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1500 1530 Fiona Shepherd and Sinead Woodley, April Six

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1500 1530 Fiona Shepherd and Sinead Woodley, April Six

  1. 1. 1 Welcome to Marketing MasterChef 2016 Recipe
  2. 2. 2 Meet the chefs Fiona Shepherd Many years experience traveling the globe producing a la carte marketing recipes for some of the world’s finest technology brands Sinead Woodley Not quite so many years of international marketing in the tech space, always looking to test the latest ingredients to perfect digital demand strategies
  3. 3. 3 The challenges facing todays ambitious marketers: VOLUME vs VALUE
  4. 4. The challenges facing todays ambitious marketers: CREATIVITY vs IMPACT
  5. 5. The challenges facing todays ambitious marketers: PREDICTABILITY vs INNOVATION
  6. 6. The challenges facing todays ambitious marketers: SPEED vs PREPARATION
  7. 7. 9
  8. 8. A GOOD DAY FOR TECHNOLOGY Our recipe for 2016 marketing success A perfectly balanced menu
  9. 9. Align objectives and aspirations to corporate business plan (strategic/executive workshop) Develop a powerful differentiated narrative (corporate narrative) Appropriate, impactful and unique creative concept APERITIF Prepare the pallet. Understand the appetites of your diners. INGREDIENTS
  10. 10. A GOOD DAY FOR TECHNOLOGY ‘One we made earlier’ Living, Breathing Marketing
  11. 11. 13 Workshop discovery process The discovery process is fairly dynamic but drills into the following focus areas: PRODUCT AUDIENCE COMPETITORS Features Functions USPs Product Brand AudienceBuying journey Watering holes Content PreferencesPurchase process Pain points Buying triggers
  12. 12. 14 Brand campaign & activation Key challenge Turn looked to create brand awareness and build preference in a growing digital marketing industry.
  13. 13. 15 Brand campaign & activation Insight Intrinsically link Turn with the evolution of digital marketing by positioning them as the only accessible platform purpose‐built for guiding marketers to the unique truths about their customers, allowing them to reach and connect more effectively.
  14. 14. 16 Brand campaign & activation Solution Position the Turn Digital Hub as the only accessible platform purpose‐built for guiding marketers and define the Turn Digital Hub as the tool for smarter marketing. Campaign It’s a jungle out there - in the land of multi‐channel marketing - where ability to act on insights is all that separates brands that consistently gain share from brands that continually lose it. Managing the chaos demands a fully integrated environment purpose‐built to evolve. Now more than ever, modern marketers need the kind of Living, Breathing Marketing enabled by Turn.
  15. 15. 17 Print & digital creative
  16. 16. 18 Microsite
  17. 17. STARTER INGREDIENTS Build the foundations for an inspiring feast. Develop actionable audience personas Map the buyer journeys to ensure the maximum impact of your ingredients Craft audience message matrix from narrative Shape a GTM that balances classics with new cuisine
  18. 18. A GOOD DAY FOR TECHNOLOGY ‘One we made earlier’ Work Different
  19. 19. 21 Focusing our efforts Build a detailed and actionable understanding of our target audiences to better align content, messaging, and campaigns Audiences Organise and up-level creative experiences customised for the buyer journey and delivered with consistency across geos Campaign Content Create a structured methodology to deliver experiential, actionable, and snackable content Innovations Taking programmes to the next level, capitalising on industry best practices and technologies (ABM, lead scoring, predictive modeling)
  20. 20. 23 Content strategy Content to be developed in alignment with the buyer and audience insights:
  21. 21. 24 Example GTM overview ChannelInternalEndUser Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Packaged programmes Always-on Events High impact Scalable Online Microbursts Target/Retarget banners Email Nurture Inbound Programme Social Activities Content Event Enablement Rich Content Suite To Through Launch Email Email Update Email Update Email Update Call Out Day Call Out Day Call Out DayCall Out Day Conversation Framework Campaign Playbook Customizable Campaigns Co-Branded EU Materials To Launch Email Email Update Email Update Email Update Pull Up Banners/Posters Conversation Framework Campaign Playbook High impact Scalable Online Microbursts High impact Scalable Online Microbursts High impact Scalable Online Microbursts
