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Stakeholder data right

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Presentation by Prof Katina Michael to ARDC's 'GDPR and NDB scheme: Intersection with the Australian research sector' webinar on 13 September 2018

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Stakeholder data right

  1. 1. [Stakeholder] Data Right • According to ACCC, the CDR is a regulatory framework enabling consumers to share their personal data with trusted service providers. Consumers (inclusive of enterprises) have the ability to take control of personal data, such as information on transaction and product history, and share it with service providers of their choice. • Where is the data stored? How is data shared? What are the contractual obligations and privacy safeguards? Business Data Rights Patents Intellectual Property Competitive Advantage Company Secrets Product Designs Source Code Proprietary Licensing Rights Consumer Data Right Personal Information Customer Details / Content E.g., Facebook, Google Apple, Microsoft, Amazon Utilities, Telecoms Banking, eBay, Target MyHealthRecord Medicare Government Data Right Technical Data Scientific Information Computer Software Processes Military Flow Charts Defence-related KATINA MICHAEL