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BCcampus: Spreading Stories with Social Media

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Case study in content marketing and web strategy by Victoria (Tori) Klassen, Director of Communications for BCcampus.

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BCcampus: Spreading Stories with Social Media

  1. 1. Spreading Stories with Social Media Victoria Klassen ETUG T.E.L.L. Session Feb 25, 2014 @Vic_toria #etug
  2. 2. Telling Stories with Social Media • The Problem • The Plan • The Team • The Stories and how we tell them • The Results
  3. 3. The Problem
  4. 4. Before CC licensing info, if required. Remove this text if none.
  5. 5. Before CC licensing info, if required. Remove this text if none.
  6. 6. The Plan
  7. 7. The Plan Our gut feelings weren’t enough • Content Management Strategy • Define target audience • Analytics • User Testing
  8. 8. User testing – spot the OER?
  9. 9. The Team
  10. 10. My posse Barb, web design Kevin, User testing bWest Interactive, research Hilda, Design, videos, etc. Christine, writer Jason, writer
  11. 11. The Stories
  12. 12. The Stories If you want to be interesting … Be interested in others.
  13. 13. The Stories
  14. 14. The Stories: Focus on blogging • Conversational tone • Editorial calendar • Newsletter drives traffic • Social media drives traffic
  15. 15. The Stories: Short Style Guide BCcampus is: Concise, conversational and clear Active Voice Jargon-free Like this: Not like this: We respect the autonomy of each of our system partners. A centralized, “one-size-fits all” approach doesn’t work for our clients or for us. Where centralization may be perceived as a onesize-fits-all approach that doesn’t fit any one department in the organization well, and outsourcing may be perceived as a loss of selfsufficiency and expertise of the whole organization, shared services may not have similar detriments if a self-determining, consortial approach to service solutions is utilized. Some of our system partners might think “shared services” means “centralization” and “outsourcing.” The shared service approach is often confused with the older methods of centralization and outsourcing. At BCcampus, we run shared The BCcampus shared and collaborative service services in collaboration with our model is most closely aligned with the multiclients who use them. campus system model.
  16. 16. The Results
  17. 17. The results Over 2013: • Traffic increased ~ 10% • Average 4,300 unique visits/month • Especially noticed increased traffic during summer (!) • Newsletter subs up from 350-400 (it’s now ~430)
  18. 18. Thank You Further reading: • Content Strategy for the Web • Search Analytics for Your Site: Conversations with Your Customers • Letting Go of the Words: Writing Web Content that Works Stay in touch: • @BCcampus | @Vic_toria • BCcampus.ca • tklassen@bccampus.ca