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5th Qatar BIM User Day, BIM process implementation and management on Qatar mega projects

  1. 1Gunnar Godawa – HOCHTIEF ViCon BIM process implementation and management on Qatar mega projects Gunnar Godawa
  2. 2Gunnar Godawa – HOCHTIEF ViCon 1. Implementation and management strategy 2. BIM process development 3. Case studies Agenda
  3. 3Gunnar Godawa – HOCHTIEF ViCon HOCHTIEF ViCon An international Team • Four offices in different markets • Services offered world-wide • Strong cultural competence in focused markets • Supported more than 400 projects • Network of experienced suppliers Headquarters Essen, Germany Modeling Branch Chennai, India Middle East Branch Doha, Qatar UK Branch London
  4. 4Gunnar Godawa – HOCHTIEF ViCon ViCon - Team Qatar The Team is the treasure. Our employees hold university degrees and are certified specialists in virtual construction.
  5. 5Gunnar Godawa – HOCHTIEF ViCon HOCHTIEF ViCon Selection of our Qatar Mega Projects • Lusail City Project, Doha, Qatar • Barwa Commercial Avenue, Doha, Qatar • National Museum of Qatar, Doha, Qatar • Qatar 2022 – Al Wakrah Stadium, Qatar • Doha Metro – Green Line, Qatar • Doha Metro – Red Line South, Qatar • Doha Metro – Red Line North EAG, Qatar • Doha Expressways Group 2 / 5, Qatar • Cooling Plants Education City, Qatar
  6. 6Gunnar Godawa – HOCHTIEF ViCon Collaboration and communication Knowledge and experience Roles and responsibilities Trust and commitment Culture Building standards Risks and insurance Ownership of deliverables Project guidelines and contracts Cost estimation Quantity take-off Change management Operation & maintenance Design creation and coordination Scheduling and Progress Monitoring Data security and user management Certified hardware and software Data formats and structure Data versioning Internet Implementation and Management Strategy The five components of BIM
  7. 7Gunnar Godawa – HOCHTIEF ViCon BIM Implementation Define BIM standards and business processes • Analyse project requirements • Define roles and responsibilities • Develop and roll out BIM implementation plans • Develop BIM standards and processes BIM Management Supervise and support BIM within the project team • Manage and support BIM usage • Support the contract letting process • Organise BIM education • Create BIM performance reports BIM Services Create 3D Models, add project information and provide data analysis • Supply BIM applications (e.g. 3d model, clash detection, 3D+time etc.) • Manage BIM software and hardware • Quality control of BIM applications Implementation and Management Strategy A structured approach
  8. 8Gunnar Godawa – HOCHTIEF ViCon Implementation and Management Strategy Preparing the BIM Plan Introduction Analysis Implementation Execution Technical BIM Implementation Pla Content
  9. 9Gunnar Godawa – HOCHTIEF ViCon Implementation and Management Strategy The BIM Manager • Overviews process execution and standards application • Ensures a life-cycle approach • Gets all stakeholders involved • Encourages a top-down strategy • Collect relevant asset data • Organizes training for all stakeholders • Measures project performance independently
  10. 10Gunnar Godawa – HOCHTIEF ViCon  Master Planning  Building Permit  Value Engineering  GFA Evaluation  Rendered Images  Fly-Through Animations  Public Relations  Sales Support  Design Review  Design Coordination  Clash Detection  Value Engineering  Quantity Surveying  Cost Estimation  Planning  Works preparation  Progress & Cost Monitoring  Pre-Fabrication  Sequencing  Contractor Management  As-Built Documentation  Operation and Maintenance  Property Management BIM Process development and management Process documentation
  11. 11Gunnar Godawa – HOCHTIEF ViCon BIM Process development and management Process documentation Description of tasks for 4D Sequencing R Input Output 1. Compile Input Upon kick-off of the process, the BIM Coordinator (BC) will be required to gather all the information required for the process, and make it available for the 4D Technician Tasks:  ... BC Design Models, Construction Schedule, Construction Drawings 4D Submission List 2. Review Input  ... 3. Align Models to WBS of the Schedule ... 4. Create/Update Master 4D File The prepared models, and construction schedule, can now be integrated into the 4D environment. ... BT Master 4D File, Design Models, Construction Schedule Master 4D file, with current model and schedule 5. Linking of 3D Elements to Activities With the current models, and schedule aggregated into the 4D file, the linking of geometry with time (schedule activities) can commence. ... Tasks: ... BT Master 4D file containing current models and schedule Updated Master 4D file of the project, containing the animation 6. Extract 4D Simulation required for this Submittal  ... 7. Check the Prepared 4D Package  ... 8. Review 4D Submittal, and Verify Output The planner (PLN) should now review the 4D animation, and verify that the sequence is correct, ... PLN 4D Submittal package, 4D Submittal Package approved 9. D Constructability Workshop  ... 10. Assign Tasks to be Completed  ... • Description of the single workstep • Define responsibilities for the steps • Identify input required for the execution • Specify output expected to allow continuation • Ensure integration with project processes to be supported
  12. 12Gunnar Godawa – HOCHTIEF ViCon BIM Process development and management Model life cycle PhaseModelType Concept Conceptual Design Tender & Construction Documents Construction Operation ModelPurpose •Design Review •Design Coordination •Clash Detection •Value Engineering •Quantity Surveying •Cost Estimation •Planning •Works preparation •Rendered Images •Fly-Through Animations •Public Relations •Sales Support •Master Planning •Building Permit •Value Engineering •GFA Evaluation •Progress & Cost Monitoring •Pre-Fabrication •Sequencing •Contractor Management •As-Built Documentation •Operation and Maintenance •Property Management 3D Marketing Model 3D Design Model 3D Construction Model 3D Asset Model 3D Schematic Model 3D Quantity Model
  13. 13Gunnar Godawa – HOCHTIEF ViCon Case study – Metro Red Line South Underground 3D Design Coordination
  14. 14Gunnar Godawa – HOCHTIEF ViCon Project data Information 4D Linking Process Construction Program Visuals 3D Model 3D Model 4D Model 5D Model/ Quantities • Graphical info • Qualities/ materials • Design parameters • Location info • Basic Quantities BIM • 1 to n relation element to activites • Construction dates • Critical path Database 5D Linking Process • 1 to n relation element to BoQ item • BoQ description • BoQ units • BoQ Quantities Database • BoQ requirements • Unit prices • Design requirements BIM Process development and management Information relation
  15. 15Gunnar Godawa – HOCHTIEF ViCon Case study – Metro Green Line Underground Quantity Integration
  16. 16Gunnar Godawa – HOCHTIEF ViCon Case study – Lusail City Development Reporting support
  17. 17Gunnar Godawa – HOCHTIEF ViCon Thank you for your attention!