisioning Performance tuning Monitoring Reliability Deployment & configuration Handling growing scale Utilization improvements
  3. 3. Building what’s next 4 Time to Understanding Big Data with Google: Focus on insight, not infrastructure. Programming
  4. 4. StoreCapture Analyze BigQuery Big Data at Google Process DataflowCloud Storage DatastoreCloud SQL Hadoop/SparkKafka Pub/Sub Hadoop/Spark
  5. 5. • Publish and Subscription Service • Simple • Seamlessly Scalable • Many-to-many or one-to-one • Guaranteed Durable Delivery • Push or Pull • Secure and Encrypted PUB / SUB : Real-time and reliable messaging
  6. 6. Building what’s next 7 Lorem Ipsum Lorem Ipsum Reliable and Flexible Storage Performant and economical Blob, Block, Key Value, SQL and NoSQL Easy to use : API High performance : 99.95% SLA and 24x7 phone support Strong ecosystem of partners Data location (US,EU or APAC)
  7. 7. Building what’s next 8 Merges batch and stream processing Data processing pipelines Monitoring interface Significantly lower cost Google Cloud Dataflow makes complex data analysis simple
  8. 8. #gcpug | #googlecloud Google Cloud Dataflow Optimize Schedule GCS GCS User Code & SDK Monitoring UI Life of a Pipeline
  9. 9. Building what’s next 10 Scales automatically No setup or administration Stream up to 100,000 rows p/sec Easily integrates with third-party software Google BigQuery makes complex data analysis simple
  10. 10. #gcpug | #googlecloud BigQuery Analytic Service in the Cloud BigQuery Analyze ExportImport How to use BigQuery? Google AnalyticsETL tools Connectors Google Cloud BI tools and Visualization Google Cloud Spreadsheets, R, Hadoop
  11. 11. Building what’s next 12 A more flexible App Engine Complete Platform-as-a-Service. Focus on Code. Not infrastructure. Develop in your favorite language. Deploy with a click.
  12. 12. Conclusion
  13. 13. StoreCapture Analyze BigQuery Big Data at Google - Easy, Inexpensive, and Fast Process DataflowCloud Storage DatastoreCloud SQL Hadoop/SparkKafka Pub/Sub Hadoop/Spark
  14. 14. NEXT PARIS 13 OCtobre 2015 https://goo.gl/wgKqhT
  15. 15. Google confidential │ Do not distribute Thank You
  16. 16. #gcpug | #googlecloud Column Oriented Storage Record Oriented Storage Column Oriented Storage Less bandwidth, More compression