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The Apple Watch, a game changing device for the smartwatch market

A month after the Apple Watch official release, it is time to get a first insight of the key figures and the first impressions of the latest findings after getting really familiar with the product.

Discover our first returns on the Logic-immo.com case that partnered with Backelite to create their Apple Watch application as well as our internal experts’ opinions!

Have a good reading!

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The Apple Watch, a game changing device for the smartwatch market

  1. 1. 7 rue de Bucarest 75008 Paris - +33 1 73 00 28 00 - backelite.com The Apple Watch, a game changing device for the smartwatch market MAY 2015 & Use case Logic-immo.com
  2. 2. Figures GFK / Strategy analytics A pivotal year for wearables Global sales 2014 VS 2015 20152014 13,5 Millions 4 MillionsSMARTWATCH HEALTH & FITNESS TRACKER 26,1 Millions 25,1 Millions
  3. 3. Another Android / iOS face off David against Goliath ? Figures Forbes / Slide Intelligence total sales to date Apple Watch 2,3M sales Including pre orders sales1M À fin 2014 1M Between and Android Wear 1,5M in 24H
  4. 4. Consistant sales records for Apple’s products launch And even more exceptional for the App watch 270 000 300 000 2,3 M * Figures Slice intelligence / Apple - * Including pre orderd The Apple Watch broke all sales records perpetuating the tradition on Apple’s product launches. It has benefited from a more favorable context than its previous products, the iPhone and the iPad, taking position on an already existing market (the first smartwatch was launched in 2013). 2007 2010 2015
  5. 5. Between 55 and 60% of watches sold Apple Watch Sport Figures Slice intelligence / Apple A watch named desire First sales analyses 38possible combinations -38mm - -42mm - N°1= Which became the most sold smartwatch in the world in 24h 70% 30% A larger part of customers going for the big screen
  6. 6. The Apple Watch, a clearly strong product The « must have » completed by the small details which make the difference The watch’s battery is lasting longer than expected and the device also saves the iPhone ‘s, which is beeing less requested Great integration of SIRI (timer, geolocalized reminders, calls or text messages) The « Glances » feature, overview of pre selected apps is very successful More than 3500 applications already available, with very good integration(Runtastic, Shazam, Citymapper, Voyages-SNCF…) The use of Handoff to maintain a multi-screen activity, or to follow notifications The advanced music control on iPhone (iTunes but also Spotify, Rdio or 8tracks) THE BONUS THE ESSENTIALS The user has the ability to trigger the iPhone’s camera using the watch The « Ping your phone» feature allows you to localize your iPhone left nearby Analyze and monitor your heart rate and share with your peers After tests, the watch seems to resist to water (Be careful however not to overuse since an oxidized watch isn’t guaranteed !)
  7. 7. The endless iOS VS Android battle Android watches also have reasons to shine More elaborate notifications settings Ability to use the WIFI to connect the watch to the phone Some rumors have been insinuating for some time that Android smartwatches will soon be compatible with Apple smartphones. A strategy which would allow the manufacturers to push their products on iPhone users by putting them directly in competition with Apple Watch. We’ll see what happens in the near future! A diversity of product (brand, shape, price) Apps are less dependent of the smartphone (GPS, music…) We are still facing a strong rivalry between SIRI Apple and Google Now (also available on iOS) Google offers a higher level of information during a search, but SIRI still holds the pole position (best integration of voice option, one-touch activation, a faster response time as well as an better integration on third party applications for the moment)
  8. 8. Logic-immo.com on Apple Watch Via the Logic-immo.com application, the property portal is now positonned as the first french real estate company available on the Apple Watch Quick and intuitive actions, answering a real need in a context of mobility Trendsetter Consult new properties in a more accessible way, directly on your wrist From a glance, stay up to date of the latest porterties matching your criterias Recover your saved properties Add new favorites Contact and localize an agency Made by
  9. 9. « With its user friendly orientation, the logic-immo.com Apple Watch extension ensures the  simplest user experience: a user looking for a property will be able to consult the last ads and  directly send an email to the agency in charge using his Apple Watch, and much more! » Sophie Cassam Chenaï, Directrice Marketing & Digital chez Logic-Immo.com. Logic-immo.com In the media The application made a remarkable entrance The media quotes us # TECH24 Made by
  10. 10. Logic-immo.com 1 DEV 1 DESIGNER A PINCH OF UX 2 WEEKS + + + + Logic-immo.com on Apple Watch Made by The recipe for success
  11. 11. With the Apple Watch, we are facing the same challenges seen during the transition from the web to the mobile, but in a more emphasized way: it is necessary to go straight to the point. The noticeable difference is that on mobile the user is able to perform various actions, almost as many as on a desktop. With a watch, the user isn’t in an immersive experience because the watch experience has a very short time of use (6 to 10 seconds). The more transparent a service is, the more useful it will be! More than ever on mobile, the key is to seize the context. Which contents to send? To whom ? And especially when ? The customer and behavioural knowledge turns out even more essential. Edouard, UX Consultant @jcktt Our expert opinions We notice that the complexity in designing for a smartwatch is to focus around the user journey. Without an ultra-thin knowledge of the user needs it is not possible to offer a relevant service. Yet, an service that is not relevant on a day to day basis will not last a week, when the attraction around the “new toy” fades out. The definition of the notifications and their dosage must be surgical. A device which vibrates too often can soon become unpleasant and incite to deactivate applications. Be careful thus not to be too intrusive.
  12. 12. Marie-Amélie, Creative Director Our expert opinions
  13. 13. Jérome, iOS Expert @leverdeterre Our expert opinions
  14. 14. Julien, Android expert @JulienArzul Our expert opinions
  15. 15. Our expert opinions Vincent, CEO The successful launch of the Apple Watch signs the real start of the wearables’ market. Despite the raised doubts during its announcement, the fact is, once again, that Apple « does » the market. Each device is specific and brings a new type of consumption. It is still too soon to draw conclusions on the impact of connected watches on digital services. We can however make an analogy between the arrival of smartwatches and the smartphones 10 years ago. If the smartphone was the screen always within reach, the watch is the screen always visible. It becomes the first digital contact point for a brand. This brings more proximity and opportunities for the brands, but also more requirements, the risk of intrusion becoming stronger. A reduced space and a restricted environment. Smartphones screen is 5 - 10 times smaller than a PC screen; the watch is 5 - 10 times smaller than a smartphone. It is thus the heart of the customer promise that must be carried on the watch. More closeness, more reactivity, less space, same technologies : we find the same challenges for the brands and the agencies than during the appearance of the smartphone, in an more extreme way. Now, more than ever, a user centric approach must be chosen to conceive a watch application, if one wants to become part of the few elected who will stay on the screen of the final client. The coupling with the smartphone will not be only technically challenging, there will be a dual use, watch-smartphone, of the applications. Looking at it this way, it is a major change of our digital consumption.
  16. 16. Backelite and you Which services ? Which client’s experience ? Which business model for display actors ? Which business impacts for the big brands ? Which future evolutions of SDK manufacturers ? Everything is yet to be build on this new screen ; Our marketing experts, UX and technics are motivated to help you become pioneers on this new screen contact@backelite.comdavid.samson@backelite.com Chief Business Development Officer Find us on: www.backelite.com