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How to use twitter to expand your business

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If you own a business and want to use twitter as your marketing channel then it will be best bet. In this infographic powered by Kenz Advertising Pakistan you will find out 3 simple tips to use twitter.

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How to use twitter to expand your business

  1. 1. HOW TO EXPAND YOUR BUSINESS WITH TWITTER HAVE STRONG BUSINESS CONNECTIVITY Twitter has a key feature of engagement with twitter accounts even if you are not connected with. So, connect with your target audience and businesses You can use Twitter to Connect with the influencers in your industry. Its a good strategy as you can see who they follow and how do they get engage.� Use Hashtags related to your story, industry and whats trending in your target region. Use them wisely in your tweets and get found in relevant communities. Your Business will grow faster. The key to using it successfully: VISIT FOR MORE DETAILS: HTTPS://WWW.KENZADVERTISING.COM/