  22. 22. 25 Sage BMS creative
  23. 23. MAIN INGREDIENTS Put the customer at the centre with complimentary flavours to maximise the experience. Combine targeted ABM with broader demand generation Blend the ingredients to drive the customer relevancy and impact Align all touchpoints from PR to Social
  24. 24. A GOOD DAY FOR TECHNOLOGY ‘One we made earlier’ No Compromise Hosting
  25. 25. 28 Example go to market strategy DEMAND GEN (PROSPECT) • Database profiling & Segmentation • Dormant Data reactivation • Vertical targeting • Cross-Vertical: Always on Demand Generation campaigns • Always on Nurture • Inbound: Webinars • High Value prospect targeting CHANNEL ENGAGEMENT • Channel ecosystem profiling • Existing Partner reactivation • Distributor targeting • Targeted Acquisition • Alliance Campaigns • Partner Portal • Webinars CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT • Customer profiling • Named Account ABM • VIP Club • Customer re-engagement • Lifecycle – onboarding, renewals • Webinars • Nurture • Events • Case studies Sales Acceleration / Enablement – Internal Launch Kits Data, Reporting, Analytics, Processes Corporate and Thought Leadership Programmes
  26. 26. 29 0 No Compromise Hosting Audience FY14 FY15 FY16 Prospects Customers Channel Internal All Audiences Campaign 1 Campaign 2 Horizontal Campaign High Value Targeting Customer Lifecycle Pioneers ABM Activity VIP Club Programme Relaunch Partner AcquisitionMarketing/Sales Toolkits Partner Enablement Partner Portal On Demand Campaign Nurture Website Data Website Example execution Plan
  27. 27. 30 Prospect always-on demand gen
  28. 28. 31 Customer re-engagement & thought leadership
  29. 29. 32 Nurture
  30. 30. 33 Partner programme
  31. 31. DESSERT INGREDIENTS Make a meaningful and lasting impression. Sprinkle with innovation and test new tactics or channels Underpin the experience with powerful content that maps to the buyer journey
  32. 32. A GOOD DAY FOR TECHNOLOGY ‘One we made earlier’ Realize your software-defined vision
  33. 33. 36 Key challenge To create visual identity and 12 month marketing plan to launch the Atos Digital Data Center (DDC) globally. Atos Managed Services partnered with VMware to be the first to market with a Software-Defined Datacenter initiative they termed Digital Data Center (DDC). Alliance program
  34. 34. 37 Insight Embarking on your software-defined journey will likely be complex for Enterprises of all sizes. This has forced many organisations to evaluate options for outsourcing, many of which are perceived to under deliver. Atos Managed Services’ redefines this market, disrupting the traditional outsourcing marketplace, by providing high operational services levels with a flexible pricing model. Alliance program
  35. 35. 38 Solution Persona led GTM approach, supported by a tailored content strategy delivering relevant insights to CIOs, CFOs and CEOs. • Phase 1: Sales enablement and content creation • Phase 2: Marketing communications to promote content created Campaign • ‘Realize your software-defined vision’ creative idea, a bold, modern and credible that resonates with C-level Execs • Content driven activity, pushing digital boundaries with interactive videos and microsite Alliance program
  36. 36. 39 Integrated demand generation
  37. 37. DIGESTIF INGREDIENTS Evaluate and optimise. Review the successes and optimise performance Leverage learnings to perfect the marketing recipe
  38. 38. A GOOD DAY FOR TECHNOLOGY ‘One we made earlier’ People Like You
  39. 39. 42 Campaign creative
  40. 40. DATA % Data to Responses % Responses to Leads % Leads to Opportunities % Opportunities to Wins Projecting performance x multiple programmes
  41. 41. 44 Real-time management
  42. 42. 45 YEAR ONE YEAR TWO YEAR THREE PIPELINE $140m $120m $100m $80m $60m $40m $20m $ 1:26 ROI 1:28 ROI 1:49 ROI Year on year comparable pipeline contribution
  43. 43. 46 Recipe cards
  44. 44. A GOOD DAY FOR TECHNOLOGY THANK YOU Fiona Shepherd, CEO fiona.shepherd@aprilsix.com @FionaShepherdA6 Sinead Woodley, MD UK sinead.woodley@aprilsix.com @SineadWoodley

Notes de l'éditeur

  • It’s one thing choosing a recipe but it’s another thing finding the right ingredients…..
  • Signifcance vs tier?
  • Mention sirius decisions
  • http://asp.april-six.com/Peer1/089348/
  • Sales playbook, AAG, PPT, Whitepapers and Market Trends
  • Handouts for you to take away