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Presentable on your presentation

  1. Presentable?? Dress-up! Don’t skip your meal! Relax! Wear a smile!
  2. Whichone do you thinkis good enough on your Presentation?
  3. Fear? Be confident about your content Have a glass of water Take a deep breath Say a prayer, if you’d prefer
  4. Keys that are important Thinking Listening Non-verbal Speaking
  5. Let’s ZOOM a Little!
  6. Think Innovative Unique Amazing
  7. No one prefers this They want to see this! Show them, then!!
  8. Listen FAQs in net To the Questions of the audience
  9. Non-verbal Move around See everyone Wave your hands Smile Vary your pitch NOTE: Don’t be like this man!
  10. Speak The very important phase! This is why they are seated before you Talk what you really mean Ask questions in between Throw a humour Connect to reality
  11. Avoid unnecessary usage of ……. no? just casual etc usual nothing but well-uh.. Uh..uh.. sound
  12. Focus on your point! No stories!!
  13. All the best to get this REACTION when you climb down the stage!!!