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Consumer and Retail M&A Executive Report 2016

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Going forward, we believe the “froth” and much of the emotion of the 2014/2015 M&A market is largely behind us. Check out our latest publication

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Consumer and Retail M&A Executive Report 2016

  1. 1. Consumer and Retail M&A Executive Report 2016 #RetailLostM&AFroth
  2. 2. Valuations and liquidity that drove the “frothy” 2015 seller’s market are giving way to a more balanced market. Consumer and Retail M&A #RetailLostM&AFroth
  3. 3. The growing spread between investment- grade and high-yield financing will create a split in consumer- retail M&A. Consumer and Retail M&A #RetailLostM&AFroth
  4. 4. 75 percent of U.S. and European executives in the survey project M&A activity levels at the same or better than 2015. Consumer and Retail M&A #RetailLostM&AFroth
  5. 5. Consumer and Retail M&A Smaller and relatively riskier deals in 2016 will face financing challenges and may fail to be realized. #RetailLostM&AFroth
  6. 6. Five strategic insights on consumer and retail M&A in 2016: 1. Consolidation remains critical 2. Wanted: new paths to growth 3. Capital heads west 4. Big bets on India 5. PE firms face challenges Consumer and Retail M&A #RetailLostM&AFroth
  7. 7. Strategic Insight #1 Established firms will continue to harness consolidation to improve their bottom lines. Consumer and Retail M&A #RetailLostM&AFroth
  8. 8. Strategic Insight #2 M&A focus on target companies with disruptive digital capabilities will drive growth and profitability. Consumer and Retail M&A #RetailLostM&AFroth
  9. 9. Strategic Insight #3 Ongoing struggles of major Asian economies have renewed investment interest in the United States and other Western markets. Consumer and Retail M&A #RetailLostM&AFroth
  10. 10. Strategic Insight #4 68 percent of survey respondents have a positive outlook on M&A activity in India. Consumer and Retail M&A #RetailLostM&AFroth
  11. 11. Strategic Insight #5 PE firms that buy smaller, riskier businesses will find it challenging to finance and complete deals. Consumer and Retail M&A #RetailLostM&AFroth
  12. 12. For more information about A.T. Kearney’s approach to Consumer and Retail M&A, please visit: www.atkearney.com/consumer-products-retail/ cirp-ma-executive-report #RetailLostM&AFroth