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Becoming an Exemplary Instructional Leader

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Becoming an Exemplary Instructional Leader

  1. 1. Instructional Leader
  2. 2. InstructionalLeadership :An Overview
  3. 3. Instructional Leadership: Concepts and Views
  4. 4. 1.Principal-centered 1.Person-centered- create collegialrelationships with and among teachers2.High Focus on Curriculum and Instruction 2.Focus on School Based Management3.Setting Clear Goal 3.Shared understanding of the goals4.Allocating Resources through Instruction 4.Providing the resources needed forlearning to occur5.Monitoring Lesson Plan 5.Deep Involvement in the Form of coreTechnology of teaching and learning6.Evaluating Teachers for Improvement inTeaching6.Carries more sophisticated views ofprofessional development.
  5. 5. Knowledge Confidence EnthusiasmIncludes awarenessof chains managementtheory, insight intopersonal capabilitiesknowing when to gethelp from outsideresources and stayinginvolve with otherleaders of educationaladvancement.Drives interpersonalrelations,communication,planning ,decisionmaking and conflictmanagement.Includes the abilityto bring allstakeholders togetherto act.
  6. 6. THE PRINCIPALMust be an expert in teaching and learningMust build an informed vocabulary of pedagogical termMust use keywords like lesson plan, instructional design and pedagogyMust be able to articulate about instructional design, delivery methods,formative and summative assessment and learning styles.Must demonstrate through this action that teaching and learning are thecenter of what happens in schoolMust be visible in the classroom, in order to learn more aboutinstructional practicesMust identify outstanding teachers and their methodsMust provide opportunities to superstar teachers to share their bestpracticesMust identify teachers in need of support and professional developmentMust be the great caddy who provides advice on shotMust be the “caddy” to teachers providing the necessary tools andadvice on how best to use themMust be able to recognize teachers having instructional problemMust identify the needed resources and provide opportunities to acquireboth
  8. 8. 1.Being a resource provider- recognize the desire teachers have foracknowledgment and appreciation for a job well done and assisttheir teachers in professional development.2.Being an Instructional Resource- success in “teaching and learning”means teachers count on their principal as resources ofinformation, current trends, and effective practices in instructions.3.Being a Communicator- communicate essential beliefs regardinglearning including all children can learn and learners outcomesguide instructional programs and decisions.4.Being a Visible Presence- Leading the instructional program of aschool means a commitment to living and breathing a vision ofsuccess in the teaching and learning process.