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Azendoo team onboarding presentation

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Use this deck to present Azendoo to your team. Check this page for more information and tips:

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Azendoo team onboarding presentation

  1. 1. P R E S E N TAT I O N
  2. 2. One App for all our internal communication and collaboration
  3. 3. Communication Discussions, feedback, announcements - the cure to endless email exchanges Sharing Documents Integrates with our Cloud solutions and makes sharing files quick and easy Organise and Sync Divide our work by subjects and make planning and tracking progress intuitive A simple and pleasant way to organise our work.
  4. 4. — SO THAT WE SAVE TIME Reading and answering email
 12 hours/week Searching for internal information
 6 hours/week Spent in meetings and on the phone
 8 hours/week
  5. 5. Use tasks to plan, track 
 and collaborate on work Connect to integrations to 
 share files and automate Ergonomic, easy to use and available on web, mobile and desktop Can organise and run our whole company, as well as work 
 with our clients — HOW DOES IT WORK ?
  6. 6. WITHOUT AZENDOO Client You Supplier Contractor Agency Co-worker VS WITH AZENDOO You Collaborators
  7. 7. — TASKS Tasks are work that needs to get done. 
 They enable us to collaborate closer to action. A task is composed of: • An assignee • A planned and due date • Subtasks • A description • Attachments • Discussions Renew subscriptions Marketing Add a description… Attach a file Jan 6, 2017 Add a subtask Azendoo Intercom Zapier Subtasks 1/3 Notifications will be sent to 2 Subcribers Add a comment… Jorge Cohen Sounds good for me, need something in particular? · 2 minutes agoLike
  8. 8. — WHEN TO USE TASKS Create a task when: • You have work to do • You have a request • You have an idea or suggestion • You have information to store • You have a meeting • You need to jot down notes
  9. 9. — CONVERSATIONS • Conversations are where team discussions take place. • Enable context driven discussions • Make taking decisions and taking action easier • Use Direct Message for private 
 1:1 conversations. Add a comment… Cory Mann Oh, that’s right! Thanks for the reminder. Of course ! Here it is. presentation-2017.key file · 3 views 5 · 52 minutes agoUnlike · Sadie Briggs ! · 1 hour agoLike You and 8 others likes. Show previous comments CommentLike Create a task Hello Cory Mann Could you give me the presentation for tomorrow, pls ? ! Tim Oxkley Share on Website · one hour ago
  10. 10. — WHEN TO USE CONVERSATIONS Create a conversation when: • You have an announcement • You need to share information • You want to update on progress • You need to have a discussion • You want to plan a meeting
  11. 11. • Subjects help us organise our work. They are a collection of tasks, conversations and documents shared in a sub-working group. • They also have their own calendars and analytics to plan and visualise progress Aug 29 200 400 Sep 1 Sep 4 Sep 7 Sep 10 Sep 13 Sep 16 Sep 19 Sep 22 Sep 25 Sep 8 Tasks Remaining +3 Tasks Completed 32 — SUBJECTS
  12. 12. — TEAM TASK-LISTS • Team tasks lists are where we organise our work together and dispatch responsibilities. • Everyone can jump in and help each other inside of tasks. • Makes following progress easy.
  13. 13. — PERSONAL TASK-LIST • In My Tasks you will find all the tasks assigned to you so you can get organised and get things done!
  14. 14. — WHAT WE CAN USE AZENDOO FOR • Plan and manage our projects • Track our ongoing work • Define responsibilities and priorities • …
  16. 16. — IF YOU NEED HELP Guide & FAQ Azendoo Presentation VideoPost your question in the 
 Azendoo Questions subject ?