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Selenium Test Automation

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Selenium Test Automation

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Selenium Test Automation

  1. 1. “14th Annual International Software Testing Conference in India 2014” Selenium Test Automation Framework and Integration with Quality Center Author & Speaker: Saranya Arumugam
  2. 2. © Hexaware Technologies. All rights reserved. • Overview • Abstract • Business Case • Key Takeaways • Selenium Framework – Overview – Features – Architecture – Components • Business Benefits • Case Study • Cost & Effort Saving Benefits • About the Author White Paper Contents 2
  3. 3. © Hexaware Technologies. All rights reserved. Overview • Unified Selenium test automation framework integrated with Quality Center – scope, objective and Hexaware’s approach for testing the web applications • It’s a well-integrated and robust automation solution that can predict and simulate business scenarios • Efficient solution for testing team to automate the train route products, train positions and travel time calculation of various customers • A robust automation framework that can deliver significant benefits using an effective strategy • Fosters code reusability, optimum tool utilization and greater productivity • Increases the resource efficiency, test coverage, and quality of the software 3
  4. 4. © Hexaware Technologies. All rights reserved. Abstract It explains about the Selenium automation framework for web applications • A hybrid framework encompasses data-driven, module driven and keyword driven framework • Test design using XML file is a competent and more proficient approach • Web objects in the application are to be captured and stored in XML files • Test script preparation is being done by clubbing the Object Repository XML files • Test reporting is achieved on integration with Quality Center • Minimal technical knowledge is essential to work with this framework 4
  5. 5. © Hexaware Technologies. All rights reserved. Business Case Client is one of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Service Provider for a Leading Rail Operator. It is the largest transport company in the world, and largest railway operator and infrastructure owner in Europe. Business Requirements • Robust Automation Testing tool integrated with Quality Center • Non Technical Users should perform test automation using the framework • An automation framework which could be used across multiple projects • Cost effective tool which provides high return on investment 5 Client
  6. 6. © Hexaware Technologies. All rights reserved. Key Takeaways • Test Automation Framework Design – A new outlook • Getting a high level knowledge about a successfully implemented framework • How to improve time-to-market, quality and process with test automation • Return on Investment to customer • Selenium Test Automation Framework integrated with Quality Center – How it works! • Outlines strategy on Automation framework & its implementation approach 6
  7. 7. © Hexaware Technologies. All rights reserved. Selenium Framework Overview Our standard framework addresses existing and future challenges, delivers optimum test coverage, and ensures time and cost efficiencies. The Framework contains: • Well-designed and flexible structure for enhancements and changes • Easy-to-use test data and data pool integration using XML • Enhanced error logging and screenshots for test execution • Automated nightly builds for finding defects • Integration with Quality Center versions -10.0,11.0,11.52 • Cross browser support – Internet Explorer,Google Chrome,Opera and Mozilla Firefox 7
  8. 8. © Hexaware Technologies. All rights reserved. The significant features of this selenium automation framework are as follows: • Object repository • Data-driven testing • Calling functions and reusable actions • Exception handling • Generates snapshot on error • Reports • Quality Center integration 8 Selenium Framework Features
  9. 9. © Hexaware Technologies. All rights reserved. 9 Selenium Framework Architecture
  10. 10. © Hexaware Technologies. All rights reserved. This Selenium automation framework comprises of the following sub-components: • Source files • Browser • Selenium drivers • Library • Scenarios • Batch files • HP Quality Center • Test Data • Reporting 10 Selenium Framework Components
  11. 11. © Hexaware Technologies. All rights reserved. 11 Selenium Framework Script Flow
  12. 12. © Hexaware Technologies. All rights reserved. Our selenium automation framework enables customer to guarantee high quality results in a stipulated time frame. Some of the significant benefits provided by the framework are as follows: • Cost savings to customer • Reusability and Optimum tool utilization • Less effort and Greater productivity • Minimal scripting skills required • High Return on investment • Reduced execution time • Effective compared to manual testing 12 Business Benefits
  13. 13. © Hexaware Technologies. All rights reserved. Automating a railway train route booking from end user portfolio and sending the request to railway operator. Following are the steps focusing on explaining the scenarios: Step 1: Login to the application Step 2: Create a new request for booking the train route Step 3: Fill in the details for Order tab Step 4: Fill in the details for Train Characteristic tab Step 5: Click ‘Send’ button Step 6: Log out from the application 13 Case Study
  14. 14. © Hexaware Technologies. All rights reserved. Below is the location where individual web objects in the application are captured under the respective modules and stored for building the test script: Below is the sample automated test script using xml: 14 Case Study - Contd…
  15. 15. © Hexaware Technologies. All rights reserved. Below is the project configuration being done using ANT Build tool: Below is the Batch file configuration: After the successful test script execution, test results will be updated automatically to Quality Center by this framework. 15 Case Study - Contd…
  16. 16. © Hexaware Technologies. All rights reserved. Our Selenium automation framework enables reduction in script development and maintenance effort. Some of the other benefits offered by this framework are as follows: • Easy integration with third party tools and Quality Center • Simplest and most innovative usage of Object Repository • ZERO coding on using this framework • Cost savings on the tool license 16 Cost & Effort Savings
  17. 17. © Hexaware Technologies. All rights reserved. As an initial test automation effort, we have created 50 test scripts per cycle for automated test execution. Cost and effort savings for the automated test scripts for 60 iterations are illustrated below: 17 Cost & Effort Savings - Contd…
  18. 18. © Hexaware Technologies. All rights reserved. Name: Saranya Arumugam Software Testing Experience: 5+ years of experience in software testing industry. Experience: She is a member of QATS group in Hexaware Technologies. She has an experience in Telecom, Retail and Travel domains. Her core competency includes test automation framework development for Web applications & Web services. She has experience in Testing Methodologies as 18 About the Author well as Test Planning and Test Strategy preparation. She has expertise in test automation tools like QTP, Selenium, SOA Testing using SoapUI & Load Testing using Soap UI. She has good knowledge in Java, VB Scripting and Groovy Scripting. She is a SCJP certified resource. She has experience in Android Mobile App Development. She has supported major clients for End to End implementation support on carrying out their test automation process.
  19. 19. © Hexaware Technologies. All rights reserved. www.hexaware.com © Hexaware Technologies Limited. All rights reserved. For internal circulation only. Neither this publication nor any part of it may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or in any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without prior permission of Hexaware Technologies Limited. Published by Corporate Marketing & Communications Thank You